The 7 of Swords in tarot symbolizes deception, getting away with something, and secrecy. When this card appears with other cards in a reading, it creates an interesting dynamic that provides deeper insight.

This post explores the 7 of Swords combination with all 78 cards of the tarot deck. You’ll gain a nuanced understanding of how the sneaky 7 interacts with other archetypes and energies.

Table of Contents

Major Arcana

7 of Swords and The Magician

  • Trickery masking creativity: The Magician’s skill misdirected negatively.
  • The Magician represents manifesting goals using willpower and resources. But combined with the 7 of Swords, this energy becomes manipulative and self-serving. There may be deception involved in achieving aims.
  • A swindler disguising their sleight of hand. The Magician’s tools used secretively and unethically.

7 of Swords and The High Priestess

  • Intuition detecting lies: The High Priestess sees through façades to uncover truths.
  • The High Priestess grants inner wisdom and intuition. Paired with the 7 of Swords, her powers discern when others are being deceptive or withholding information. She trusts her instincts.
  • The subconscious aware of hidden motives. Inner guidance uncovers concealed agendas and secrecy.

7 of Swords and The Empress

  • Nurturing enables dishonesty: Excessive empathy shields others from consequences.
  • The warm, compassionate Empress can be overly permissive. Combined with the 7 of Swords, her mothering nature may inadvertently enable sneaky behavior by being too forgiving.
  • Abundance masking self-serving motives. Resources plentiful but intentions not aligned with highest good.

7 of Swords and The Emperor

  • Rules exploited for gain: Loopholes and technicalities used unfairly.
  • The Emperor represents structure, regulation and authority. But paired with the 7 of Swords, this energy twists rules for selfish aims rather than enforcing with integrity. Cutting corners.
  • Status masking corruption. Appearances of control and leadership disguising ulterior motives.

7 of Swords and The Hierophant

  • Twisting teachings for personal gain: Spiritual guidance used to manipulate others.
  • The Hierophant provides moral wisdom and counsel. Combined with the 7 of Swords, his advice is cherry-picked and spun for selfish goals rather than helping others.
  • Rituals used as a smokescreen. Traditions and ceremonies create illusion of integrity masking lies.

7 of Swords and The Lovers

  • Deception erodes intimacy: Lies and mistrust poison relationships.
  • The Lovers represent meaningful connections and seeing the good in others. But the 7 of Swords introduces deception and ulterior motives corroding close bonds. Suspicion replaces vulnerability.
  • Manipulating loved ones’ trust. Exploiting care and affection for personal gain.

7 of Swords and The Chariot

7 of Swords and The Chariot
7 of Swords and The Chariot
  • Shortcut undermines victory: Dishonorable means taints success.
  • The Chariot achieves goals through determination and willpower. Combined with the 7 of Swords, ambition leads to cutting corners, cheating and sneaky shortcuts. Victory feels hollow.
  • Shady tactics masked as strategy. Underhanded maneuvers disguised as clever maneuvers.

7 of Swords and Strength

  • Restraint prevents rash acts: Patience instead of sneaky shortcuts.
  • Strength represents courage, resilience and self-control. Paired with the 7 of Swords, great inner power is used for patience and integrity rather than deceitful aims.
  • Composure over shadow impulses. Choosing honesty and transparency over manipulation.

7 of Swords and The Hermit

  • Solitude reveals ulterior motives: Time alone provides clarity on lies.
  • The Hermit’s self-reflection illuminates life’s mysteries. Combined with the 7 of Swords, solitary contemplation exposes concealed selfish agendas and denial.
  • Looking inward to uncover deceit. Inner wisdom reveals disguises and hidden truths.

7 of Swords and Wheel of Fortune

  • Karma for unethical acts: What goes around comes around.
  • The Wheel of Fortune represents destiny and cycles of change. Paired with the 7 of Swords, fate will catch up with sneaky behavior and dishonesty, setting change in motion. Reaping what’s been sown.
  • Luck running out. Negative patterns and bad deeds incurring negative repercussions.

7 of Swords and Justice

  • Truth and fairness prevail: Karma and justice for deceit.
  • Justice represents truth, cause and effect, and integrity. Combined with the 7 of Swords, justice corrects imbalances caused by lies and hidden agendas. Truth surfaces.
  • Unbiased clarity exposing manipulation. Cosmic scales balancing what’s been thrown off.

7 of Swords and The Hanged Man

  • Shifting perspective reveals truth: A new viewpoint exposes lies.
  • The Hanged Man’s reverse vantage point creates revelation. Paired with the 7 of Swords, this card’s altered perception allows seeing through facades and smokescreens.
  • Ulterior motives exposed. The bigger picture coming into focus, revealing what’s been obscured.

7 of Swords and Death

  • Transformation unravels deception: Change removes pretenses and secrecy.
  • Death symbolizes transformation and transition. Combined with the 7 of Swords, endings and change sweep away old patterns of manipulation and concealment, making way for honesty.
  • Metamorphosis of character. Profound shifts replacing sneakiness with authenticity.

7 of Swords and Temperance

  • Balanced mindset prevents deception: Clear perspective defuses manipulation.
  • Temperance represents equilibrium and moderation. Alongside the 7 of Swords, level-headedness helps avoid distorted thinking that enables dishonesty and hidden agendas.
  • Harmonizing intentions and actions. Aligning conduct with principles for integrity.

7 of Swords and The Devil

  • Deception empowers negative forces: Lies fuel unhealthy attachments.
  • The Devil represents shadows, addiction and obsession. Paired with the 7 of Swords, concealment and denial strengthen harmful bindings and cloud judgment.
  • Distorted desires manipulate the vulnerable. Twisted impulses weaponized through secrecy and distortion.

7 of Swords and The Tower

  • Lies and false illusions shattered: Secrecy explodes into chaos.
  • The Tower demolishes false beliefs through sudden upheaval. Combined with the 7 of Swords, the Tower’s cataclysmic revelations expose artifice, destroying constructions built on deception.
  • Corrupt structures dismantled. Upheaval forces truth and transparency.

7 of Swords and The Star

  • Deceptions diminish hope: Loss of optimism and faith from lies.
  • The Star restores inspiration, serenity and hope. But paired with the 7 of Swords, duplicity and concealment breed cynicism and pessimism instead of positivity.
  • Clouded vision obscures meaning. Purpose and clarity obscured by hidden agendas.

7 of Swords and The Moon

  • Paranoia and anxiety: Nervousness about hidden threats and motives.
  • The Moon stirs up illusion, fear and anxiety. Along with the 7 of Swords, this intensifies paranoia about deception and ulterior motives, even when unwarranted.
  • Intensified irrationality and suspicion. Baseless mistrust and distorted perception.

7 of Swords and The Sun

  • Truth and joy dispel deceit: Authenticity casts light on lies.
  • The Sun shines light and vitality. Combined with the 7 of Swords, the Sun’s radiance exposes faҫades and reveals truths, dispelling shadows of manipulation.
  • Positivity overpowers negative motives. The light of joy, honesty and integrity prevails.

7 of Swords and Judgement

  • Atonement for past deception: Making amends and finding redemption.
  • Judgement represents absolution and resurrection. Paired with the 7 of Swords, it offers atonement for previous lies and misdeeds through sincere efforts toward transparency and making things right.
  • Owning the past. Taking accountability to repair damage from duplicity.

7 of Swords and The World

  • Achievement through integrity: Accomplishment earned ethically.
  • The World symbolizes success, fulfillment and completion. Combined with the 7 of Swords, achieving victory without artifice, only through earnest work and operating with principles.
  • Hard won rewards. Goals attained authentically, without shortcuts or tricks.


7 of Swords and Ace of Wands

  • Inspiration fuels mischief: Creative energy channeled destructively.
  • The Ace of Wands offers creative spark and initiative. But paired with the 7 of Swords, this vitality fuels mischief and wrongdoing rather than constructive projects.
  • Passion twisted. Enthusiasm for cunning ploys and selfish schemes rather than service.

7 of Swords and Two of Wands

  • Calculated long-term plans: Strategy mapping future manipulation.
  • The Two of Wands plans for success through foresight. Combined with the 7 of Swords, strategy is applied for personal gain through questionable means, at the expense of others.
  • Vision dominated by self-interest. Outlook shaped by ulterior motives rather than collective good.

7 of Swords and Three of Wands

  • Anticipation of ill-gotten gains: Eagerness for results of sneaky ploys.
  • The Three of Wands waits confidently for efforts to manifest. But with the 7 of Swords, this eager anticipation applies to the fruition of duplicitous schemes and gaming the system.
  • Misplaced trust in unfair advantage. Certainty of successfully exploiting others.

7 of Swords and Four of Wands

7 of Swords and Four of Wands
7 of Swords and Four of Wands
  • Hollow celebration built on lies: Milestones for tainted achievements.
  • The Four of Wands marks joyful celebrations. However, paired with the 7 of Swords the foundations are disingenuous. Honoring achievements gained through deception rings false.
  • Superficial happiness. Partying disguising emptiness of ill-gotten gains.

7 of Swords and Five of Wands

  • Sneaky tactics escalate conflict: Underhanded strikes in battle of egos.
  • The Five of Wands depicts conflict and clashes of ego. Combined with the 7 of Swords, arguments turn unscrupulous, with deception used against competitors. Unethical upper hands.
  • Winning at any cost. Selfishness and lack of principles intensifies discord.

7 of Swords and Six of Wands

  • Disreputable victory: Winning through deceitful means.
  • The Six of Wands brings triumph earned through skill. But paired with the 7 of Swords, success comes through cheating, trickery, or manipulation at the expense of others. A dubious win.
  • Vanity over shadow achievements. Pride in undeserved glory and accolades.

7 of Swords and Seven of Wands

  • Guarded against backstabbing: Watching one’s back against sneaky opponents.
  • The Seven of Wands is defensive against adversity. Combined with the 7 of Swords, this creates wariness about others’ deceitful intentions, though still courageously standing one’s ground.
  • Resilience against sinister forces. Refusing to yield principles to cunning machinations.

7 of Swords and Eight of Wands

  • Miscommunications breed distrust: Crossed wires create suspicion about motives.
  • The Eight of Wands‘ pace breeds miscommunication. Alongside the 7 of Swords, this stirs misunderstandings fuelling deception fears, even if unwarranted. Jumping to conclusions.
  • Mixed signals amplify uncertainty. Unclear intentions magnify doubts between parties.

7 of Swords and Nine of Wands

  • Paranoia causes exhaustion: Anxiety about deception is draining.
  • The Nine of Wands‘ perseverance becomes negatively affected by the 7 of Swords. Guarding against perceived duplicity causes fatigue and erodes resilience. Stress takes its toll.
  • Hyper-vigilance wears one down. Constantly watching out for lies is depleting.

7 of Swords and Ten of Wands

  • Deceit becomes a crushing burden: The weight of lies takes its toll.
  • The Ten of Wands‘ overwhelming pressure is worsened with the 7 of Swords. Keeping up false appearances while hiding truth becomes an exhausting, unsustainable strain. Facades are crushing.
  • Consequences of maintaining deception. The creeping toll of operating in the shadows catches up eventually.

7 of Swords and Page of Wands

  • Devious excitement: Enjoying causing mischief and trouble.
  • The Page of Wands‘ spirit for adventure, when paired with the 7 of Swords, becomes thrill-seeking through deceitful games or pranks, lacking concern for consequences. Causing mayhem.
  • Youthful energy for lying. Inventive but immature trickery.

7 of Swords and Knight of Wands

  • Manipulating passion for gain: Weaponizing charisma and charm.
  • The Knight of Wands‘ verve turns from inspired action to charming others for selfish gain with the 7 of Swords. Intensity manipulated unethically. Smooth lies.
  • Superficial magnetism. Vibrant energy used to dazzle and distract from sinister motives.

7 of Swords and Queen of Wands

  • Commanding presence misdirects attention: Charm used calculatedly to deceive.
  • The Queen of Wands leads with vision. However, paired with the 7 of Swords, her vibrancy misdirects focus from cunning activities happening secretly. A calculated distraction.
  • Misusing charisma. Warm leadership presence disguises ulterior motives.

7 of Swords and King of Wands

  • Dishonorable leadership: Lacking integrity as a leader or mentor.
  • The King of Wands rules passionately, but combined with the 7 of Swords, his authority is corrupted by underhanded, unscrupulous motives, rather than applied wisely. A poor leader.
  • Unwise guidance. Misuse of teaching and mentoring abilities for hidden agendas.


7 of Swords and Ace of Cups

  • Tainted beginnings of love: New bonds formed through lies.
  • The Ace of Cups offers blessings of new love. However, with the 7 of Swords, connections may start through duplicity that erodes their potential. Inauspicious foundations.
  • False pretenses enter relationships. Lack of authenticity corrodes intimacy.

7 of Swords and Two of Cups

  • Deception poisons partnerships: Lies and mistrust corrode bonds.
  • Whereas the Two of Cups reflects unity through genuine affection, the 7 of Swords introduces deceit and suspicion. Manipulation ruins closeness, replacing it with alienation.
  • Exploiting trust. Taking advantage of loved ones’ care for hidden motives.

7 of Swords and Three of Cups

  • Fake friendships: Disloyal or untrustworthy allies.
  • The Three of Cups celebrates friendship. But combined with the 7 of Swords, bonds lack sincerity or loyalty. Friends can’t be counted on, or have hidden agendas.
  • Ulterior motives in social circle. Fake kinship, gossip and exclusions among superficial companions.

7 of Swords and Four of Cups

  • Seeking distractions from discontent: Escaping inner voids through risky behavior.
  • The Four of Cups‘ apathy, when paired with the 7 of Swords, leads to thrills, rebellion and mischief to distract from emptiness and boredom. Acting out.
  • Numbing inner wounds. Using antisocial or immoral acts to escape pain.

7 of Swords and Five of Cups

  • Twisting grief into grudges: Transforming sadness over loss into vengeance.
  • The Five of Cups mourns loss. But with the 7 of Swords, grief becomes distorted by desires for payback and retribution. Vindictiveness.
  • Victim mentality breeds vengeance. Justifying retaliation and undermining healing.

7 of Swords and Six of Cups

  • Corruption of innocence: Deviousness tainting childlike purity.
  • The Six of Cups represents virtues like wonder, playfulness and innocence. However, paired with the 7 of Swords, these become contaminated by deceit, manipulation and ulterior motives.
  • Loss of trust. Cynicism and suspicion replacing wide-eyed optimism.

7 of Swords and Seven of Cups

  • Misleading fantasies and temptations: Escapism and wishful thinking masking realities.
  • The Seven of Cups reflects fanciful dreams and imagination. Combined with the 7 of Swords, this distracts from grounded thinking, allowing lies, false hopes and smoke-screens to deceive.
  • Seeing what one wants to see. Self-delusion enabling poor choices.

7 of Swords and Eight of Cups

  • Abandoning unhealthy situations: Leaving deceit and manipulation behind.
  • Whereas the Eight of Cups walks away from dissatisfaction, paired with the 7 of Swords, escape is specifically from toxic patterns of lies and secrecy, toward integrity.
  • Outgrowing dishonest relationships. Disillusionment prompting a fresh start.

7 of Swords and Nine of Cups

  • Hollow or fleeting satisfaction: Emptiness from attaining desires through deception.
  • The Nine of Cups fulfills wishes. But with the 7 of Swords, this happiness is temporary or unsatisfying, derived from selfishness or trickery rather than ethical means.
  • Superficial contentment. Joy that is derived from false accomplishments rings hollow.

7 of Swords and Ten of Cups

  • A web of lies unravels bliss: Family dysfunction from deceit.
  • The Ten of Cups signifies lasting joy and family harmony. However, the 7 of Swords poisons this bliss through patterns of denial, secrecy and enabling. Dysfunction results.
  • Broken bonds. Dishonesty corrodes the foundation of intimate relationships.

7 of Swords and Page of Cups

  • Sweet facade conceals misbehavior: Charm used to get away with bad deeds.
  • The Page of Cups‘ playful innocence combined with the 7 of Swords becomes manipulation of others’ perceptions for avoiding consequences. Dodging accountability.
  • Puppy dog eyes. Weaponizing a childlike persona for mischief.

7 of Swords and Knight of Cups

  • Misplaced devotion: Offering care to those undeserving of trust.
  • The Knight of Cups is romantic and driven by emotions. But the 7 of Swords, in excess, leads to misdirecting affection onto false idols, deceivers and those exploiting kindness.
  • Seeing only the superficial. Ignoring red flags in relationships.

7 of Swords and Queen of Cups

  • Intuition detects lies: Seeing through false intentions and manipulations.
  • The Queen of Cups‘ insightfulness, combined with the 7 of Swords, allows her to discern when others are being dishonest or misleading. Trusting her hunches.
  • Looking beyond façades. Following inner guidance to perceive concealed motives and agendas.

7 of Swords and King of Cups

  • Compassion used as a distraction: Benevolence disguising hidden intentions.
  • The King of Cups leads with wisdom and calm. However, paired with the 7 of Swords, kindness is strategically used to misdirect others from selfish aims happening secretly. A smokescreen.
  • Benevolence masking duplicity. Friendliness and generosity used calculatedly.


7 of Swords and Ace of Swords

  • Cutting truth exposes lies: Honest clarity pierces illusions and deception.
  • The Ace of Swords‘ penetrating insight, when combined with the 7 of Swords, slices through facades, secrecy and manipulation. Truth is revealed.
  • Direct communication disables disguises. Blunt delivery confronts issues.

7 of Swords and Two of Swords

  • Willful blindness and denial: Refusing to acknowledge obvious deception.
  • The Two of Swords‘ deliberate denial is amplified by the 7 of Swords. There is stubborn refusal to see dishonesty and manipulation, even when overt. Playing dumb.
  • Seeing only what one wants to see. Staying intentionally oblivious to clear warning signs.

7 of Swords and Three of Swords

  • Betrayals wound deeply: Trust broken through deceit.
  • The Three of Swords‘ heartbreak is intensified by the 7 of Swords. Discovery of lies and betrayal by loved ones inflicts deep trauma. Emotional scarring.
  • Pain of being duped. Agony when faith in others is shattered.

7 of Swords and Four of Swords

  • Rest and rejuvenation after betrayal: Recovery from trust violated.
  • The Four of Swords provides respite and restoration. Combined with the 7 of Swords, this reflects convalescence after truth exposed deceit and betrayal, allowing healing of wounds.
  • Distance from toxicity. Restoring depleted inner resources after being manipulated.

7 of Swords and Five of Swords

  • Underhanded tactics in conflict: Winning arguments through dishonest means.
  • The Five of Swords depicts conflict. Paired with the 7 of Swords, disagreements sink to manipulative tactics, deception and exploiting weaknesses to overpower others unfairly.
  • The ends justify the means. Abandoning integrity for the sake of winning.

7 of Swords and Six of Swords

7 of Swords and Six of Swords
7 of Swords and Six of Swords
  • Leaving deceit behind: Moving on to more authentic situations.
  • The Six of Swords transitions into calmer tides. Combined with the 7 of Swords, this shift is escaping toxic patterns of lies, secrecy and betrayal toward something truer and more transparent.
  • Departing from shadowy circumstances. Seeking sincerity and openness.

7 of Swords and Seven of Swords

  • Compounding layers of deception: Increasingly tangled web of lies.
  • The deceit and trickery of the 7 of Swords is exponentially heightened when doubled. The many interlocking layers of illusion become harder to keep straight, and riskier. A house of mirrors.
  • Entrapment in false narratives. Digging a deeper hole that is inescapable.

7 of Swords and Eight of Swords

  • Imprisonment in deception: Unable to break free of dishonesty.
  • The Eight of Swords‘ entrapment is worsened by the 7 of Swords. One cannot escape, or fails to try escaping, cycles of lies, distrust and enabling. Self-imposed confinement.
  • Caught in the web of deceit. Sinking further rather than seeking truth.

7 of Swords and Nine of Swords

  • Crippling guilt over deception: Conscience tormented by wrongdoing.
  • The Nine of Swords‘ despair is deepened by the 7 of Swords. Remorse over harm caused through lies, cheating and manipulation becomes overwhelming. Conscience is Heavy.
  • Living with oneself becomes unbearable. Regret is all-consuming.

7 of Swords and Ten of Swords

  • Ruin and downfall: Just desserts for deceitful deeds.
  • The Ten of Swords‘ disaster is brought on by the 7 of Swords. After betrayal and lost trust, total collapse and ruin is the consequence. A just outcome.
  • The endless fallout. Repercussions of deception are far-reaching and catastrophic.

7 of Swords and Page of Swords

  • Sharp mind for mischief: Intellect used for deception.
  • The Page of Swords‘ mental acuity paired with the 7 of Swords becomes ingenuity employed for pranks, rule-bending and deceit. Trickster energy.
  • Cunning and resourcefulness. Intelligence applied to selfish schemes rather than constructive efforts.

7 of Swords and Knight of Swords

  • Verbal manipulation: Skilled use of language and communication to mislead.
  • The Knight of Swords administers blunt truth. However, combined with the 7 of Swords, adept communication is used to distort narratives or gaslight for manipulative purposes. Mind games.
  • Twisting words. Language weaponized through sophistry and spinning of facts.

7 of Swords and Queen of Swords

  • Clear sight of deception: Seeing through facades and lies.
  • The Queen of Swords‘ perceptiveness with the 7 of Swords becomes the ability to discern falsehoods, motives and manipulation. She detects BS and secrecy.
  • Unclouded judgment sees the truth. Objective analysis of people’s intentions.

7 of Swords and King of Swords

  • Morality corrupted: Wise leadership undermined by lack of ethics.
  • The King of Swords rules judiciously. However, the 7 of Swords introduces dishonesty, destroying integrity. Wisdom applied unethically for ill gains rather than for justice.
  • Cold logic devoid of conscience. Ruthlessness and ends justifying means.


7 of Swords and Ace of Pentacles

  • Tainted gains: Wealth and rewards obtained through deceit.
  • The Ace of Pentacles offers prosperity. However, combined with the 7 of Swords, bounty is derived through dishonest means. These ill-gotten gains provide no fulfillment.
  • Hollow assets. Resources and possessions accumulated through theft, fraud or corruption.

7 of Swords and Two of Pentacles

  • Juggling lies becomes overwhelming: The chaos of covering tracks.
  • The Two of Pentacles‘ balancing act becomes completely unsustainable with the 7 of Swords. Trying desperately to keep deception going despite all the loose ends. A house of cards.
  • Living on borrowed time. The false stability collapses under its own weight.

7 of Swords and Three of Pentacles

  • Shoddy craftsmanship: Cutting corners rather than working diligently.
  • The Three of Pentacles values quality through skilled effort. However, the 7 of Swords leads to compromised or dishonest work, cheating rather than applying one’s gifts properly.
  • Pride in false accomplishments. Believing illusions of competency by deceiving others.

7 of Swords and Four of Pentacles

  • Status symbols hide insecurities: Treasured objects conceal emptiness within.
  • The Four of Pentacles clings to possessions. But with the 7 of Swords, this grasping attempts to compensate for lack of self-worth through impressing others. A false front to mask low self-esteem.
  • Appearances deceive. Reliance on objects to feel important and valued.

7 of Swords and Five of Pentacles

  • Duplicity worsens hardship: Dishonesty exacerbates difficult times.
  • The Five of Pentacles‘ loss and hardship become worse with the 7 of Swords. Deceit and poor choices during vulnerable times makes pulling oneself out tremendously more difficult.
  • When the bottom drops out. Bad situations made even worse through lies and denial.

7 of Swords and Six of Pentacles

  • Self-serving charity: Generosity used as means of manipulation.
  • The Six of Pentacles gives fair and selfless aid to others. However, influenced by the 7 of Swords, assistance becomes a tool to control others, gift-giving with strings attached and reciprocity expected.
  • Putting on appearances of altruism. Pretending to help while benefiting oneself.

7 of Swords and Seven of Pentacles

  • Reaping deceit’s bitter harvest: Efforts yield paltry results.
  • The Seven of Pentacles reflects hard work leading to rewards. But combined with the 7 of Swords, what is sown through guile and immoral means produces little of value. One reaps what one sows.
  • Dead ends. Unfulfilling outcomes for unethical actions.

7 of Swords and Eight of Pentacles

  • Shoddy workmanship: Diligence used for illicit or unscrupulous ends.
  • The Eight of Pentacles hones skills through dedication. However, influenced by the 7 of Swords, craft is applied to dishonest or improper aims for questionable gain rather than respectable pursuit of excellence.
  • Wasted potential. Talents misused for exploitation rather than contribute to the greater good.

7 of Swords and Nine of Pentacles

  • Hollow self-sufficiency: Independence through immoral means.
  • The Nine of Pentacles enjoys self-reliance. But paired with the 7 of Swords, maintaining autonomy relies on guile, exploitation of others, and unscrupulous behavior rather than honest living.
  • A corrupt fortress. Illusions of control through underhanded leverage and manipulation.

7 of Swords and Ten of Pentacles

  • A house divided: Lack of trust corrodes family stability.
  • The Ten of Pentacles‘ lasting prosperity requires sincerity and trust to thrive across generations. But the 7 of Swords introduces suspicion, secrecy and enabling behaviors that divide a family over time.
  • Rotten foundations. When longevity is built on a legacy of lies the structure eventually collapses.

7 of Swords and Page of Pentacles

  • Learning cunning over ethics: Impressionable mind tutored in deceit.
  • The Page of Pentacles‘ eagerness to learn applied to the 7 of Swords means adopting manipulative tactics before moral values. An innocent led astray.
  • Corrupted curiosity. Youthful openness misdirected toward guile.

7 of Swords and Knight of Pentacles

  • Cutting corners undermines mastery: Immoral shortcuts rather than perfecting skills.
  • The Knight of Pentacles seeks excellence through rigor. However, influenced by the 7 of Swords, the drive for results abandons integrity and hard work in favor of dishonest shortcuts, cheating and deception.
  • Hollow victories. Illusions of achievement through undermining the merits.

7 of Swords and Queen of Pentacles

  • Guarded against duplicity: Cautious use of resources to avoid exploitation.
  • The Queen of Pentacles manages resources skillfully. Combined with the 7 of Swords, her care safeguards against others’ deception, manipulation and abuse of generosity. Protecting assets.
  • Withholding to prevent misuse. Preventing aid being exploited through judicious discernment.

7 of Swords and King of Pentacles

  • Leadership corrupted: Authority abused for personal gain.
  • The King of Pentacles rules with confidence and prosperity. However, the 7 of Swords poisons leadership, turning it toward embezzlement, greed and consolidating power at the expense of others. Tyranny.
  • Benevolence used as manipulation. Kindness and generosity strategically wielded to deceive.


What does the 7 of Swords tarot card mean?

The 7 of Swords represents deception, getting away with something, duplicity, stealth, sneakiness and evasive maneuvers. It can reflect theft, betrayal or cutting corners to “win” in some way. This card often appears when someone is being dishonest or withholding part of the truth.

What card combinations emphasize the 7 of Swords’ energy?

The sneakiness and trickery of the 7 of Swords is emphasized when combined with cards like The Magician, 5 of Wands or King of Swords reversed. These accentuate the manipulative, devious and scheming aspects of the 7 of Swords.

In what combinations is the 7 of Swords energy challenged or weakened?

Cards like Strength, Justice and the Queen of Swords counteract the shadow aspects of the 7 of Swords. Their energies bring light, integrity and truthfulness to cut through any deceit, secrecy or hidden agendas. The 7 of Swords behavior cannot thrive under their influence.

What cards play on themes of betrayal when paired with the 7 of Swords?

The Lovers, Three of Swords and Ten of Swords reflect themes of betrayal, loss of trust and heartbreak. When combined with the 7 of Swords, relationship dynamics of breaking vows or being backstabbed are emphasized. The pain of deceit runs deep.

What Major Arcana cards pair most powerfully with 7 of Swords?

The Tower and Death create intense combinations with the 7 of Swords. The Tower annihilates false constructs and lies suddenly and explosively. Death transforms and eliminates old deceptive patterns completely. These potent Major Arcana supercharge the 7 of Swords’ energy in impactful ways.

Which court cards embody the 7 of Swords energy?

The Page of Swords and Knight of Swords often mirror the 7 of Swords behavior. The Page of Swords brings youthful trickery and intellect used for mischief. The Knight of Swords is clever with words but can twist communication to deceive or manipulate.

Which cards counterbalance or positively resolve the 7 of Swords?

Cards representing truth (Judgment), inner wisdom (High Priestess), clarity (King of Swords) and morality (Hierophant) counter the 7 of Swords with insight, integrity and transparency. Resolution comes from confessing wrongs and making amends.

What card combinations represent catching someone in a lie?

The Moon and Tower combined with the 7 of Swords can symbolize catching someone red-handed in deception. Things hidden in darkness are exposed. The Tower demolishes facades explosively. Judgment also represents truth coming to light.

How can the 7 of Swords energy manifest positively?

When well-dignified, the 7 of Swords can represent the subtle power of discretion, introspection, solitude, meditative retreat, the ability to detach from toxic situations, and leaving behind negativity gracefully.

Key takeaways:

  • The 7 of Swords combines with all other cards to create layered meanings around deceit, secrecy, cutting corners and trickery.
  • Cards representing truth, integrity and clarity counteract the 7 of Swords. Malicious cards like the Devil or 5 of Swords magnify its shadow side.
  • Certain Major Arcana (Death, Tower) intensely amplify the 7 of Swords. Court Cards like the Page of Swords embody its fleeting qualities.
  • When positively expressed, the 7 of Swords reflects discretion, detachment from toxicity and the power of peaceful withdrawal.


The 7 of Swords is one of tarot’s most intriguing cards, with complex mediations on deceit, deception and dishonesty. Exploring this card through its combinations with the rest of the deck provides nuanced insight into its meanings.

Certain cards will emphasize sneaky, sinister aspects of the 7 of Swords. Others counterbalance it with illumination and integrity. Overall these combinations tell a rich story of light and shadows, truth and lies, facades and revelation.

A deep look at the 7 of Swords combinations yields practical understanding for interpretation. It also reveals symbolic teachings about human nature. With discernment, even this card’s trickery can lead to wisdom.

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