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What is 24 Lucky Number Meaning?

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The number 24 is considered lucky and auspicious in many cultures around the world. Though the specific reasons vary, the number 24 is generally seen as being associated with harmony, wholeness, and good fortune.

Why is 24 Considered a Lucky Number?

There are a few key reasons why 24 is widely viewed as a fortunate number:


In numerology, the number 24 resonates with the energies of nurturing, stability, and humanitarianism. It reduces to the root number 6 (2 + 4 = 6), which represents qualities like unconditional love, empathy, balance, and harmony. As such, 24 is seen as an extremely harmonious and auspicious number.

Hours in a Day

There are 24 hours in a full day. The cycle of the day moving from morning to night and back again represents completeness and wholeness. 24 hours gives us the chance to experience the full range of human activities and emotions.

Number of Hours in a Day

The number 24 relates to the ancient concept that there are 24 seasonal markers throughout the year. Many ancient cultures divided the year into 24 solar terms marked by seasonal changes. So 24 came to symbolize the full yearly cycle.

Number of Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs

In the Chinese zodiac, there are 24 animal signs that represent different personality types and cycles of time. The full set of 24 signs represents the diversity of qualities found in humanity.

Age of Majority

In many cultures, the age of 24 represents the transition into full adulthood with its associated independence and responsibility. Reaching 24 years old is seen as an auspicious milestone.

Cultural and Religious Significance of 24

Cultural and Religious Significance of 24
Cultural and Religious Significance of 24

Beyond the universal associations with 24, the number also has special meaning in various cultures and faith traditions:


  • In the Christian bible, there are 24 elders surrounding the throne of God in Revelation. This represents the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 Apostles.
  • The number 24 is associated with priesthood and divinity, as there were originally 24 priestly courses appointed by King David to serve in the Temple.


  • There are 24 books in the Jewish Tanakh, or Hebrew Bible. This number represents the fullness of the scriptures in Judaism.
  • In Kabbalah, 24 is connected to the invocation of Divine names and the manifestation of Divine attributes.


  • The number 24 is sacred in Islam as it equals the number of prophets mentioned by name in the Quran.
  • There are 24 solar terms marked in the Islamic calendar year.


  • In Hindu astrology, there are 24 pasha (phases) of the Moon over the course of a full month.
  • There are said to be 24 avatars of the god Vishnu, representing the fullness of the preserver aspect of the Divine Trinity in Hinduism.


  • The historical Buddha spoke of 24 causes of ignorance and suffering. Overcoming these leads to enlightenment.
  • There are 24 Buddhas represented in Buddhism, starting with the historical Buddha. Each enlightened Buddha discovers the same truths.

Ancient Persia

  • In Persia’s Zoroastrianism, 24 is sacred because Ahura Mazda (Supreme Being) created 24 spiritual entities to overlook the cosmos.

Mayan Civilization

  • For the ancient Mayans, 24 was connected to the cycle of renewal and rebirth, as their calendar was structured in 24-year cycles.

Ancient Egypt

  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead cites 24 virtues that lead to eternal afterlife. Demonstrating these virtues was key to Egyptian ideas of virtue and morality.

Ways the Number 24 is Celebrated and Used

Ways the Number 24 is Celebrated and Used
Ways the Number 24 is Celebrated and Used

Given its widespread lucky associations, the number 24 is celebrated in many cultural festivities and is used advantageously in day-to-day life:


  • In astrology, when a person turns 24 years old, they complete their first Jupiter return, marking major life transitions. So 24th birthdays are considered significant milestones.


  • Chinese and Hindu brides and grooms sometimes choose to be married on dates with 24 in them for good fortune. Examples are 10/24 or 12/24.


  • In lotteries and games like roulette, players sometimes bet on 24 for luck. Sports athletes and teams may also choose 24 jersey numbers for its auspicious properties.

Business Names Addresses

  • Businesses sometimes contain 24 in their names/addresses to attract positive energy. Examples are things like “124 Main Street” or “ABC Company 24”.

Car Registration Plates

  • Certain car registration plate numbers with 24 in them are highly sought after in places like China and Hong Kong for good luck on the road. These plates can fetch very high prices at auctions.

House Addresses

  • In countries like China, house address numbers containing 24 (like 124 or 248) are seen as lucky. These properties are prized and can sell for higher prices.

Phone Numbers

  • Cell phone and business phone numbers with the sequence 424 are considered lucky in various Asian cultures. People sometimes pay extra to acquire these numbers.

How to Harness the Lucky Properties of 24

How to Harness the Lucky Properties of 24
How to Harness the Lucky Properties of 24

For those seeking to tap into the fortuitous energies of the number 24, here are some practical tips:

Numerology Calculation

  • Calculate your “life path number” using numerology. If your life path number reduces to 24, you are aligned with its productive energies. Learn to harness this.

Auspicious Dates

  • When planning special events, business launches, or milestones, choose dates that reduce to 24, like March 24 or October 24th. This imbues activities with lucky energy.

Addresses Names

  • Incorporate 24 into home or business addresses and names whenever possible. This channels the number’s harmonizing properties.

Establish Connections

  • Meditate on the spiritual and cosmic significance of 24 – for example, the 24 hours, 24 seasons, 24 astrological signs. Establish inner connections.

Give Back

  • Engage in humanitarian efforts – 24 is linked to nurturing and giving back. Volunteer for 24 hours or donate $24 to make good use of 24.

Concerns About Superstitions Related to 24

While the number 24 has widespread superstitious value, there are some counterpoints worth considering:

  • Relying on 24 alone is unlikely to guarantee success. Hard work and rational thinking remain important.
  • Some cultural meanings given to 24 stem from ancient traditions that may seem arbitrary today. Their relevance is questionable in modern life.
  • Numbers have no innate powers. Belief in lucky 24 is a superstition that can lead to confirmation bias and magical thinking if taken too far.
  • Attempts to take advantage of 24, say in addresses and phone numbers, can promote dishonest behavior in some individuals and companies.
  • The meaning of numbers is subjective. Different numbers may be lucky for different people based on experiences and cognitive associations.

Overall, 24 has enduring symbolic value for many in relation to wholeness, harmony and equilibrium. While this can be enriching psychologically, finding balance is key – be wary ofdepending too heavily on any one superstition. Evaluate cultural traditions rationally andadopt those that remain constructive.

FAQ about the Lucky Number 24 Meaning

What’s so special about the number 24?

Numerologically, 24 resonates with nurturing and harmony since it reduces to 6 (2+4=6). It is also connected to numerous cultural concepts like hours in a day, divisions of time astrological systems, symbolizing completeness.

Is the number 24 really lucky?

24 is considered lucky across many cultures historically. However, any lucky properties stem from shared beliefs, not innate mystical qualities. Belief in 24 may help motivate people, but “luck” itself arises from human efforts.

In what ways is 24 celebrated?

People seek 24 in auspicious dates, addresses, business names, phone numbers and more for its lucky properties. 24th birthdays are major milestones. Couples marry on dates with 24. Players bet on 24 in gambling.

Is 24 lucky across all cultures?

While 24 has broad significance, it is considered most strongly lucky in Asian cultures like China, as well as ancient civilizations that gave special mathematical meaning to numbers. Its properties are most pronounced in these regions.

How can I harness the power of 24?

You can tap into 24 by using it in names/dates, establishing deep spiritual connections with its cosmic meanings, giving back humanitarian causes on the 24th, and mastering your “life path number” if it reduces to 24. But be wary of relying on it alone.


In summation, the number 24 has enduring lucky symbolism and significance across cultures and faith traditions. It is connected to numerological and temporal harmony and completion. But when applying the meanings of 24, wisdom and balance are essential – this number should not be relied on to the exclusion of rationality and diligence. Harness 24’s energy, but recognize the role of human effort. In this way, 24 can provide a beneficial perspective rather than promoting problematic superstitions. The number 24 serves as a reminder of the interlocking nature of math, cosmology, and our shared humanity.

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