The connection between zodiac signs and tarot cards is an intriguing one. Many tarot readers use astrology and the zodiac as extra context when doing readings with the cards. Understanding the astrological correspondences of the major arcana cards can add an extra layer of meaning and insight to a reading.

Who What Are the Zodiac Signs in Tarot

The Zodiac Signs

The Major Arcana and the Tarot

The tarot is comprised of the major and minor arcana. The major arcana are the 22 cards that make up the trump cards of the tarot deck. These cards represent universal archetypes and life lessons.

The zodiac signs are aligned with the major arcana cards because these cards deal with the overarching themes and journeys of life that we all experience. The major arcana tell the story of the Fool’s journey through life towards enlightenment. Each card builds upon the last to paint a full picture of the trials and tribulations we face as humans.

Connections Between the Zodiac and Major Arcana

There are clear connections between the themes and meanings of each zodiac sign and its correlated major arcana card.

For example, Aries embodies the self-motivated and assertive traits of a leader, reflected in the Emperor card. Pisces deals in dreams, illusions, and the unconscious mind – key themes of The Moon card.

Understanding these connections allows tarot readers to provide more context and insight into a reading when a major arcana card comes up for someone with a particular sun sign.

How to What Are the Zodiac Signs in Tarot

Study the Meanings of the Cards and the Signs

Getting acquainted with the core traits of each zodiac sign and the meanings of each major arcana card is key. You can’t draw deeper connections between them if you only have a surface understanding.

Study guidebooks, articles, and other resources to build your knowledge. Pay attention to the stories, symbols, astrological rulerships, and more that are significant for each. The more familiar you become, the easier it gets to notice intersecting themes.

Observe the Connections

Once you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals, put your observational skills to work examining the parallels between the cards and signs.

For example, note how the Hermit and Virgo both represent solitude, introspection, reticence, and a studious approach to life’s lessons. Or how Cancer and The Chariot focus strongly on emotions, inner security, and protection of the self.

Journal about these connections and how you observe them manifesting in real-life situations and tarot readings. The more you witness them, the stronger your ability to recall and apply these relationships.

Practice Incorporating Correspondences Into Readings

Put your knowledge into action through practice readings for friends where you deliberately draw connections between any major arcana cards that show up and the person’s sun sign or current transits.

Explain how you see the archetypes and meanings intersecting clearly. Ask for feedback so you can strengthen your ability to help the cards’ messages resonate on an astrological level too.

With time and experience, noticing and articulating these correspondences will get smoother and more intuitive.

Pros and Cons What Are the Zodiac Signs in Tarot

Integrating astrology and tarot can be enriching, but there are pros and cons to consider when adding zodiac connections to readings.


  • Provides added context and layers to tarot card meanings
  • Helps make intuitive leaps to interpret cards based on astrological energies
  • Fosters a more profound understanding of how universal archetypes and cycles interrelate
  • Allows for richer and more layered interpretations
  • Builds bridges between two powerful divination systems – astrology and tarot
  • Speaks to more people interested in zodiac-based personality frameworks
  • Creates an avenue for exploring deeper questions about life purpose and direction


  • Requires extensive study of both tarot and astrology to apply well
  • Can overcomplicate analysis if too heavily relied upon
  • People may pigeonhole cards into zodiac interpretations that don’t entirely fit their situation
  • The connections work differently based on whether using modern or traditional card meanings
  • Not as relevant when minor arcana cards dominate a reading
  • Could lead to formulaic readings if not applied judiciously

Overall, being fluent in both tarot and astrological fundamentals allows weaving in zodiac connections skillfully when the major arcana feature strongly in a spread. Doing so provides amplified meaning without going overboard or letting creative intuition get crowded out.


While zodiac signs offer one framework, there are other astrological approaches readers explore in tarot interpretations too.

Planetary Associations

Many major arcana cards connect with astrological planets based on symbolic links. Like Strength resonating with Leo the Lion – ruled by the Sun. And The Moon having parallels to lunar cycles and intuition.

Understanding a querent’s natal chart provides more specific planetary relationships to layer onto card meanings if relevant planet archetypes appear in applicable tarot positions.

Current Astrological Transits

Assessing personal transits involving alignments of fast-moving inner planets or potent outer planet configurations gives additional real-time astro-energetic context linked to major shifts.

For example, Uranus crossing a person’s MC could manifest in drawing The Tower in the career position of a Celtic Cross spread.

Astrological Spread Positions

Some tarot spreads directly integrate astrological houses or planets into card positions. So The Sun would fall into a “Leo” position rather than a generic numbered slot.

This blending crystallizes astro-tarot connections within the actual framework used to conduct and interpret the reading.

Step by Step to Do What Are the Zodiac Signs in Tarot

Integrating zodiac signs effectively takes practice. Follow these steps to gradually blend astrology into your tarot practice:

Step 1: Learn the Cards and Sign Meanings

Start by mastering both astrology and tarot fundamentals individually first before combining them:

  • Know tarot card meanings – especially the major arcana
  • Understand core zodiac profiles – traits, rulers, modalities, elements
  • Study which major arcana cards link to which signs already

Build expertise in both divination tools through books, courses, observation, and independent research.

Step 2: Practice Spotting Connections

Once the knowledge foundation feels firm, start actively noticing and journaling about connections that stand out. Especially focus on:

  • Story themes
  • Primary symbols and imagery
  • Shared traits between signs and cards
  • Astrological rulerships that overlap

The Hermit representing studious Virgo or primal Strength featuring the Leo lion are prime examples.

Step 3: Read for Others Incorporating Signs

Begin doing full practice readings for friends and family where you deliberately vocalize zodiac connections that seem relevant, especially if major arcana cards with clear astro links appear.

Explain your interpreted correlation and ask for feedback on whether it resonates or provides added depth. Assess areas to strengthen through additional self-study too.

Step 4: Fluently Blend Intuition with Astro-Tarot Insight

After regular and intentional practice, you will internalize these astro-tarot links allowing you to seamlessly spot and speak to them as added context in both major and minor arcana card interpretations.

Trust intuitive hits while still being grounded in the symbolic fundamentals of both tarot and zodiac frameworks.

Tips What Are the Zodiac Signs in Tarot

Some tips for skillfully integrating astrology into your tarot practice:

Know the Cards and Signs Cold

Having both tarot card and zodiac meanings firmly memorized allows easy blending on the fly during fast-moving readings. Don’t rely on stopping to reference notes.

Spot Patterns in Client Readings

Track trends around certain major arcana or court cards showing up for specific signs. This can provide personalized insight to layer in moving forward.

Speak Simply and Clearly

Don’t overcomplicate descriptions when vocalizing astro-tarot connections. Summarize the link plainly then allow the querent to share added thoughts.

Blend Astrology Subtly at First

For those new to astro-tarot fusion, introduce basic sign-card links first before addressing complex chart details so they can gradually grasp and appreciate the amplified insight over time through repeat readings.


What are the core connections between tarot cards and zodiac signs?

The twelve zodiac signs align with twelve of the major arcana cards in the tarot based on connected symbolic meaning and themes. For example – a fiery personality links Aries to The Emperor while emotional sensitivity connects Cancer to The Chariot.

How do I learn which signs pair with which major arcana cards?

Study resources like books or websites that explicitly outline the sign-card pairings. Memorize these connections through flashcards and self-quizzing. Or use mnemonic devices and visual associations to cement them long-term.

Can zodiac connections be made with the minor arcana too?

The elemental and numerological properties of the minor arcana do resonate with compatible zodiac signs’ traits. But connections come through more clearly via the major arcana as universal archetypes featuring potent astrological links through imagery and storylines.

If a card has multiple signs associated, how do I choose?

Some cards have layers of affiliated signs based on planetary rulerships extending beyond the main zodiac linkage. Use intuition plus context from surrounding cards to discern which sign meaning is most relevant to highlight.

How do I get better at noticing and understanding astro-tarot connections?

Know the fundamentals first. Then journal observations from practice readings, study exemplary readings by experts, or take specialized courses. Discuss connections with peers too to further interpretive skills through experience.


While daunting at first, blending astrological context into tarot readings can hugely boost interpretive depth once the fundamentals are learned. Start simply, build knowledge, spot patterns, and trust your growing intuition.

With some dedicated practice infusing zodiac connections clearly and eloquently, you will soon unlock this fusion skill allowing cards and spreads to come alive with amplified meaning and significance.

Querents will feel seen through your expertise speaking the symbolic language of both astrology and tarot – which serves to provide guidance through some of life’s most enduring mysteries, journeys and revelations that we all share.

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