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King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Love, Career, Health, Spirituality & More

The King of Cups is one of the court cards in the Minor Arcana that represents mature emotions, compassion and control over feelings. This king sits on his throne with a golden cup in his hands, emanating wisdom, emotional balance and diplomacy.

When the King of Cups appears in a tarot reading, it often signifies that it is time to get in touch with your heart and lead with compassion. This king reminds us to not let our emotions rule us, but rather use them effectively to connect with others.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the facets of the King of Cups tarot card meanings and what this card reveals about love, work, finances, health, spirituality and more. Understanding the nuances of this king will help provide clarity and meaning to your tarot readings.

King of Cups Key Facts

Upright Meaning Reversed Meaning Yes or No Numerology Element Planet Astrological Sign
Emotional maturity, compassion, diplomacy Emotional immaturity, moodiness, poor self-control Yes 12/3 Water Neptune Pisces

King of Cups Tarot Card Description

The King of Cups shows a king seated on a stone throne decorated with images of fish and ships. He holds a golden chalice in his left hand and a scepter in his right. His throne sits near the ocean, representing the element of water and the world of emotions.

The king has a calm, compassionate expression on his bearded face. He wears a blue tunic decorated with crashing waves, symbolic of water and feelings. A red cap sits on his head, along with a decorative gold chain around his neck.

Everything about this king implies wisdom, compassion and emotional control. He has mastered his feelings and intuitively understands human emotions. When this king appears in a reading, it signifies it’s time to rule your feelings with maturity and care for others with an open heart.

The Upright King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning
The Upright King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

When the King of Cups appears upright in a reading, it represents the mature mastery of emotions, compassion, diplomacy and the ruling of feelings. This card signifies being in control of your emotional world and using intuition to understand yourself and help others.

Love Relationships

In love and relationships, the upright King of Cups represents a romantic partner who is caring, devoted and in control of their emotions. This is someone who listens intently, provides a shoulder to lean on and supports unconditionally.

As an advisor, the King of Cups indicates the need for emotional maturity in love. Rely on your intuition in relationships. Lead with compassion, be open-minded to your partner’s feelings and nurture each other through understanding. Focus on the depth of feeling, not just romantic passion.

If single, this king can signify that a new relationship is coming that will be based on mutual trust, care and emotional connection. Alternatively, it suggests developing the mature, compassionate qualities represented by this king will help attract the right romantic partner.


In career matters, the upright King of Cups signals that leading from the heart, not just the head, will foster success and harmony within a team. Use diplomacy and tact when communicating. Feeding off the energy in the room to master productive group dynamics comes naturally to this king.

The King of Cups also represents any profession related to feelings, psychology, spirituality, the arts or water. Careers as a counselor, artist, musician, psychiatrist, social worker or marine biologist could be indicated by this card in a reading.


Financially, the King of Cups implies maintaining control over your feelings about money matters leads to better decisions. Be cautious of overspending due to moods or lack of discipline. Budget wisely and save for the future. Seeking financial advice from a caring advisor who listens can help provide clarity.


For health, the upright King of Cups signals the importance of mind-body balance and paying attention to emotions that could be impacting well-being. Don’t suppress feelings or reactions to stress which could cause physical problems. Instead, nurture yourself with care and compassion. Seeking alternative therapies can help create harmony.


Spiritually, this king reminds us that our emotions are part of our soul. By mastering feelings with love and not fear, we raise our spiritual consciousness. Be open to signs and synchronicities from spirit through your intuition. Keeping an open heart allows you to receive divine guidance.

The Reversed King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning
The Reversed King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

When the King of Cups is reversed, the positive qualities of the upright card become blocked or expressed negatively. The reversed meaning can represent emotional immaturity, out of control feelings, lack of compassion, moodiness and poor boundaries.

Love Relationships

In relationships, the reversed King of Cups can signify a partner who is emotionally manipulative, lacking empathy or is smothering. Co-dependency, needy behaviors, jealousy or disrespect for others’ needs are also signs of the reversed energy of this king.

As advice, this king appearing reversed is a reminder to not let emotions control you when it comes to love and romance. Reacting from fear, insecurity or mood swings only damages intimacy. Focus on mature communication, compromise and compassion.


For career, a reversed King of Cups can indicate problems working well in a team, being defensive to feedback or lacking mediation skills. Difficulty reading emotions at work and poor interpersonal skills may be blocking success. Staying detached, impatient or overthinking are contrasted with this king’s counsel.


Financially, this reversed card suggests emotions are influencing money choices, leading to setbacks. Knee-jerk purchases, gambling, splurging out of sadness or avoiding money issues due to fear are in contrast with this king’s wisdom. Seek grounded financial counsel to make informed choices.


With health, the reversed King of Cups can signal not listening to your feelings and body’s cues, leading to imbalance or physical symptoms. Ignoring emotions around health matters or being careless about self-care contrasts the upright king’s mind-body counsel. Compassionately care for your needs.


For spirituality, the reversed King of Cups reminds us that suppressing or misusing emotions blocks our connection to spirit. When we don’t nurture feelings with compassion, we limit intuition and insight. To realign with the positive side of this king, have faith in divine timing and care for your soul.

King of Cups Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

The King of Cups means yes in response to most yes or no questions. As a compassionate advisor, this king gives the green light to choices aligned with care for others, emotional connection and intuition.

However, as a mature card, the King of Cups implies really examine the context of the situation at hand. Weigh your motivations and the potential impact. Are you listening to your highest wisdom or just reacting from feelings or ego?

Slow down and let your heart’s counsel rise up before choosing the compassionate path forward.

King of Cups Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, the King of Cups is connected to the number 3, which reduces down from 12 (1+2=3). Number 3 carries the energies of creativity, self-expression, optimism and joy.

As the number 3 relates to the Empress tarot card, it underscores the King of Cups’ connection to feminine energy, feelings, and the spirit. The number 3 echoes this king’s artistic talents and inspirational spirit as well.

King of Cups Tarot Card and Astrology

King of Cups Tarot Card and Astrology
King of Cups Tarot Card and Astrology

The King of Cups is associated with the zodiac signs Cancer and Pisces. Both are water signs aligned with the element of water embodied by this king.

Cancer shares the King of Cups’ deeply caring nature as a cardinal sign that leads with the heart. Cancer also rules the fourth house of home and family, connecting to this king’s devotion.

Pisces relates to the King of Cups as a mutable sign adept at going with the flow and adapting emotionally. Pisces is represented by two fish and rules the 12th house of spirit, reflecting this king’s divine wisdom.

King of Cups Tarot Card Combinations

King of Cups + Moon: Powerful intuition and psychic abilities. Prophetic visions and dreams. Going with the natural rhythm emotionally.

King of Cups + Queen of Cups: A nurturing, compassionate partnership or relationship full of romantic sensibilities, creative inspiration and an intuitive connection. Soulmates.

King of Cups + Knight of Cups: A close bond between friends or family based on deep devotion, romantic affection, and artistic expression.

King of Cups + Ace of Cups: Opening your heart to receive great love, joy and compassion. New positive emotional beginnings.

King of Cups + Five of Cups: Disappointment and heartbreak turning into emotional maturity and wisdom once feelings are processed. Forgiveness and moving forward.

King of Cups Tarot Card Designs

The King of Cups depiction can vary depending on tarot deck, but he universally represents the element of water. Common King of Cups design elements include:

  • Sitting on a throne near water
  • Blue and white clothing featuring watery designs
  • Holding a golden cup
  • Calm, compassionate facial expression
  • Scepter representing leadership
  • Fish, ships and oceanic details on clothes or throne
  • Water lilies also sometimes included

While the Rider-Waite Smith deck features a bearded king, some decks portray the King of Cups as clean-shaven and youthful. He may be dark-haired or fair, depending on the deck. But the essence of mature emotions and care remain.


Is the King of Cups a person or my energy?

The King of Cups can represent both a person in your life as well as indicating your own energies. As a person, he is a mature, emotionally supportive man. As your own energy, he signifies embracing compassion, cultivating emotional wisdom and leading from the heart.

Is the King of Cups good or bad?

Upright, the King of Cups is a very positive card representing compassion, maturity, artistry and diplomacy. Reversed, his negative qualities show up as moodiness, emotional manipulation, lack of self-discipline and poor interpersonal skills.

What zodiac is the King of Cups?

The King of Cups relates to the water signs Cancer and Pisces. Cancer connects via the fourth house of home and sensitivity. Pisces links through spirituality, creativity and going with the flow.

What does King of Cups mean in love?

In love, the King of Cups represents a caring, devoted partner or the need for mature communication, emotional control and compassion in relationships. This king signifies unconditional support, intimacy through understanding and leading with the heart.

Key Takeaways

  • The King of Cups represents emotional maturity, compassion and diplomacy. He has mastered feelings and leads from the heart.
  • Upright meanings include being a wise romantic partner, using intuition at work, controlling finances wisely and achieving mind-body balance.
  • Reversed, he indicates emotional extremes, poor boundaries, moodiness and lack of interpersonal skills.
  • In readings, he reminds us to act with empathy, care for others and ourselves, and let intuition guide the way.
  • Associated with water signs Cancer and Pisces and the number 3.


The King of Cups teaches us to embrace compassion and emotional wisdom to nurture relationships and live in alignment with our highest values. This king appears in our readings to remind us that a calm mind and open heart allow us to go with the flow of life gracefully. By developing maturity and mastery over feelings, we become able to give and receive love fearlessly.

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