Tarot cards and numerology both offer guidance by revealing hidden truths. Though distinct practices, combining these divination tools creates deeper self-awareness.

History and Meanings

Tarot Beginnings

  • Tarot originated in 15th century Europe for card games, the imagery held symbolic meaning. Occultists later associated the cards with mysticism and fortune-telling.
  • The 78-card Tarot deck has 22 Major Arcana cards depicting life lessons and 56 Minor Arcana cards representing day-to-day events. When laid out in spreads, cards reveal insights about the past, present and future.

Numerology Basics

  • Numerology finds meaning in numbers. It originated over 2,500 years ago with Pythagoras, who saw numbers ruling the universe.
  • In numerology, numbers from birth dates and names hold clues about personality traits and life direction. Calculating and analyzing numbers reveals life paths.

Combining Tarot and Numerology

Combining Tarot and Numerology
Combining Tarot and Numerology

Enhanced Understanding

  • Used together, Tarot and numerology offer a richer perspective toward finding life purpose. Numerology clarifies patterns while Tarot reveals spiritual meanings.
  • As numerology identifies repeating numbers and cycles, Tarot pinpoints associated lessons, issues and growth opportunities. This combined approach empowers greater self-realization.

Methods and Practices

  • Calculate your life path number and other key numerology numbers per your birth date and name.
  • For Tarot, select cards representing current dilemmas. Compare their imagery and interpretation with your numerology numbers for enhanced insight.
  • You can also calculate numbers associated with the Tarot, as some cards correspond with numbers 0-21. Analyzing these against your personal numbers creates deeper meaning.

Sample Readings and Interpretations

Sample Readings and Interpretations
Sample Readings and Interpretations

Career Change Exploration

  • Experiencing career dissatisfaction, Elaine gets the Empress, Strength and Magician cards about life purpose in a Tarot reading. She calculates they link to numerology numbers 3, 8 and 1.
  • Her life path number is 9. Comparisons show 1s and 9s have strong leadership abilities. The passionate 8 shows she can overcome challenges, fitting with the bold Strength card. Her next career should have creativity per the 3.

Relationship Outlook

  • Struggling with a relationship, Victor’s Tarot spread has The Lovers plus the inverted Devil and Tower, indicating unhealthy bonds and upheaval. The Lovers connects to the number 6.
  • With life path 5 seeking freedom, comparative numerology indicates why this 6 relationship has destructive restrictions. 5 seeks adventure while 6 seeks security─opposing needs causing his turmoil.

Additional Insights from Combined Readings

Additional Insights from Combined Readings
Additional Insights from Combined Readings

Identifying Repeating Issues

  • If particular cards reappear, explore connections between their numbers and your personal numerology numbers. This reveals core issues requiring attention for self-improvement.

Confirming Messages

  • When similar messages emerge through both Tarot cards and numerology numbers in a reading, pay extra attention to those repetitive themes, signals and advice. The universe highlights important lessons.

Understanding Blocks

  • Contradictions between Tarot imagery and meanings versus numerology numbers can indicate inner conflicts and beliefs blocking you from clarity about relationships, career and life direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What deck should I use?

The classic Rider Waite Tarot deck works best for beginners. Later you can explore additional decks with different artwork like The Radiant Rider Waite Tarot. Avoid decks lacking imagery on the Major Arcana cards.

Should I read cards myself or see a professional?

You can learn to do self-readings after studying card meanings. But working with a tarot reader, astrologer, psychic or spiritual counselor skilled in both tarot and numerology provides deeper direction when guidance about major life decisions is needed.

Is numerology fortune-telling like tarot?

Both can reveal hidden information to guide you, but come from different traditions. Tarot originated from the occult while numerology stems from name interpretation lore across multiple cultures. Both rely on symbols rather than supernatural practices.

Which is more accurate─tarot or numerology?

Tarot offers emotional insights while numerology reveals rational patterns. Their accuracy depends how well you interpret them. Used together, they provide a balance of intuition and evidence that builds understanding about your motivations and life direction.

Can I combine other divination practices?

You can pair runes, astrology charts, the I-Ching, palmistry or dream interpretation with Tarot. But numerology specifically helps decipher Tarot number meanings relevant to decisions about relationships, finances and career.


Exploring Tarot card descriptions along with your numerology numbers creates deeper self-awareness from these synergistic divination tools. Blending their symbolic languages harmonizes the mystical with the logical─providing a profoundly balanced lens for finding guidance about relationships, career changes, health, spirituality and life direction.

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