The Justice tarot card is one of the most powerful and impactful cards in the Major Arcana. When Justice shows up in a tarot reading, big changes are on the horizon.

Justice often comes up when there is a need to hold oneself and others accountable, face the truth, or make an important decision. Its presence signifies that a verdict will soon be reached, and justice will prevail no matter what.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the facets of the Justice card meaning, including:

  • Justice Key Facts
  • Justice Tarot Card Description
  • Upright Justice Meaning
    • Love Relationships
    • Career
    • Finances
    • Health
    • Spirituality
  • Reversed Justice Meaning
  • Justice in Yes/No Questions
  • Justice Numerology Astrology
  • Justice Tarot Combinations
  • Justice Tarot Card Designs
  • FAQs

By the end of this post, you’ll have a deep understanding of Justice in tarot readings and how to interpret it for love, work, spirituality, and any question.

The Justice Card Key Facts

Here are the quick essentials about the Justice tarot card:

Upright Meaning Truth, fairness, justice, cause and effect, a verdict
Reversed Meaning Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty, imbalance
Yes or No Yes
Numerology 11
Element Air
Planet Libra
Astrological Sign Libra

The Justice Tarot Card Description

The Justice card shows a seated woman holding a sword in one hand and scales in the other. She is the personification of truth, fairness, and moral justice.

The sword signifies the ability to cut through lies and uphold the law. The scales represent the search for truth through objective analysis and careful weighing of evidence.

The woman is robed in red, symbolizing her passion for justice. Her throne and purple backdrop denote power, authority and wisdom. Her expression is calm and composed as she carries out her role without bias or emotion.

Some tarot decks portray Justice as a blindfolded figure, underscoring the objectivity of her verdicts. Others add angels, owls, crosses, crowns or squares to amplify the card’s meaning.

The Upright Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright Justice Tarot Card Meaning
The Upright Justice Tarot Card Meaning

When the Justice tarot card is upright in a reading, its overarching themes are truth, accountability, fairness and upholding what is right. This card speaks of a verdict being reached, consequences of past actions coming to fruition, or balanced scales after a period of imbalance.

Justice often appears when there is a significant decision to make or judgment to face. Its presence indicates that the time has come to be objective, seek clarity and speak one’s truth without attachment.

Upright Justice is a card of breakthroughs, resolutions, cause-and-effect and cosmic justice. Let’s explore its specific interpretations in different aspects of life:

Love Relationships

The upright Justice heralds truth and clarity in your relationships. You may have to face facts about a person or situation that you’ve been avoiding. Secrets are uncovered, and denial can no longer be sustained.

If single, this card marks the start of an authentic relationship founded on trust. If committed, it signifies increased maturity, open communication or reaching a milestone.

Justice also points to endings that are fair and final. You accept that a relationship has run its course, speak your peace and move on with no bitterness. The scales are balanced, and there is a sense of closure.


In your career, the Justice card brings accountability and consequences for your work. You reap the rewards of diligence and high-quality output. But errors also come back to roost, forcing you to redo shoddy work.

Signing contracts, settling accounts, taking tests, demanding promotions — the upright Justice gives you the clarity to handle these situations. Fair decisions are made as you receive your professional dues.


Financial fairness and equality are presaged by the Justice card. You may receive dividends, insurance payouts, bonuses or inheritance. If you were wronged, compensation comes your way.

The card also cautions against greed and scamming others for money. Justice reminds you that every act brings proportional reward or retribution. So remain ethical and balanced in financial matters.


When it comes to health, the upright Justice card points to accuracy in diagnosis and a treatment plan that tackles the root cause. You understand how to create balanced wellness in mind, body and spirit.

You may also seek healing through hypnotherapy, past life regression or other modalities that uncover subconscious blocks. Justice facilitates this process of restoring wholeness through holistic healing.


In spiritual readings, the Justice card speaks of divine order, cosmic laws, grace and truth. There are revelations about karma, the soul’s path and one’s true purpose.

You comprehend how all events have causes and effects. Both “good” and “bad” occur due to universal laws, not personal judgment. This leads to spiritual surrender, ending blame and finding inner peace.

The Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meaning
The Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meaning

When Justice appears reversed, the scales are tipped and imbalanced. Dishonesty, unfairness, corruption, greed and exploitation dominate this card. Accountability gives way to blaming others and justifying wrongs.

In the shadow aspect, Justice represents bigotry, excessive judgment of others and abuse of power. Truth suffers while lies prevail. The system may bend or break under this reversed energy.

Let’s look at the implications of a reversed Justice card in different realms:

Love Relationships

Within relationships, reversed Justice signifies inequality, blame games and refusal to see the truth. There is a victim mentality rather than ownership of issues.

Partners may gaslight each other or withhold vital information. Instead of closure, the past keeps resurfacing. Disagreements worsen due to distorted views on both sides.

Overall, the reversed Justice hampers clarity in relationships. Self-righteousness and pettiness prevail, destroying intimacy and trust.


In your career, the reversed Justice is a warning to be ethical. There may be temptations to plagiarize, steal clients or game the system.

You or your company may also “cut corners” to maximize profit. While such acts may succeed momentarily, reversals will strike when you least expect.

The card cautions against exploiting coworkers or being unfairly self-serving. Reaped seeds will be bitter, so uphold justice and integrity.


Financially, reversed Justice foretells greed, debt, dishonesty and illegal activity. Someone may con you with a Ponzi scheme or unethical investment.

Avoid underhanded methods for gaining wealth — and watch for red flags if offers seem too good to be true. Fairness is key to long-term stability, so resist temptations.


For health, the reversed Justice indicates flawed diagnoses, suppression of symptoms or refusal to get to the root of issues. You may reject holistic treatment and over-rely on pharmaceuticals.

Listen to your body’s signals instead of overriding them. Seek balanced wellness instead of extreme measures. Admitting the truth is key to wholeness.


In spiritual terms, inverted Justice represents escaping karmic consequences, the ego’s dominance and abandonment of higher principles.

There is deep denial of cosmic laws and soul lessons. Instead of surrender, you resist trying to cheat life and get ahead. This attitude leads to suffering, so the card urges realignment with divine truth.

The Justice Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

In yes or no tarot readings, the Justice card signals a definite yes. The verdict is clear and unambiguous.

If asking about an outcome, the answer is that justice will be served. The right decision will be made, truth will prevail and fairness will rule the day. Have faith in forces greater than yourself.

For questions about actions, yes – take steps aligned with ethics, universal laws and your highest principles. Nurture balance, accountability and logic. Make choices from an impersonal place of truth.

Justice confirms that external decisions and internal realignments will lead to positive outcomes. Trust in due process and karmic settlement.

The Justice Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, Justice is associated with number 11 – a master number that signifies enlightenment, spiritual laws and higher purpose.

The number 1 resonates with new beginnings and self-leadership, amplified when doubled in the 11. It offers intuition to guide your path.

Number 11 also breaks down to 2 (1+1), representing partnerships, cooperation and service. Justice serves the greatest good through fairness and integrity.

Overall, 11 aligns with Justice’s higher principles, illumination and balance between self and others. Truth, wisdom and enlightened action are the keywords here.

The Justice Tarot Card and Astrology

The Justice Tarot Card and Astrology
The Justice Tarot Card and Astrology

Justice is ruled by the zodiac sign Libra. As such, it exemplifies the Libran qualities of truthfulness, impartiality and balance.

Libra energy helps weigh options objectively until the perfect equilibrium is found. This mirrors the modus operandi of the Justice card.

As an air sign, Libra also provides the logical clarity, mental acuity and ethical principles of Justice. Fairness and empathy are etched into this zodiac’s psyche.

Those born under Libra’s influence often work in law, politics or mediation roles. Their search for truth and desire for harmony resonate with the Justice archetype.

Justice also corresponds to Venus, which governs relationships, values and aesthetics. Venus lends a refined beauty and commitment to ethics to this card.

Overall, Libra’s measured, loyal and idealistic energies perfectly align with the Justice card in the tarot deck.

The Justice Tarot Card Combinations

The Justice card combines potently with other cards to modify the overall reading. Here are some notable combinations:

Justice + The Magician: Using intellect and powers positively for a just cause or verdict. Logic and skills produce an unbiased outcome.

Justice + Wheel of Fortune: Karmic events lead to fair results. Destiny and divine timing are at play in creating justice.

Justice + The Hanged Man: Seeing situations from a higher, more enlightened perspective instead of a limited personal one. A pause before an impartial verdict.

Justice + Death: Radical transformation that levels hierarchies and creates equanimity. Out with the old, in with the new.

Justice + The Devil: Breaking free of lies, temptation and toxicity. Releasing limiting beliefs that created poor judgment. No more distortions.

Justice + The Tower: A sudden revelation that shakes things up and destroys rotten foundations. Rapid change for integrity’s sake.

Justice + The Star: Idealism, humanitarian values and faith in good prevailing. Hope and renewal in what is right.

Justice + Judgment: Karma balancing out, forgiveness and moving forward with lessons learned. A positive rebirth.

Justice + The World: Completion of a soul contract or life cycle resulting in closure. Success with integrity and wholeness.

The Justice Tarot Card Designs

The Justice card has been beautifully illustrated in tarot decks through the centuries. Here are some noteworthy designs:

  • The Rider-Waite deck shows Justice as a seated woman holding sword and scales. She wears a red robe and crown to denote power.
  • The Aleister Crowley Thoth deck features Justice with Egyptian symbolism like the Maat feather. The yellow background represents intellect.
  • In the Anna K Tarot, Justice wears a butterfly mask representing transformation and sits under the scales of truth and equality.
  • The Tarot of the Divine feminine deck shows Justice as the Lakshmi archetype from Hinduism. She mirrors impartiality and harmony.
  • Modern decks like the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn depict Justice as an android, fusing technology with the traditional meaning.
  • The Prisma Visions Tarot reimagines Justice as a woman watering pansies, representing the scales’ equilibrium and care for all.

FAQs About Justice Card Meaning

Is the Justice card positive or negative?

Upright Justice is overwhelmingly positive as it represents fairness, truth and accountability. Reversed Justice turns negative as it indicates dishonesty and lack of integrity.

What does Justice mean in a love reading?

Justice in love signifies clarity, mentally overcoming illusions and making impartial decisions. It may mark the start or end of a relationship based on truth.

How can I interpret Justice in a career reading?

For career, Justice signals reaping professional rewards, signing contracts, acing assessments or achieving ambitions through ethical means.

What does Justice reversed mean?

Reversed Justice marks lack of accountability, victim mentality, injustice and exploitation. Truth suffers as ego, denial and rationalizations rule.

Is Justice a yes or no card?

Justice is a definite yes card in tarot. It confirms positive outcomes, actions aligned with integrity and beneficial change driven by higher wisdom.

Key Takeaways

  • The Justice card represents truth, responsibility, integrity, fairness and karma playing out. A time of vital verdicts.
  • Upright Justice brings clarity in relationships, career boosts, financial equality and health remedies. Spiritually, it marks divine order and cosmic laws.
  • Reversed Justice indicates dishonesty, corruption, exploitation and refusing accountability. Imbalance dominates life’s spheres.
  • Justice corresponds to Libra energy and Venus influence. Numerology-wise, it links to enlightened number 11.
  • This powerful card offers awakening when upright but warns of misdeeds when inverted. It calls for righteous action.
  • Justice brings resolution of pending issues and closure of karmic cycles. Judgment time arrives, initiating new beginnings.


The Justice card is a transformer indicating that the truth can no longer stay hidden. What was done in secret comes to light.

While this card offers insights, its fullest potential unfolds based on how you apply its messages. Will you uphold integrity and demand fairness? Or justify wrongs when the scales tip unfavorably?

Use Justice as a compass to navigate injustices small and large. Let virtue be the chief goal, along with holding yourself and others accountable. Make impartial and wise choices.

As a master manifestor, keep your thoughts, words and actions aligned with universal laws. Justice opens the door for ascension to higher states of being. Blaze forward on the path of light.

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