Welcome dear reader! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all aspects of the Strength tarot card.

Knowing the meaning of this Major Arcana card can provide powerful insights into your current circumstances and help guide you towards inner strength. Read on to learn about Strength in love, career, health, spirituality and more.

We will also cover the reversed Strength card meaning, using Strength in “yes or no” questions, numerology and astrological connections. By the end, you’ll have a deep understanding of this card’s significance. Let’s dive in!

Strength Key Facts

Upright Meaning Reversed Meaning Yes/No Numerology Element Planet Zodiac Sign
Inner strength, control, compassion Self doubt, weakness of will, self-indulgence Yes 8 Fire Leo Leo

Strength Tarot Card Description

The Strength card shows a woman gently but firmly closing the jaws of a ferocious lion. She wears a white robe and floral wreath in her hair, symbolizing purity and grace. Her calm yet powerful demeanor allows her to tame the wild beast.

The sun shines brightly in the background, representing the luminous power of inner strength and understanding. Mountains behind her signify her solid foundation. Strength reminds us to have compassion, even for our greatest challenges.

The Upright Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright Strength Tarot Card Meaning
The Upright Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Love Relationships

Upright, Strength indicates you have great reservoirs of inner resolve and compassion in relationships. You bring a gentle, loving touch even when facing conflicts or power struggles with your partner. Arguments don’t shake you easily.

Single? Strength means you seek meaningful bonds grounded in true understanding. You have standards and won’t settle. Existing relationships deepen through vulnerability and trust. Your devotion helps inspire your partner’s highest self.


In career readings, Strength is a sign you’ll need great fortitude to achieve your aims. Obstacles or difficult people may arise. Draw on your inner power, but also lead with empathy. Avoid aggressive tactics. Your calm, balanced approach brings acceptance.

Strength also indicates skill development. Pursue studies or training to boost your capabilities. You have raw talent – build on it. With increased knowledge and preparation, you’ll gain the expertise needed for new heights.


Financially, Strength foretells good management of resources, avoiding risky speculation. Your balanced approach keeps expenditures in check while allowing for investments in major purchases or projects. Budget wisely for the future without limiting enjoyment today.

You may receive an unexpected windfall. Use these funds judiciously to secure stability. Don’t squander on frivolous wants. Generosity is wonderful, but safeguard your needs first. Then help others.


For health, Strength signals robust vitality and recovery from illness. Maintain good self-care routines like diet, exercise and sleep. But also address mental/emotional health – stress management, counseling, or learning coping mechanisms for chronic conditions. Wholistic wellbeing takes inner strength.

With proper care, your constitution will prevail. But don’t overexert – you are strong, not invincible. Monitor limits and rest when needed. If facing weakness or injuries, be patient in healing. Draw strength from support systems.


Spiritually, Strength reminds you to align actions with your highest values, even when difficult. You have an indomitable soul, but also practice understanding, not judgment. Face anger, resentment or prejudice in yourself or society with compassion.

By developing self-mastery, you become a source of light. Others draw strength from your equanimity amidst turmoil. You heal divisions through love. Live with wisdom and courage.

The Reversed Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed Strength Tarot Card Meaning
The Reversed Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Love Relationships

Reversed, Strength in love implies inner weaknesses sabotaging relationships. You may give in to anger, jealousy or control issues. Or passively enable bad dynamics, afraid to set boundaries. Have courage to look within.

Address anxieties driving negative reactions or codependence. Talk with your partner openly and lovingly. Get support if abuse is present. Healing past hurts will renew intimacy. Upright Strength returns through trust in yourself and others.


Professionally, a reversed Strength warns that self-doubt or anxiety could hinder performance. You may avoid risks needed for advancement or feel unable to handle greater duties. Don’t undermine yourself – you have untapped talents.

Quiet your inner critic. Seek mentors or training to develop expertise. Taking incremental steps builds confidence, as will planning thoroughly before leaping. Let go of perfectionism. Progress, not perfection, grows skills. Keep perspective.


Financially, Strength reversed indicates poor discipline and unnecessary expenditures. Get budgets back on track. Resist impulse buys and examine underlying wants. Reign in extravagances and manage credit wisely. Don’t overextend.

Also guard against financial abuse or enabling others’ poor money management. Kindness is wonderful, but don’t jeopardize your stability. Seek balance between generosity and security. Financial counselors can assist boundary setting.


For health, a reversed Strength warns against depletion of energy reserves. Your usual endurance is low. Pace yourself and don’t ignore exhaustion. Reduce physical strains and address root causes of fatigue like insomnia, poor nutrition, or chronic issues.

Healing is slowed when you push limits. Take time to restore through relaxation, healthy lifestyle choices and managing mental stressors. Support networks provide needed assistance. Replenish your wellsprings.


In spiritual matters, Strength reversed indicates self-judgment and doubt. You may focus on flaws versus higher purpose. Understand imperfection is natural; we’re all learning. Rather than self-blame, cultivate self-love and extend this compassion to others.

Resentment towards those who’ve hurt you will only breed more pain. Dig deep to find empathy, even for enemies. In time, understanding dissolves anger. Stay aligned to your principles. Maturity comes through maintaining integrity despite adversity.

Strength Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

Strength Tarot Card Meaning in Yes or No questions
Strength Tarot Card Meaning in Yes or No questions

Strength is a generally positive card in yes/no readings. It’s “yes” for questions like:

  • Will my health improve?
  • Will I find inner strength?
  • Is my relationship becoming stronger?

Strength indicates “no” if questions involve:

  • Weakening relationships
  • Poor health outlooks
  • Giving in to anger/fear

Dig deeper into surrounding cards for context. Strength itself leans “yes” for strength-building, compassion and self-mastery.

Strength Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, Strength is connected to the number 8 (VIII in the Major Arcana). Number 8 represents power, leadership, success and stability – resonant Strength attributes.

As the 8th card, Strength also relates to the infinity symbol, showing unlimited inner potential. Mastering this power requires great responsibility and wisdom – Creators must rule over their domain justly and ethically.

Strength Tarot Card and Astrology

Astrologically, Strength is linked to the zodiac sign Leo. As a fire sign, Leo shares the fiery passion and energy represented in Strength’s imagery.

Leo is associated with summer, when the sun (symbolizing our inner light) is at its peak. Both Leo and Strength embody solar power – creativity, courage, leadership and determination to spread illumination.

As a fixed sign, Leos also have tremendous fortitude and endurance reflected in Strength’s perseverance. And Leo’s ruling planet, The Sun, reminds us of our core vitality.

Strength Tarot Card Combinations

Strength combines positively with cards like:

  • Temperance – Finding balance, harmony amidst strife
  • The Hierophant – Tradition, established systems give strength
  • 3 of Wands – Preparedness leads to success

Challenging combinations include:

  • 5 of Swords – Conflict, tension undermines
  • 10 of Wands – Burdened, over-committed
  • Queen of Swords – Cold intellect without empathy

Context is key – cards with different energies may push Strength to develop new facets of inner power – fiery passion, intellectual clarity or releasing rigid control.

Strength Tarot Card Designs

Strength’s most common imagery is a woman taming a lion, but many tarot decks offer creative alternatives with the same symbolic meaning. These include:

  • A woman prying open a lion’s mouth – Subduing brute force with gentle control
  • Breaking chains or breaking free from ropes – Releasing limiting bonds through inner liberation
  • Flowers blooming in rocky ground – Strength growing through adversity
  • Sunbursts – Radiance of inner power and life force

Whatever the imagery, Strength revolves around cultivating fortitude, compassion and understanding one’s true capabilities.


Is the Strength card good or bad?

Upright Strength is very positive, indicating inner fortitude to overcome challenges with compassion. Reversed can signify getting caught in anger or self-doubt. Context matters, but Strength overall represents human strength and redemption.

Are there variations in the depiction of the Strength card in different Tarot decks?

The depiction of the Strength card can vary significantly in different Tarot decks. While the core symbolism of taming a lion remains, artistic styles and interpretations may differ. Some decks portray the Strength card as a woman, while others use diverse imagery and symbolism to convey the card’s meaning, showcasing the flexibility of Tarot artistry.

What are some common interpretations of the Strength card in reversed position?

When the Strength card appears in reverse, it often suggests a struggle to find inner strength and self-control. It can indicate a lack of confidence or self-doubt. In this position, the card may caution against acting impulsively and encourage a focus on inner resilience and patience.

How does the Strength card encourage personal growth and self-discovery in Tarot?

The Strength card promotes personal growth by emphasizing inner strength, courage, and mastering one’s inner beastly tendencies. It encourages individuals to face challenges with grace and resilience, fostering self-discovery by delving into their own depths, gaining better self-control, and learning to conquer life’s obstacles with a calm spirit.

Are there specific Tarot spreads where the Strength card plays a significant role?

The Strength card often takes on a significant role in spreads related to inner strength and personal development. Spreads like the “Inner Strength Spread” or “Personal Transformation Layout” frequently highlight the card’s importance, offering insights into harnessing one’s inner power and confronting challenges with courage.

Key Takeaways

  • Strength symbolizes the tremendous power within each of us to overcome adversity through perseverance, courage and compassion.
  • When upright, this card encourages standing firmly by your principles while also showing empathy and forgiveness.
  • Reversed, Strength cautions against self-doubt, anger and weakness of will.
  • This card has positive indications in most areas, especially for cultivating wholistic wellbeing, strong relationships and integrity.
  • Numerology and astrology connect Strength with the number 8, infinity and the zodiac sign Leo.
  • Combinations and imagery provide further insight into how Strength manifests in different situations.


The Strength card carries profound meaning for developing our greatest inner power – fortitude of character, moral authority and enlightened mastery over ourselves. Its messages uplift and inspire us to demonstrate compassion amidst hardship and bring light to others through the illumination we discover within.

Strength represents the heights of human potential, the wisdom to know when gentleness and when daring are required. This card guides us to profound understanding of our capabilities. Though its teachings are challenging, living Strength fills us with joy and deep purpose.

I hope this exploration of the Strength card has provided insight into how you can cultivate greater poise, leadership and empathy in your own life. May we build a stronger, more just world through awakening the radiance within.

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