The 9 of Wands is often seen as a card of perseverance and inner strength. You are so close to completing a significant milestone but must continue pushing forward through these final challenges. This Minor Arcana card calls on us to not give up when the going gets tough. There are tests, trials and adversities ahead but you have the endurance and conviction to see this through.

In this guide we will explore the upright and reversed the 9 of Wands meanings. You’ll discover how this card relates to love, work, finances, health, spirituality and more. Plus symbolism, astrology, numerology and tarot spreads. Everything you need to develop a deeper understanding of the Nine of Wands.

9 of Wands Key Facts

Upright Meaning Perseverance, inner strength, resilience, endurance, grit
Reversed Meaning Exhaustion, fatigue, questioning motivations
Yes or No Yes
Numerology 9
Element Fire
Planet Mars
Astrological Sign Sagittarius

9 of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Nine of Wands shows a battle-worn man leaning on a staff and guarding the 8 wands behind him. He stands with his arms crossed defensively and wears a determined expression. The sky is filled with dark clouds suggesting a recent storm. And the rising sun promises brighter times ahead.

The man has clearly been through challenging times and still faces adversity. But he’s now an experienced veteran who will stand tall against anything. The 8 wands he defends could represent achievements, ideas or duties needing protection. He won’t let anything compromise his hard work.

The Upright 9 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright 9 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
The Upright 9 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Love Relationships

Upright this Minor Arcana card reflects inner strength, grit and resilience even in the face of challenges. You’ve endured relationship struggles or a painful breakup but remain determined. Instead of isolation you’re open to love again when the timing is right. Past heartache has made you wiser in who and what you give energy to. You’ve learned discernment around dating and courtship. And can now spot red flags earlier when something isn’t aligned. The 9 of Wands says have faith you’ll eventually meet someone on the same wavelength. For now focus on personal growth and self-care.

If you’re in a relationship the 9 of Wands can reflect a testing period. There may be external pressures causing arguments or disconnects. Don’t sweep issues under the rug, sensitively discuss them. With compromise and perseverance you can overcome these hurdles together. This card also hints you may be protective or defensive due to past betrayals. Work on letting walls down so intimacy can deepen.


In career readings the Nine of Wands reflects perseverance and determination in your field. You’ve encountered setbacks but remain committed to success. Obstacles are keeping you from advancement or where you’d like to be professionally. But keep showing grit and resilience – you’re closer than you think. This card suggests adopting a defensive, protective posture around projects or ideas. Remain alert to rivals or competitors trying to steal your thunder. Tackle workload and challenges methodically without spreading yourself too thin. You’re a seasoned veteran who can handle work problems as they arise. Keep going, career progress is on the horizon.


Financially the 9 of Wands warns against risks or speculation. Your resources may be depleted from past challenges or investments not paying off. Avoid get rich quick schemes that overpromise – slow and steady wins the race. Adopt a defensive posture around expenditures and savings. Remain prudent until your position strengthens. Persevere in eliminating debts, building assets and becoming self-reliant. With grit and determination your finances can recover.


For health the reversed Nine of Wands cautions against burnout and exhaustion. You’ve been exerting yourself physically, mentally or emotionally. Pace yourself to avoid fatigue, stress injuries or adrenal fatigue. This card can also reflect defensiveness around medical issues. Don’t ignore symptoms or warning signs. Overcome fears about examinations, tests or treatment. With courage and pragmatism you can tackle health problems. This card also suggests a gritty recovery from illness or injury. Remain determined through rehab and lifestyle changes. With self-care and perseverance you’ll return to strength.


In spiritual readings the Nine of Wands reflects inner resilience during trials and tribulations. You’ve endured setbacks but remain committed to your ethical principles. Don’t allow cynicism or defensiveness to cloud better judgement. Remain open and optimistic – solutions exist to uplift and unite people. This card also suggests safeguarding your spiritual practices or rituals. External pressures may challenge staying true to your path, beliefs or values. Hold firm while exemplifying understanding and compassion.

The Reversed 9 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed 9 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
The Reversed 9 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Love Relationships

When reversed, the 9 of Wands in love suggests exhaustion and depletion from relationship struggles. You’ve reached a breaking point after challenges or conflict. Taking time out to recharge may be necessary before continuing. Try not to become defensive, jaded or closed off to intimacy. With self-care and perseverance faith can be renewed in love. For couples this card can reflect one partner being worn down by relationship issues. Resentment is building and they’re questioning whether it’s worth fighting for. Sensitivity, compromise and counselling can help reignite bonds. But if differences are irreconcilable, letting go may be kindest.


For career the reversed 9 of Wands reflects burnout and waning resilience. You’ve hit an exhaustion point from workplace stressors and challenges. Taking time out before continuing may be wise to recover motivation. Don’t keep slogging through duties in a depleted state. Ask for a reprieve or quieter period if possible. This card can also reflect defensive behaviours undermining you professionally. Being distrustful, territorial or isolating will backfire. Stay open-minded and focused on collaborative solutions. Realign your career ambitions to something more meaningful if lacking fulfilment.


Financially the reversed Nine of Wands suggests fatigue around money matters. You’ve been exerting much energy on accumulating wealth or improving cashflow. But results haven’t matched expectations causing disillusionment. Try a defensive posture around expenditures for now. Research investments thoroughly before parting with savings. Seek professional advice on the best strategies. With renewed focus and prudent habits your finances can recover.


For health the reversed Nine of Wands reflects exhaustion and depletion. You’ve been overexerting physically, mentally or emotionally. Continuing in this state will only cause burnout or breakdown. Listen to your body’s signals around rest, recovery and replenishment. Reduce stress levels and pace yourself appropriately. This card can also reflect defensiveness or resistance around medical issues. Don’t ignore checkups, screenings or treatments. Prioritise self-care – your wellbeing depends on it.


In spiritual readings the reversed 9 of Wands reflects cynicism and disillusionment around higher purpose. You’ve endured setbacks which tested your faith and principles. Taking time out to process and recover may be necessary before continuing your journey. Try not to become defensive, distrustful or closed off. With self-care your commitment can be renewed. This card also suggests being worn down by protecting beliefs, values or practices. If something no longer resonates spiritually consider moving in a new direction.

9 of Wands Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

9 of Wands Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions
9 of Wands Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

The 9 of Wands represents a clear yes in divination. The answer is positive but further challenges, tests or adversities can be expected before fully manifesting. Keep showing grit, resilience and determination to see it through. Maintain defensive posture to protect what you’ve worked for. The yes outcome will require great inner strength and perseverance. But you have the endurance to withstand the storms ahead.

9 of Wands Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology the 9 of Wands resonates with the repeating number 9. This number represents completion, endings and harvesting results. It asks us to tie up loose ends, then make space for new beginnings. The number 9 also carries highly charged, transformational energy. It has the power to profoundly shape life direction. In the Tarot 9’s are always near the end of their suit’s journey. They possess accumulated wisdom from past experiences to draw on.

9 of Wands Tarot Card and Astrology

Within the tarot the 9 of Wands is associated with fire sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is known for its wisdom, honesty and optimism. This zodiac seeks truth and meaning through adventures and bold undertakings. It also values resilience, courage and independence. The Nine of Wands reflects these Sagittarian strengths during challenging times. When upright we harness wisdom and endurance to keep pushing forward.

9 of Wands Tarot Card Combinations

9 of Wands + The Emperor: Strategic preparation and defence. Staying disciplined under pressure.

9 of Wands + Strength: Great inner fortitude and bravery. Gentle perseverance.

9 of Wands + The Hermit: Need for rest, rejuvenation and soul-searching.

9 of Wands + 10 of Wands: Burdened, overloaded, fatigued. Burnout risk.

9 of Wands + The Hanged Man: Pausing to gain clarity before proceeding.

9 of Wands + Death: Transitioning out of a difficult period. Major rebirth ahead.

9 of Wands Tarot Card Designs

The Rider-Waite-Smith 9 of Wands features a battle-weary yet determined man. He stands defensively guarding the 8 wands behind him. Other traditional decks like the Marseille Tarot also depict this scene. Modern decks sometimes reimagine the 9 of Wands. Examples include:

  • The Wild Unknown Tarot shows a wounded yet strong fox. The fox’s fur is missing in patches due to the struggles endured.
  • The Light Seer’s Tarot portrays a woman with tattoos of 9 wands on her back. She stands strong holding a glowing orb of light.
  • The Dreamscape Tarot illustrates a gold-armoured warrior in a desert at sunrise. The sun’s rays glow around the warrior’s body, promising a new dawn.
  • The Shadowscapes Tarot depicts a exhausted but resolute man wielding a staff. He’s battered and worn but standing beside a lake of revitalising water.
  • The Wheel of Change Tarot imagines the 8 of Wands arranged in a circular wall lit by candles. A robed woman stands guard in the center with hands raised defensively.


Is the 9 of Wands positive or negative?

The 9 of Wands has largely positive upright meanings of inner strength, resilience and perseverance during adversity. However when reversed it can reflect exhaustion and loss of motivation.

What does 9 of Wands mean in love?

It reflects determination in love despite struggles faced. It can also suggest defensiveness or protectiveness due to past betrayals.

What zodiac sign is the 9 of Wands?

The 9 of Wands is associated with fire sign Sagittarius in the tarot.

What numerology number is 9 of Wands?

It is linked to the repeating number 9 in numerology, representing completion and transformation.

Key Takeaways

  • The 9 of Wands represents grit, resilience and perseverance through challenges. You are battle-weary but very close to completing an important milestone.
  • Upright this card encourages you to dig deep and continue pushing forward when the going gets tough. You now have the strength and experience to overcome any adversity.
  • In relationships it reflects determination despite struggles faced. It can also suggest defensiveness due to past betrayals.
  • Professionally the 9 of Wands reflects perseverance through career setbacks and obstacles. Keep showing grit and resilience.
  • For finances it cautions against taking risks. Adopt a defensive posture until your position strengthens.
  • Reversed this card signifies exhaustion and burnout. Take time out to recover motivation before continuing.
  • This Minor Arcana card is linked to Sagittarius and the number 9. Both represent wisdom, completion and new beginnings.


The 9 of Wands is a card of inner fortitude – encouraging grit, resilience and perseverance through adversity. You are battle-hardened but must keep pushing forward, the final breakthrough is so close. This card draws on your deepest reserves of strength and conviction. Remain vigilant and don’t give up now when you’ve come so far. The 9 of Wands is a powerful reminder we all have incredible capacity for endurance in trying times.

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