The 6 of Swords tarot card often represents transition, change, and moving on to calmer waters. When paired with other cards in a spread, the 6 of Swords brings additional nuance and insight into the meaning. In this post, we’ll explore the 6 of Swords combination with all 78 cards of the tarot deck.

Understanding these combinations will provide greater depth in interpreting spreads with the 6 of Swords. Whether you’re an experienced tarot reader or just learning, these insights will enhance your readings.

Table of Contents

Major Arcana

6 of Swords and The Magician

  • Indicates using mental agility and skill to transition out of a difficult situation.
  • This combination reflects having the talent and power to manifest the change you desire in life. It encourages bold action to progress forward.
  • The Magician’s manifestation energy combines with the 6 of Swords’ transition to new shores. This empowers you to take control of change.

6 of Swords and The High Priestess

  • Suggests an intuitive wisdom guiding your transition to a better place.
  • The High Priestess‘ deep inner knowledge supports the 6 of Swords’ movement to calmer waters. Listen to your intuition to find clarity amidst uncertainty.
  • The flowing water and moon symbolism in both cards emphasize tapping into your subconscious for direction through change. Trust your inner voice.

6 of Swords and The Empress

  • Indicates a transition focused on abundance, creativity, and relationship harmony.
  • The nurturing Empress energy smoothes the 6 of Swords’ passage to a new phase. Focus on creative growth and caring for yourself and others.
  • Imagery of nature and water in both cards speaks of going with the natural flow during changes. Let intuition guide you gently.

6 of Swords and The Emperor

  • Suggests an authority figure is imposing changes or restrictions.
  • The Emperor’s controlling power may clash with the 6 of Swords’ free flowing transition. There could be resistance to imposed changes.
  • Symbolism of authority and structure with the boat’s passage implies externally motivated transition. But ultimately reaching calmer waters.

6 of Swords and The Hierophant

  • Indicates a transition guided by tradition, institutions, or spiritual counsel.
  • The Hierophant represents conventional wisdom which can support the 6 of Swords’ passage to more stable conditions. Seek advice from mentors.
  • Imagery of ritual, keys and the boat’s passage reflect navigating change through traditional means to find inner peace.

6 of Swords and The Lovers

  • Suggests a relationship transition or choice driving changes. Finding balance is needed.
  • The Lovers‘ union combined with the 6 of Swords implies a partnership’s influence on moving forward. Compromise can ease the passage.
  • The spatial imagery in both cards reflects the need to consider partnerships during periods of change and transition.

6 of Swords and The Chariot

  • Indicates swift progress through sheer willpower and determination.
  • The Chariot’s energy overwhelms the 6 of Swords’ tranquil passage, speeding up transitions toward victory. Maintain focus and direction.
  • Imagery of water and protective armor reflect emotional resilience during quick changes. Self-discipline is needed to reach calmer waters.

6 of Swords and Strength

  • Suggests inner courage and compassion is guiding transitions.
  • Strength’s commanding gentle power smooths the 6 of Swords passage to calmer conditions. Face changes with bravery, patience and understanding.
  • Imagery of feminine strength and the boat imply transition takes inner resolve. With compassion, you can reach the other side.

6 of Swords and The Hermit

  • Indicates a transition to reflect, contemplate and gain spiritual wisdom.
  • The Hermit’s solitude aligns with the 6 of Swords retreat from challenging conditions to gain perspective. Time alone brings clarity.
  • Imagery of lanterns and the moon reflect illumination through introspection. Contemplation guides the passage to calmer waters.

6 of Swords and Wheel of Fortune

6 of Swords and Wheel of Fortune
6 of Swords and Wheel of Fortune
  • Suggests transitions are part of natural ups and downs of life. Fates are turning in your favor.
  • The Wheel’s destiny spin propels the 6 of Swords to new shores. Flow with changes, they are meant to be. A cycle is renewing.
  • Imagery of cycles, water and clouds imply inevitable transitions. Ride out emotional storms, they will pass in time.

6 of Swords and Justice

  • Indicates a fair decision facilitates progression and restoration of balance.
  • Justice’s karmic scales enable the 6 of Swords’ positive movement to smooth waters. Fairness eases transitions.
  • The sword and water imagery reflect cutting through challenges to arrive at an equitable outcome. Justice supports forward movement.

6 of Swords and The Hanged Man

  • Suggests pausing and shifting perspective allows an enlightened transition.
  • The Hanged Man’s suspended state delays the 6 of Swords’ passage until a new viewpoint emerges. Contemplate before moving forward.
  • Imagery of water, trees and suspension implies being emotionally ready is crucial for smooth sailing to what’s next.

6 of Swords and Death

  • Indicates a significant transitional phase representing profound transformation.
  • Death’s transformative power utterly changes the 6 of Swords’ passage, irreversibly. Metamorphosis through upheaval precedes renewal.
  • Imagery of water and change reflect fundamental transformations supporting movement to a new reality. Metamorphosis through upheaval precedes renewal.

6 of Swords and Temperance

  • Suggests achieving balance and moderation aids gentle transitions.
  • Temperance’s blending and flowing temper the 6 of Swords’ passage with patience and equilibrium. Practice flexibility through changes.
  • Imagery of water mixing represents harmonizing energies. Balance emotions and viewpoints to gracefully navigate life’s transitions.

6 of Swords and The Devil

  • Indicates transitions away from toxicity, restriction, or negative thought patterns.
  • The Devil’s binding influence is in stark contrast to the 6 of Swords’ movement away from adversity. Break free of limiting beliefs for self-empowerment.
  • Imagery of the figures chained versus freely voyaging shows escaping restrictions. Shed self-sabotaging thoughts to unchain your potential.

6 of Swords and The Tower

  • Suggests an unexpected setback or shakeup that forces a transition.
  • The Tower’s intense destruction conflicts with the 6 of Swords’ calm movement. Dramatic events spur sudden change. Find meaning in the chaos.
  • Imagery of lightning striking a tower mirrors turmoil preceding transitions. Out of disasters or ruins, an opportunity for renewal emerges.

6 of Swords and The Star

  • Indicates inspirational renewal and serenity emerge after difficult transitions.
  • The Star’s optimism and hope align with the 6 of Swords arriving at calm shores after turmoil. Have faith, clarity comes after challenges.
  • Imagery of water, stars and air reflects soothing, uplifting energy. Transitions lead to emotional healing, wisdom and peace.

6 of Swords and The Moon

  • Suggests transitions guided by intuition despite uncertainty or illusions.
  • The Moon’s hazy dreamscape obscures the 6 of Swords’ passage. Move forward through confusion by trusting your instincts.
  • Imagery of water and creatures implies the subconscious aids transitions. Inner guidance provides direction when the path is unclear.

6 of Swords and The Sun

  • Indicates transitions to a joyful new beginning or chapter.
  • The Sun’s positive energy warms the 6 of Swords’ passage to brighter shores. A fresh start dawns after darkness. Have hope.
  • Imagery of sun over water reflects optimism arising after difficulty. Transitions lead to greater clarity, positivity and vitality.

6 of Swords and Judgement

  • Represents a transitional period of self-reflection, awakening and absolution.
  • Judgement’s renewal power amplifies the 6 of Swords’ movement to absolve the past. Listen to your calling during this profound shift.
  • Imagery of water and resurrection signals deep change. Absolve the past, awaken your truths, and begin anew.

6 of Swords and The World

  • Indicates successful completion of a life chapter, leaving the past behind.
  • The World’s wholeness complements the 6 of Swords arrival at a destination after turmoil. Closure and wholeness emerge through transitions.
  • Imagery of water and completion reflect an ending that enables new beginnings. One door closes while another opens.


6 of Swords and Ace of Wands

  • Moving toward exciting inspiration, passion, and creation after difficult period.
  • The Ace’s spark ignites the 6 of Swords’ journey to pursue inventive potential. Seek fresh creative adventures after turbulence.
  • Imagery of fire over water represents inspiration rising out of challenges to start anew. Creativity brings revitalization.

6 of Swords and Two of Wands

  • Making well-planned progress toward goals and ambition after delays.
  • The Two’s direction aligns with the 6 of Swords’ careful navigation toward greater success. Chart your course and take steps toward dreams.
  • Imagery of earth and water show grounded navigation toward vistas. Pragmatism enables envisioning future potential after turmoil.

6 of Swords and Three of Wands

  • Taking steps to manifest plans and collaborate with others constructively.
  • The Three’s visionary planning complements the 6 of Swords’ transition to make progress. Lay foundations for partnerships and broad plans after adversity.
  • Imagery of water and ships imply productive teamwork ahead. Making vision a reality requires working constructively with others.

6 of Swords and Four of Wands

  • Moving toward community, celebration, and harmony in relationships after conflict.
  • The Four’s unity supports the 6 of Swords tranquil passage to more joyful bonds after discord. Share happiness and create togetherness.
  • Imagery of water and home signify finding emotional shelter through shared experiences. Companionship brings comfort after distress.

6 of Swords and Five of Wands

  • Experiencing conflict and competition that spurs reevaluation and change.
  • The Five’s struggle contrasts the 6 of Swords’ escape. Yet it catalyzes transition away from adversarial situations toward more cooperation.
  • Imagery of fiery combat over water represents friction prompting change. Turbulence leads to avoiding hostility and seeking peace.

6 of Swords and Six of Wands

6 of Swords and Six of Wands
6 of Swords and Six of Wands
  • Progressing from turmoil to success, victory, and public recognition.
  • The Six’s triumph propels the 6 of Swords onwards to acclaim and self-confidence after challenges. Hard lessons in the past prepare you to shine.
  • Imagery of horses over water signify momentum from adversity to success. You gain confidence to share your gifts.

6 of Swords and Seven of Wands

  • Experiencing adversity but defending values and overcoming opposition through inner strength.
  • The Seven’s conviction strengthens the 6 of Swords’ transit away from barriers. Stand up for beliefs while avoiding hostility.
  • Imagery of wands above water reflect resilience and principles during difficult transitions. Obstacles test but can’t break your spirit.

6 of Swords and Eight of Wands

  • Rapid change prompting a whirlwind of activity and communication after stagnation.
  • The Eight’s swift energy contrasts the 6 of Swords’ calm. Yet it indicates positive momentum and lively interactions will arrive soon.
  • Imagery of wind and water represent gusts enlivening stagnant situations. Communication will flow quickly during changes.

6 of Swords and Nine of Wands

  • Weary from past battles but bravely moving forward. Resilience leaves you wiser.
  • Shared imagery of bandaged figures over water reflect depleted strength after adversity. Yet courage persists to transition wisely to calmer waters.
  • Wounded warrior and voyager indicate drawing on inner fortitude. Adversity leaves emotional scars but brings growth.

6 of Swords and Ten of Wands

  • Burdened from overwhelming responsibilities or commitments. Time to delegate and shed unnecessary weight.
  • Contrasting imagery of overloaded traveler and graceful passengers imply shedding excess baggage allows forward movement after being overwhelmed.
  • The Ten’s burdens block the Six’s flowing transit. Take time to reassess priorities and obligations before continuing.

6 of Swords and Page of Wands

  • Guided by curiosity, passion, and youthful exuberance during fresh starts and exploration.
  • The Page’s enthusiastic energy contrasts the 6 of Swords’ somber leave-taking. Yet both reflect venturing toward new horizons.
  • Fire and water imagery represent curiosity stirring change. An open, playful approach aids beginnings after transitions.

6 of Swords and Knight of Wands

  • Charging ahead courageously to manifest goals after period of frustration.
  • The Knight’s determined speed contrasts the 6 of Swords’ calm departure. Yet both reflect boldness and action toward purposeful change.
  • Imagery of fire and water signify vigorous, impassioned effort. Take the reins towards opportunities after delays.

6 of Swords and Queen of Wands

  • Showing compassion, charm, and courage to create positive changes after upheaval.
  • The Queen’s warmth complements the 6 of Swords’ cooler transit. Creative solutions inspire fresh optimism after challenges.
  • Fire and water imagery signify blending boldness and empathy. Wisdom, grace and passion further growth-oriented transitions.

6 of Swords and King of Wands

  • Leading others passionately towards positive change with charisma, vision, and strategy.
  • The King’s dominance contrasts the 6 of Swords’ tranquil shift. Yet both reflect commanding presence guiding improvement and growth.
  • Fire and water imagery show strategic leadership towards change. Rally and inspire others positively after hardships.


6 of Swords and Ace of Cups

  • Moving toward emotional renewal, joy and spiritual beginnings after heartache.
  • The Ace’s overflowing cup blesses the 6 of Swords’ departure, initiating self-care and optimism after sadness.
  • Water flowing into water signifies emotions cleansing and uplifting the spirit after turmoil. An outpouring of love and bliss emerges.

6 of Swords and Two of Cups

  • Transitioning into a partnership founded on mutual love, attraction and understanding.
  • The Two’s unity graces the 6 of Swords’ passage, promising devotion after discord. A meaningful relationship can flourish.
  • Imagery of water mixing reflects complementary energies blending. Harmonious connections heal the heart after strife.

6 of Swords and Three of Cups

  • Leaving behind loneliness by bonding joyfully with uplifting friends or community.
  • The Three’s companionship contrasts past isolation, making the 6 of Swords’ voyage lighter. Sisterhood brightens the path ahead.
  • Imagery of women dancing by water signify nurturing social connections after alienation. Joyful participation with others brings comfort.

6 of Swords and Four of Cups

  • Withdrawing emotionally to reflect on unsatisfying situations and future hopes.
  • The Four’s introspection complements the 6 of Swords’ retreat to contemplate and tune out apathy. Consider what will truly satisfy the soul. \n- Imagery of water gazing reflects seeking inner purpose. Emotional contemplation spurs desired changes.

6 of Swords and Five of Cups

  • Processing grief, regret and letting go of emotional baggage to allow healing and growth.
  • The Five’s mourning contrasts the Six’s tranquility. Yet reflection on loss allows moving on. Accept, release and renew.
  • Overlapping water imagery signifies immersing in difficult feelings for catharsis. Sorrow cleanses paving the way for optimism.

6 of Swords and Six of Cups

  • Leaving behind painful memories to seek comfort in nostalgia, gentle guidance and childlike wonder.
  • The Six’s innocence eases the Swords’ sorrowful departure. Take refuge in simpler joys and past comforts to find serenity.
  • Imagery of children by water reflect purity uplifting world-weary spirits after turmoil. Return to what nourishes the soul.

6 of Swords and Seven of Cups

  • Embarking on introspection to achieve clarity rather than be overwhelmed by choices.
  • The Swords’ certainty diverges from the Cups’ confusion, suggesting escaping illusion by focusing inwardly to make meaningful decisions.
  • Contrasting imagery represent retreating from distraction into contemplation. Inner wisdom informs choices.

6 of Swords and Eight of Cups

  • Abandoning dissatisfaction in relationships or home to follow your heart’s higher calling.
  • The Eight’s departure mirrors the Six’s, but with self-determination. Leave behind superficial comfort to create profound change.
  • Imagery of abandoned cups signify outgrowing limiting situations. Inner purpose guides new waters ahead.

6 of Swords and Nine of Cups

  • Embarking toward emotional fulfillment after adversity leaves you appreciating life’s simple blessings.
  • The Nine’s self-satisfaction contrasts past discontent, making the 6 of Swords’ journey sweeter. Gratitude yields serenity.
  • Imagery of comfort by water reflects savoring life after challenges. Little joys bring great happiness onwards.

6 of Swords and Ten of Cups

  • Moving toward harmony, close connections, and joy after upheaval or separation.
  • The Ten’s bonds heal the 6 of Swords’ sorrow. A renewed family or community ushers peace after discord.
  • Imagery reflects water leading the way home to emotional fulfillment. Cherished relationships bring comfort after distress.

6 of Swords and Page of Cups

  • Exploring feelings, intuition and wonder with childlike curiosity during life transitions.
  • The Page’s innocent approach makes the 6 of Swords passage lighter and more optimistic. Savor simplicity and awe amidst change.
  • Fish and water reflect fluid emotions, imagination, and playfulness assisting transitions. Open up to joy and wisdom through inner reflection.

6 of Swords and Knight of Cups

  • Following your heart and intuitions passionately toward new creative adventures.
  • The Knight’s romantic quest contrasts the 6 of Swords’ reserved departure. But both pursue imaginative opportunity through trusting the heart.
  • Imagery of water and fish reflect listening to your soul’s guidance during times of change. Take inspired action toward meaningful goals.

6 of Swords and Queen of Cups

  • Making life changes with compassion, emotional wisdom and nurturing support of loved ones.
  • The Queen’s protective nature comforts those present in the 6 of Swords’ passage. Transition with care and handle others’ feelings gently.
  • Imagery of water and swan imply gracefully navigating changes through sensitivity, intuition and supportiveness.

6 of Swords and King of Cups

  • Making pragmatic decisions during transitions using reason, maturity and control over emotions.
  • The King’s discipline contrasts the 6 of Swords’ flowing changes. Yet his stability grounds the upheaval. Rule the heart wisely amidst turbulence through balance.
  • Imagery of still water reflects calmly managing feelings and choices during challenging times of transition.


6 of Swords and Ace of Swords

  • Departing from stagnation into a new mental journey or challenging quest. The potential for intellect and discovery lies ahead.
  • The Ace’s innovative new path complements the 6’s passage away from intellectual inactivity toward engaging the mind in positive ways.
  • Handed sword over water represents embracing challenging ideas to sharpen the mind. Mental clarity and stimulation lie ahead.

6 of Swords and Two of Swords

6 of Swords and Two of Swords
6 of Swords and Two of Swords
  • Breaking out of denial, blind spots and lack of clarity to face reality. Greater perspective ahead.
  • The 2 of Swords‘ avoidance is left behind in the 6’s journey. Confront truths to resolve confusion and move ahead conscious of lessons learned.
  • Blindfold and water show escaping stagnant thinking by acknowledging difficult realities. Mental acuity comes through honesty.

6 of Swords and Three of Swords

  • Distancing from painful heartache or betrayal to allow healing and clear thinking.
  • Departing troubled shores leaves past anguish behind. Objectivity arises when emotions are tempered on the open sea.
  • Leaving swords in heart by water’s edge reflects processing emotional wounds before reaching clearer thought.

6 of Swords and Four of Swords

  • Retreating from mental exhaustion to revive clarity through relaxation and introspection.
  • The 4’s restful reprieve complements the 6’s tranquil journey. Contemplation renews mental vitality after depletion allowing progress.
  • Stillness of resting figure and gentle sea facilitates mental rejuvenation. Inner tranquility stimulates creative thought.

6 of Swords and Five of Swords

  • Moving away from hostility or conflict to regain ethical thinking and find peaceful solutions.
  • The 5’s antagonism is left behind across calm waters. Compassion and wisdom grow through introspection and letting go of ego.
  • Victorious swordsman fades in distance as boat floats on. Compassion and integrity triumph over hostility.

6 of Swords and Six of Swords

  • Reinforcing transitions away from difficulty. Reflection and resilience lead to greater wisdom.
  • Echoing elements amplify the meaning. Release the past completely. Significant personal growth is attained through times of deep change.
  • Dual imagery of water passages show thatTwice profound inner shifts arise from leaving trials behind. Hardships shape wisdom and character.

6 of Swords and Seven of Swords

  • Retreating from deceit or risky strategies toward integrity and sounder decisions.
  • The 7’s cunning is renounced for the 6’s circumspect passage. Integrity guides decisions, replacing manipulation and poor judgment.
  • Thief on shore grows distant across moral sea. Wisdom develops by rejecting unethical and dangerous choices.

6 of Swords and Eight of Swords

  • Breaking free of restrictive thought patterns, biases and pessimism to see opportunities.
  • The 8’s paralysis is left behind across liberating waters. Broad perspective dissolves limiting outlooks, bringing hope.
  • Woman unbinds herself leaving swords behind. Open horizons emerge through dismantling negative mental frameworks.

6 of Swords and Nine of Swords

  • Distancing from anxiety, grief and trauma to allow healing perspective and clarity.
  • Turmoil is left ashore as boat ventures to calmer seas. Distance lends insight, soothing frayed nerves so logic prevails.
  • Dark clouds over swordsman fade across water. Trauma loses power over the mind through time and self-care.

6 of Swords and Ten of Swords

  • Departing a profoundly difficult period. Recovery comes through acceptance, distance and maintaining faith.
  • The 10’s pain and endings contrast the 6’s smooth transit. Yet glimmers of hope appear through darkness when moving forward mindfully.\n- Defeat on shore fades behind the boat. While scars remain, survival is testament to resilience and wisdom.

6 of Swords and Page of Swords

  • Harnessing intellectual curiosity to discover truth and justice after confusion or lies.
  • The Page’s energy propels the 6 of Swords to unlock insights and cut through falsehoods, especially those left behind.
  • Youth by water shows the spirit of exploration exposing truths to propel growth after turmoil.

6 of Swords and Knight of Swords

  • Advancing strategic ideas or challenging beliefs with logic, intensity and lack of sentimentality.
  • The Knight’s intensity spurs the 6’s journey by aggressively confronting outdated modes of thought to manifest progress.
  • Rushing knight over still waters reflects boldly overcoming barriers through mental acuity and strong convictions.

6 of Swords and Queen of Swords

  • Making discerning, pragmatic decisions during transitions, using emotional control and logic.
  • The Queen’s piercing intellect guides the 6’s passage by seeing through confusion with judgment unclouded by sentiment.
  • Solitary queen on shore emphasizes rational choices steer the passage despite emotionality of life’s changes.

6 of Swords and King of Swords

  • Providing leadership, justice and wisdom during times of upheaval through virtue, logic and authority.
  • The King’s order contrasts the 6’s flowing change. Yet his sound judgment and ethics pilot the passage toward stability and truth.
  • King wielding blade over turbulent waters signifies the power of justice to guide communities to clearer horizons.


6 of Swords and Ace of Pentacles

  • Departing a period of financial lack or career stagnation toward abundant new possibilities.
  • The Ace’s prosperity complements the 6’s journey to fertile shores. Change renews energy for creating material success and productivity.
  • Coins over water represent emerging opportunities after setbacks. Optimism and growth lie ahead.

6 of Swords and Two of Pentacles

  • Moving toward greater balance, adaptability and thriving through dynamic challenges.
  • The 2’s dexterity aids the 6’s passage by nimbly navigating change and maintaining equilibrium through disruptions for a prosperous voyage.
  • Juggler over water signifies successfully managing fluid situations by adjusting to change artfully.

6 of Swords and Three of Pentacles

  • Leaving toxic or unfulfilling work dynamics behind to pursue meaningful collaboration and creativity.
  • The 3’s teamwork is a hopeful destination after the 6’s difficult departure from stagnant settings. Shared goals manifest through cooperation.
  • People united on land contrast isolation of water passage. Community and camaraderie lead to accomplishment.

6 of Swords and Four of Pentacles

  • Departing selfishness, stinginess and isolation to discover prosperity through openness and wise stewardship.
  • The 4’s greed fades behind the 6’s generous voyage. Benevolence and sharing resources leads to abundant outcomes.
  • Closed off figure on shore gives way to open sea journey. Openness enables prosperity.

6 of Swords and Five of Pentacles

  • Leaving behind poverty, scarcity and hardship to discover new opportunities for creating security.
  • The 5’s destitution is left ashore. Keep faith that the voyage leads to fertile prospects through resourcefulness despite previous trials.
  • People in snow contrast boat on water. Challenges give way to manifestation through resilience and vision.

6 of Swords and Six of Pentacles

  • Moving from imbalance to just reciprocity, fair contracts and skillful stewardship of give and take.
  • Past inequity fades behind the equal exchange of the scales. Relationships and agreements manifest harmony through equilibrium and integrity.
  • Unbalanced bartering on land yields to smooth passage over water. Equity brings prosperity.

6 of Swords and Seven of Pentacles

  • Departing frustration over delayed rewards to cultivate patience and perseverance on your journey.
  • The 7’s toil is left behind. Trust that diligence will be rewarded in time. Care for developing projects that will eventually mature.
  • Individual in garden gives way to cooperative journey. Community aids long term cultivation.

6 of Swords and Eight of Pentacles

  • Leaving distractions to dedicate focus. Refining skills leads to achievement and success.
  • The 8’s diligent study complements the 6’s passage by devoting energy to mastery for creative excellence and rewarding outcomes.
  • Studious focus on land enhances navigation over sea. Develop expertise to reach goals.

6 of Swords and Nine of Pentacles

  • Moving from reliance on others to establishing security and freedom through capable self-reliance.
  • The 9’s autonomy empowers the 6’s voyage. Trust you have the resources within yourself to create stability.
  • Solitary figure on land journeying over water. Discover power and wisdom within.

6 of Swords and Ten of Pentacles

  • Leaving isolation or exile behind to reconnect with family, community and gain a sense of belonging.
  • The 10’s togetherness contrasts the 6’s solo voyage. Shared bonds provide meaning and prosperity after time apart.
  • United family on land enriches solitary travel over water. Relationships give life purpose.

6 of Swords and Page of Pentacles

  • Exploring ideas and opportunities with curiosity, learning and youthful excitement, unburdened by past challenges.
  • The Page’s spirit renews the 6’s journey with discovery, innovation and fascination. Creativity brings optimism after adversity.
  • Child on earth observes water passage. Inquisitive spark promises regeneration.

6 of Swords and Knight of Pentacles

  • Progressing steadily toward security and success through determination, focus and reliability.
  • The Knight’s disciplined nature complements the 6’s transition by building foundations stone by stone after setbacks or distractions.
  • Horse and rider on land mirror boat forging ahead. Consistency and perseverance lead to manifestation.

6 of Swords and Queen of Pentacles

  • Making life changes with nurturing support, pragmatic values and solid preparation. Sharing resources wisely.
  • The Queen’s care supports the 6’s emotional passage through generous preparation and stability. Nurture yourself and others.
  • Lush garden contrasts water’s uncertainty. Abundance grows through mindful stewardship despite changes.

6 of Swords and King of Pentacles

  • Leading change by making smart investments and decisions that build security and prosperity for the future.
  • The King’s commanding leadership steer the 6’s passage by leveraging resources to create enduring abundance after loss or failure.
  • Robed figure on solid ground guides travelers over water. Leverage assets to create legacy.


What does the 6 of Swords tarot card mean?

The 6 of Swords represents transition, change, and moving on. It signifies leaving difficult times in the past and journeying toward calmer waters and brighter shores. There may be sadness about what is left behind, but the card carries hope for the future.

How does the 6 of Swords connect to other tarot cards in a spread?

The 6 of Swords brings additional meaning and nuance to a reading when combined with other cards. Cards with contrasting energies can signify challenges ahead. Complementary cards reinforce the meanings. The combinations provide insights about the nature of the transition.

What is a dignified 6 of Swords?

When the 6 of Swords appears upright in a reading, its dignity amplifies the positive meanings of change, rite of passage, and moving forward. The card is encouraging you to embark on the journey away from turmoil toward better times.

What about a reversed 6 of Swords?

A reversed 6 of Swords implies delays, resistance to change, or emotional struggles in transitioning out of difficult times. The card asks you to reflect on what is blocking you from forward movement and resolution. Lingering too long in the past may be holding you back.

Does 6 of Swords mean physical travel or movement?

While the 6 of Swords can relate to physical trips, it more frequently represents an emotional or psychological journey and transition. The movement depicted is often metaphorical – leaving behind negative mental states or life chapters to move toward renewed clarity and peace.

Is the 6 of Swords related to healing from trauma or grief?

Yes, the 6 of Swords can absolutely indicate a healing process specifically when it relates to profound loss, traumatic events or deep grief. It encourages the necessary journey through stages of grief or recovery to emerge renewed with perspective and hope for the future.

What does the 6 of Swords mean in a love reading?

In love and relationships, the 6 of Swords can depict leaving challenging times in a relationship behind and entering calmer waters. It may represent emotional distance, separation or break ups, but with potential reconciliation. The card counsels healing wounds to repair bonds.

How does the 6 of Swords connect to letting go?

As a transition card, the core meaning of the 6 of Swords includes releasing and leaving something behind in order to move forward. The card reinforces the need to let go of what no longer serves you – harmful thought patterns, outgrown situations, emotional baggage, or relationships that have ended. Letting go is essential to embark on the journey ahead.

What career transition relates to the 6 of Swords?

For career questions, the 6 of Swords often represents leaving an unfulfilling, stagnant or stressful job situation behind to pursue something more aligned with purpose and values. Though the passage may seem daunting, have courage to make needed changes.

What’s the significance of water in the 6 of Swords imagery?

The water in the card represents the emotional realm and state of mind. The figures are journeying across the water, signifying navigating emotions, the subconscious, and intuition. The calm water contrasts the mental turmoil left behind – arriving at peaceful shores signifies clarity, healing and hope.

What’s the meaning of the number 6 in tarot?

As with all 6s in tarot, the 6 of Swords carries attributes like harmony, balance, communication, reciprocity and truth. After turmoil, the 6 encourages restoring equilibrium and movement by embracing these energies in the transition ahead. Change requires adaptability and temperance.

Key Takeaways

  • The 6 of Swords represents moving from challenging times to calmer energies – transition, change, rite of passage
  • Combinations provide additional insights into the nature and scope of the transitions
  • Complementary cards reinforce the forward movement and release. Contrasting cards can show obstacles.
  • Journeying over water signifies navigating emotions, the inner landscape and spiritual realm
  • Letting go and leaving the past behind is essential for forward progress
  • Balance, communication, reciprocity aid smooth transitions to new shores
  • Read symbolism and imagery for clues into managing change amid upheaval


The 6 of Swords stands for transition, change and moving on through turbulent times toward greater peace and stability. It asks us to bravely embark on the passage away from what no longer sustains us, while honoring the loss and lessons of the past. Although the destination across the symbolic waters is not yet in sight, we must trust in the movement and know that brighter shores await when we are willing to let go and voyage forth.

Examining the 6 of Swords combinations gives us deeper awareness of the transitions we face. The contradictions and complements reveal blind spots and confirm our direction. By truly reflecting on each pairing, we gain confidence to move through life’s changes and challenges with wisdom, grace and an open heart. The 6 reminds us that often the only way out is through.

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