The Moon often comes up in tarot readings during times of confusion, fear and anxiety. Its appearance urges us to illuminate the shadows of our unconscious mind and resolve inner conflicts.

By understanding the Moon card, you can better navigate its turbulent waters when it appears in your own life and tarot readings. This guide will empower you to embrace the Moon’s transformative energy.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • A detailed description of the Moon tarot card imagery and symbolism
  • The upright and reversed the Moon card meanings in different life areas like love, work, finances, health and spirituality
  • How to interpret the Moon in tarot card combinations and spreads
  • The Moon through the lens of numerology and astrology
  • Actionable advice on working with the Moon card’s energy

Let’s dive in!

The Moon Tarot Card Description

The Moon tarot card shows a full moon in the night’s sky, positioned between two large towers and shining its light on a stream that flows between the towers. In the stream, a crawfish emerges from the water while a dog and wolf howl at the moon.

The moon itself has a human face on it, and the towers are similar to those found in the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The land is barren, with just a few shrubs sprouting up.

Symbolism and Imagery

The moon is a symbol of the unconscious mind, dreams, intuition and illusion. Its light illuminates the shadows of our inner selves. The dog and wolf represent the split between civilized self (dog) and untamed instincts (wolf). The towers symbolize the forces of good and evil, light and dark, or consciousness and the unconscious.

The crawfish emerging from the water represents something unknown surfacing from the unconscious into conscious awareness. The barren landscape reflects the feeling of being lost in an illusory dreamscape without direction.

Overall, the imagery depicts the process of shedding light on the mysterious, sometimes frightening contents of the unconscious mind. It is an invitation to embrace the entirety of oneself.

The Upright Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright Moon Tarot Card Meaning
The Upright Moon Tarot Card Meaning

When the Moon appears upright in a tarot reading, its overarching meaning is one of releasing fear and developing an understanding of oneself and one’s own subconscious shifts. Upright it is a signal that now is the time for a deep emotional purging and spiritual detoxification.

Here are the most common interpretations of the upright Moon card in various life domains:

Love Relationships

  • Confusion, uncertainty and anxiety in romantic relationships
  • Strong subconscious forces impacting the relationship
  • Fears of intimacy coming to the surface
  • Secrets and hidden emotions arising
  • Doubts about partner’s feelings and motivations
  • Relationship at crossroads, important transition period

In love and romance, the upright Moon often speaks to the presence of uncertainty, confusion and anxiety. There may be hidden fears, insecurities and emotions surfacing in yourself or your partner that are casting doubt and making it difficult to see the truth clearly.

This card calls on you to communicate openly and bring these hidden elements up to the light of conscious awareness. Shine the Moon’s illuminating rays on your own subconscious blocks, fears and wounds so they no longer sabotage intimacy. This period of emotional purification will enable you and your partner to relate at a deeper level.


  • Confusion about career direction or next steps
  • Inability to see long term career path clearly
  • Doubts or anxiety about skills and abilities
  • Deception around the workplace or with coworkers
  • Misinformation impacting work decisions
  • Need to get clear on career goals and motivations

In career matters, the upright Moon card reflects confusion, self-doubt and uncertainty about your professional path forward. You may be grappling with anxiety about your skills or abilities that is making it hard to know which steps to take next.

There could also be deceit, misinformation or people masking their true feelings that are clouding your judgement. This card advises getting very clear on your career motivations, values and goals. Once you illuminate your own inner truths, you can navigate any illusions around you to make wise career decisions.


  • Financial confusion or unpredictability
  • Fluctuating income and expenses
  • Misinformation around investments or taxes
  • Unconscious spending habits surfacing
  • Financial decisions based on fears rather than logic
  • Need to shine light on financial beliefs and patterns

In financial matters, the upright Moon can point to confusion, unpredictability and instability around money and resources. Your income and expenses may be fluctuating wildly. There could be deceit or misinformation impacting investments, taxes or other financial decisions.

The Moon here advises examining your unconscious beliefs, fears and patterns around money. Shine a light on any illusions driving your financial choices. Get very clear and logical about your financial goals. This will help stabilize your finances going forward.


  • Anxiety and emotional instability
  • Confusing or hard to diagnose health issues
  • Fluctuating energy levels
  • Subconscious fears around health surfacing
  • Addictions and unhealthy habits emerging
  • Need to adjust diet, sleep and stress levels

For health, the upright Moon can indicate overwhelmed emotions, anxiety and emotional volatility. You may be facing confusing physical or mental health symptoms that are proving difficult to diagnose and treat effectively. Your energy levels are likely fluctuating wildly.

This card calls on you to illuminate any subconscious fears, stressors or unhealthy habits that are impacting your wellbeing. Shine a light on addictions, poor sleep and an imbalanced diet. Adjust these areas of self-care to establish stability. Get support if your emotional state feels highly volatile.


  • Spiritual confusion and disillusionment
  • Difficulty understanding dreams, omens, intuition
  • Ego clashes with true spiritual values
  • Subconscious wounds emerging from past trauma or childhood
  • Crisis of faith, questioning beliefs and path
  • Need to embrace shadow self and trust intuition

In spiritual matters, the upright Moon points to confusion, doubts and disillusionment around your beliefs, intuitive gifts or mystical experiences. You may be grappling with wounds, trauma or childhood programming surfacing from your subconscious that clash with your spiritual path and practices.

This card calls you to embrace the totality of your being – shadows and all. Deepen your connection to your intuition and the symbolic messages appearing in dreams or synchronicities. With compassion for yourself, you can emerge from this spiritual detox renewed in faith.

The Reversed Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed Moon Tarot Card Meaning
The Reversed Moon Tarot Card Meaning

When the Moon tarot card is reversed, its meaning centers around gaining emotional stability and clearing away deceptions. Things that were previously murky become illuminated with the light of truth and clarity.

Here are the most common interpretations of a reversed Moon card:

Love Relationships

  • Gaining clarity in a relationship
  • Dispelling doubts, uncertainties and confusion
  • Revealing previously hidden thoughts and emotions
  • Improved communication and intimacy in relationships
  • No longer feeling lost, afraid or anxious
  • Moving forward with clearer vision

In love and romance, a reversed Moon indicates you are moving into a period of increased clarity where confusion lifts. Things that may have been murky regarding your partner’s feelings or motivations are illuminated.

Fears subside, enabling you and your partner to communicate authentically and intimately without doubt or anxiety. You feel confident to move forward together with faith and vision for the future.


  • Increased career direction and clarity
  • Seeing career path and motivations clearly
  • Cutting through deceptions around workplace
  • Confidently making decisions, resolving confusion
  • Recognizing true abilities and skills
  • Moving ahead with confidence

With career, the reversed Moon reflects a dissipation of the confusion, uncertainty and self-doubt that was previously plaguing your decisions. Your true motivations and abilities become clear, as do the next steps on your professional path.

Any deceit or misinformation that was clouding your judgment gets illuminated and resolved. You are able to confidently make decisions and progress forward in your career with clarity of vision.


  • Financial situation stabilizing
  • Clear insights into money habits
  • Cutting through misinformation or deceit
  • Making rational financial choices
  • Seeing investments accurately
  • Establishing security and control

For finances, a reversed Moon points to increased clarity and control over money matters compared to unpredictable fluctuations. You gain insights into unconscious patterns driving your financial choices and can make rational, constructive decisions.

Any deceit or misinformation around taxes, investments or resources is illuminated and resolved. Your financial situation stabilizes, giving you a renewed sense of security.


  • Improved emotional stability
  • Finding effective treatments and diagnoses
  • Establishing helpful routines
  • Cutting through health misinformation
  • Releasing stress and anxiety
  • Strengthened intuition around health and body

With health, a reversed Moon indicates coming out of a period of instability and volatility into greater clarity and calm. Emotions even out and anxiety or stress decrease.

You gain insights into any underlying issues impacting your wellbeing and can find effective treatments. Establishing stable routines helps maintain equilibrium. Your intuition strengthens, enabling you to accurately interpret your body’s needs.


  • Regaining spiritual clarity and direction
  • Resolving spiritual doubts or disillusionment
  • Reconnecting with intuition and dreams
  • Integrating shadow self with spiritual path
  • Healing past wounds obstructing growth
  • Renewed sense of meaning and purpose

For spiritual matters, the reversed Moon reflects moving beyond a period of confusion, crisis of faith or emotional volatility into spiritual clarity and renewal. You resolve doubts about your path through compassionate self-inquiry.

By honoring your shadow self and unconscious, you regain trust in your intuition and ability to interpret mystical experiences or dreams. Healing past traumas enables you to find meaning, believe in yourself and reconnect with the joy of your spiritual path.

The Moon Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

The Moon card brings confusion when it comes to definitive yes or no questions. Its meanings centers on uncertainty, deception and the search for truth. As a result, the Moon is better interpreted as “too soon to tell” or “uncertain” rather than a straight yes or no.

If the Moon appears in response to a yes or no question, sit with the uncertainty rather than forcing clarity. There are hidden factors at play that need time to be illuminated before a clear answer can emerge. Allow the situation to develop further.

The Moon Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, the Moon tarot card reduces to the number 18 (1 + 8 = 9). Number 18 resonates with the moon in astrology, which represents emotions, intuition and the unconscious realms.

Reducing 18 to its base number 9, this points to introspection, humanitarianism, and spiritual growth. As the final single digit number, 9 has completed a cycle and is ready for closure, transparency and understanding.

Overall, the numerology of the Moon reinforces its meanings around tapping into intuition, integrating the depths of the unconscious mind, and arriving at personal understanding in order to release fears and find clarity.

The Moon Tarot Card and Astrology

The Moon Tarot Card and Astrology
The Moon Tarot Card and Astrology

The Moon tarot card is associated primarily with the zodiac sign Pisces and planet Neptune. Both Pisces and Neptune deal with dreaming, emotions, intuition, creativity, spirituality, escapism, deception, and addictions.

Pisces energy drinks directly from the mystical vastness of the collective unconscious. Similarly, Neptune dissolves ego boundaries, evoking divine inspiration but also confusion.

The Moon card perfectly expresses the dreamy, emotional, intuitive yet contradictory energies of Pisces and Neptune. When the Moon appears, look to where Pisces or Neptune are activated in your natal chart to decode its personal meaning.

The Moon Tarot Card Combinations

When combined with other cards, the Moon tarot card brings out fears, anxiety, confusion, deceit and the need to release illusions:

  • The Moon + The Devil – Facing dark or toxic attachments, addictions, obsessions
  • The Moon + Three of Swords – Heartbreak, grief, emotional pain
  • The Moon + Seven of Swords – Deception, cheating, getting away with lies
  • The Moon + Eight of Swords – Feeling trapped by fears and anxiety
  • The Moon + Nine of Swords – Nightmares, intense anxiety, despair
  • The Moon + Queen of Cups – Emotional volatility, buried feelings surfacing
  • The Moon + Page of Cups – Confusing or challenging creative block
  • The Moon + Four of Cups – Boredom with relationships or situation
  • The Moon + Tower – Personal crisis shaking up foundations
  • The Moon + The Hanged Man – Seeing situation from new perspective
  • The Moon + Judgement – Calling to confront difficult truths
  • The Moon + The Star – Hope and faith during dark night of the soul
  • The Moon + The Sun – Breakthrough after overcoming fears and illusions
  • The Moon + The World – Completion after deep soul-searching

The Moon Tarot Card Designs

The Moon tarot card has been reimagined in beautiful and unique ways by different tarot deck creators:

  • In the Cosmic Slumber Tarot, the Moon shows a figure dreaming, surrounded by the phases of the moon and astrological symbols.
  • The Moon in the Star Spinner Tarot is depicted as a spider web, weaving together inspirations arising in dreams.
  • The Everyday Witch Tarot features a witch gathering herbs and brewing potions beneath the Moon’s glow.
  • In the Tarot of the Divine, the Moon shows the Nigerian deity Oya standing under the Moon surrounded by buffalo, representing overcoming fears.
  • The Medieval Cat Tarot depicts two cats sailing down a moonlit river toward a castle, representing facing the unknown.
  • The Moon in the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn is a woman with a cybernetic third eye, merging intuition with futuristic technology.

FAQs About The Moon Card Meaning

Is the Moon a good tarot card?

The Moon is a powerful but challenging card, associated with emotional volatility, uncertainty, fears, anxiety and the world of dreams and intuition. While its shadowy aspects can be difficult” the Moon ultimately nudges you to develop spiritual wisdom by exploring depths of self and embracing life’s mysteries.

What does the Moon tarot card mean in a love reading?

In love, the Moon can indicate confusion, uncertainty and anxiety putting strain on a relationship. There may be deception or hidden feelings between partners that need illuminating. This card advises communicating openly to resolve doubt and intimacy issues.

What happens if you get the Moon tarot card twice?

Getting the Moon tarot card twice in a reading amplifies its meaning. You are moving through an intense period of emotional volatility, inner turmoil, anxiety and uncertainty. Your psychic abilities may be extra strong but also confusing. Rely on intuition and self-care practices to navigate this challenging transit.

Is the Moon a Yes or No card?

The opaque, uncertain nature of the Moon makes it not particularly conducive as a Yes or No card. It is better interpreted as “too soon to tell” or “ask again later.” There are hidden factors that first need illuminating before a definitive yes or no answer can emerge.

Key Takeaways

  • The Moon tarot card represents illusions, dreams, intuitions, fears, anxiety and the unconscious realms.
  • In its upright meaning, the Moon urges us to illuminate inner shadows and resolve fears and confusions obstructing our path.
  • Reversed, the Moon indicates increased clarity, emotional stability and dissolving of deceptions and illusions.
  • The Moon arises when we must explore the depths of self in order to gain wisdom, insight and direction.
  • By fully embracing our unconscious dimensions, we learn to navigate uncertainty and master our intuitive abilities.

The Moon’s light shines upon the mysteriousterrain of dreams and imagination. Though the landscape may seem frightening and disorienting at first, hidden treasures come to light under the Moon’s glow. If you hold your course with courage, you will emerge enriched with self-knowledge and inner clarity.


The Moon tarot card certainly stirs up a potent constellation of symbols, meanings and archetypes to contemplate. Its messages around embracing shadow, finding clarity amid confusion, and developing intuition are more vital now than ever in our complex world.

I hope this guide has provided a comprehensive understanding of the symbolic Moon card. May its wisdom lend you strength, insight and direction on your unique path ahead.

As always with tarot, integrate the Moon’s meanings into your own direct experience. Reflect on how its messages speak to your present growth and awakening. There are always more layers to unfold in the journey of self-discovery.

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