The King of Pentacles tarot card can represent a powerful figure who is charitable, ambitious, and prosperous. Drawing this Major Arcana card in a reading often signals abundance, security, authority, and leadership. But as with all tarot cards, the meaning of King of Pentacles depends entirely on the context of the reading.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key facts, upright and reversed meanings, and uses for the King of Pentacles tarot card in love, career, finances, health, spirituality, and more. Let’s get started understanding this resourceful King.

An Introduction To The Problem The Reader Has

When the King of Pentacles shows up in a tarot reading, you may initially feel confused about what it means for your situation. Some questions you might have include:

  • What does the King of Pentacles tarot card mean for my love life or relationships?
  • What does the King of Pentacles mean for my career, finances, education or ambition?
  • What is the meaning of the reversed King of Pentacles in a tarot reading?
  • How does the King of Pentacles connect to health, spirituality, numerology or astrology?

The Benefit They’ll Get From Reading Your Post in short

This comprehensive guide on the tarot’s King of Pentacles will explain everything you need to understand about this card. You’ll learn the card’s key upright and reversed meanings, symbolism, uses for divination, connections to numerology and astrology, and more. Most importantly, you’ll be able to interpret the King confidently in any tarot reading.

King of Pentacles Key Facts

Key Facts
Upright Meaning Abundance, security, ambition, prosperity, leadership
Reversed Meaning Greed, indulgence, stubbornness, inflexibility
Yes or No Interpretation Yes
Numerology 8
Element Earth
Planet Venus
Astrological Sign Taurus

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Rider-Waite-Smith King of Pentacles depicts a regal, enthroned king gazing into the distance. He holds a golden sceptre in one hand, representing his power and authority. His other hand rests on a large golden coin, symbolizing his wealth and abundance. The castle in the background indicates he rules over a prosperous kingdom built on a solid foundation.

The King is dressed in expensive, ornate robes embroidered with grapes and vines. This links him to nature, fertility and the concrete realm. His red cape suggests he is strongly connected to the material world. Thebull’s head on his throne further associates the King with the earthy Taurus zodiac sign.

Overall, the King of Pentacles radiates calm control, prosperity, and worldly success earned through determination and pragmatism. He uses his resourcesresponsibly to create stability for himself and others. Let’s look closer at his upright and reversed tarot card meanings.

The Upright King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning
The Upright King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Love Relationships

In romantic relationships, the upright King of Pentacles represents a nurturing, protective partner who takes the relationship seriously. He is loyal, reliable, stable, and committed for the long-term. He enjoys spoiling his lover with gifts, fine dining experiences, luxurious getaways and other material comforts. He is sensual and affectionate but also pragmatic when needed.

The King’s shadow side is that he can become too possessive or controlling in relationships. He may try to dominate his partner or be resistant to change. Overall though, this King makes an exceptional romantic partner when upright. He provides a life of comfort, security and sensual delights.


In career matters, the upright King of Pentacles signals abundance, prosperity and reaching the pinnacle of success in your field. Your skills, talents and determination are being rewarded financially and with public recognition. It is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor – and to continue sowing seeds for future stability.

The King also indicates that promotions, pay rises and leadership roles are available to those who are ready. Mentors may take you under their wing to groom you for higher positions. It is also favorable time to make shrewd financial investments and manage resources wisely. Overall, expect career prosperity and abundance.


The King of Pentacles upright in financial readings indicates wealth increasing through investments, assets, business deals and other money-generating activities. It signifies financial mastery, affluence and achieving a lucrative lifestyle. The King has sound financial habits – he plans budgets thoroughly, invests wisely and lives prosperously but without excess.

The King can therefore caution against frivolous spending. Build your wealth steadily by managing it prudently. Avoid risky gambles and get-rich-quick schemes. Adopt the King’s self-discipline and business acumen, and money will steadily grow.


For health, the upright King of Pentacles indicates robust vitality and a strong constitution. You have plenty of stamina and energy right now to tackle any challenges ahead. Recovery from illness or injury is supported. Overall, your physical body feels grounded, healthy and energized under the steady influence of this King.

However, the King can also warn against laziness and overindulgence. Maintain self-control and balance. Exercise regularly but don’t overdo it. Follow a nutritious diet but allow yourself modest treats too. The King lives prosperously but not to excess. Find this middle-ground for optimal health.


In spiritual contexts, the upright King of Pentacles reflects mastery of the material realm and its endless possibilities. You live abundantly and prosperously, yet with wisdom and pragmatism rather than greed. Your spiritual path integrates wealth and success with faith and higher purpose.

This King also encourages giving back by contributing money, time and resources to support spiritual causes or help those in need. You understand that blessings are meant to be shared for the betterment of all. Use your prosperity mindfully and generously.

The Reversed King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning
The Reversed King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Love Relationships

When reversed, the King of Pentacles becomes overly possessive, jealous and controlling in relationships. He makes unreasonable demands on his partner’s time and attention. He prioritizes finances and status above love and emotional intimacy. His need for security may cause him to be rigid and resistant to change.

The reversed King can indicate relationship problems caused by misplaced priorities. Wealth and power have led this King astray from what truly matters. To restore the relationship, he must learn to be more flexible, expressive and loving. Wealth means nothing without someone to share it with.


In career matters, the reversed King of Pentacles suggests greed, corruption and obsession with status. There are dishonest dealings, illegal activities, and abuse of power to gain more wealth and recognition. Those in leadership roles are acting tyrannically and selfishly. They aren’t mentoring others or promoting ethical conduct.

This card can also reflect misuse of skills and talents for quick rewards over lasting success. Shortcuts will backfire badly. Return to an upright path before your reputation is damaged. Refocus on quality work and wise investments over gambling and speculation.


Financially, the reversed King of Pentacles denotes poor money management and risky expenditures. There is a recklessness and lack of discipline harming stability. Assets and resources are being squandered or gambled away. Investments seem promising but lack substance. Get-rich-quick schemes will not pan out.

This card calls for re-evaluation of spending and investment habits to prevent losses. Adopt a more conservative, long-term approach as the upright King would. Seek sound financial advice before taking risks. Tame excessive materialism that is draining wealth.


For health, the reversed King of Pentacles warns against gluttony, greed and an unhealthy lifestyle. Your energy is depleted as you overindulge in rich foods, luxury, shopping and sensual pleasures. Without balance and moderation, poor health will follow.

This card reminds you to bring more temperance and routine into your life. Exercise restraint, establish healthy regimens, get organized. Avoid lavish excess that leaves you sluggish and drained. Re reversed King must rediscover the middle path that sustains vitality.


In spiritual matters, the reversed King of Pentacles indicates ego-driven greed and ambition. You seek wealth and power for self-gain rather than to be of service. Status symbols and indulgence distract from higher purpose. There is a belief you can ‘buy’ enlightenment and good karma.

This distorted King must re-center with faith, charity and higher consciousness. Share your prosperity to help others. Detach from jealousy and learn true abundance comes from within. Right your path before materialism corrupts the soul.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

The King of Pentacles brings a positive meaning to yes/no questions. As an authority figure who achieves success through determination and perseverance, this King will say “Yes, proceed forward confidently now.”

His blessings and guidance will lead to prosperous outcomes, as long as greed and excess are avoided. Wealth, abundance, power and sensual comforts can all be enjoyed when the upright King’s balanced approach is embraced. Say yes to the opportunities and mentorship he provides.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, the number 8 resonates with the attributes and meanings of the King of Pentacles. Number 8 represents abundance, success, wealth, authority and using resources wisely – which perfectly mirror’s the King’s upright traits.

The shape of the number 8 reflects the infinite possibilities available when you master the material realm, as the learned King has. Number 8 also warns of the karmic rebalancing that greed and excess will incur, reflected by the reversed King. Balanced 8 energy helps keep this King upright.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card and Astrology

The King of Pentacles Tarot Card and Astrology
The King of Pentacles Tarot Card and Astrology

The King of Pentacles corresponds with Taurus energy in astrology. Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus. Like Taurus, the King is sensual, prosperous, hard-working, security-oriented and invested in material comforts. Yet he must avoid Taurus’ tendencies toward possessiveness, over-indulgence and inflexibility.

The King’s Venus influence brings romantic sensuality, artistic appreciation, and love of luxury. His earth element makes him pragmatic, reliable and productive. Under this blended Taurus-Venus energy, the King masters the material realm and sensual pleasures.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Combinations

  • King of Pentacles + The Emperor: Patriarchal authority, domination
  • King of Pentacles + Three of Pentacles: Teamwork, collaboration
  • King of Pentacles + Ten of Pentacles: Great prosperity, legacy
  • Reversed King of Pentacles + Two of Swords: Poor financial decisions
  • Reversed King of Pentacles + Five of Cups: Remorse over a bad investment
  • Reversed King of Pentacles + Queen of Pentacles: Power struggles over money

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Designs

The King of Pentacles traditionally features ornate, regal clothing to indicate luxury and wealth. In modern decks, he may be depicted as a business mogul or banker overseeing his financial empire. Some designs modernize his robes into an expensive tailored suit. He is always represented as authoritative, successful and prosperous.


What does the King of Pentacles mean?

The King of Pentacles represents mastery of the material realm. He signifies wealth, abundance, success, leadership, sensuality and enjoying worldly comforts. He is a provider and guardian, creating security through prosperity.

What does King of Pentacles mean in love?

In romantic readings, the King of Pentacles represents a loyal and generous partner who values stability and sensuality. He is protective, loving, and committed long-term. However, reversed he may become possessive, controlling and prioritize wealth over intimacy.

Is the King of Pentacles a Yes or No card?

Yes, the King’s leadership and wisdom make him a positive indicator in yes/no tarot questions. He encourages moving ahead confidently towards prosperity, while avoiding greed and poor money management when reversed.

What planet is the King of Pentacles?

The King of Pentacles is associated with the planet Venus. Venus connections provide this King with artistic appreciation, romantic sensuality and love of luxury. But Venus can also make him over-indulgent and materialistic when poorly aspected.

What Zodiac sign is the King of Pentacles?

The King of Pentacles corresponds with Taurus energy. Like Taurus, he is hardworking, security-oriented, loves creature comforts, and can be stubborn. The King’s Venus influence balances his grounded earthy Taurean nature.

Key Takeaways

  • The upright King of Pentacles symbolizes material mastery, abundance, sensuality and enjoying worldly success. He offers guidance on building wealth and prosperity when well-dignified.
  • Reversed, the King becomes tyrannical, greedy and indulgent. He represents misusing resources and poor money management.
  • In relationships, the King signifies devoted, protective partners when upright. But greed for power, status or possessions may corrupt the reversed King.
  • For finances, the upright King reflects wise investments and budgets. Reversed he indicates risky speculation and extravagance.
  • Yes/no questions receive a positive “yes” from the authoritative King, who counsels moving ahead towards prosperity.
  • The King links to numerology number 8 and astrology sign Taurus due to shared qualities like wealth and sensuality.


The multifaceted King of Pentacles shows us how worldly success and sensual abundance can be achieved responsibly and ethically. Learn from this King’s wisdom and generosity when upright, but beware the greedy tyrant he becomes when reversed. Balance pragmatism with compassion as you master the material realm.

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