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What is Feng Shui House Numbers?

Feng shui, which means “wind-water” in Chinese, is an ancient practice developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It aims to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. In feng shui, all elements and details in a space, including numbers, are believed to affect the energy flow and luck. House numbers hold special meaning.

Choosing Auspicious House Numbers Based on Feng Shui

  • Number symbolism
    • In Chinese culture, certain numbers are considered lucky or unlucky based on how they sound similar to other words
    • Examples:
      • Eight (ba) sounds similar to “fa” meaning prosper
      • Four (si) sounds similar to death
  • Number combinations
    • Certain number combinations are preferred, like doubles or sequences
    • Examples:
      • 88 (two eights) for doubled luck
      • 123 for ascending order
  • Number calculations
    • Numbers can be added together until a single digit remains
    • Single digits 1 through 9 have associated meanings
      • 9 is the luckiest

Calculating Favorable House Numbers

  • Add up the digits until you get a single number
  • Choose numbers that reduce to fortunate single digits:
    • 1: Leadership
    • 2: Collaboration
    • 3: Growth
    • 4: Stability
    • 8: Prosperity
    • 9: Luckiest digit

Examples of Auspicious House Numbers

  • 168: 1 + 6 + 8 = 15; 1 + 5 = 6 (symbol of smooth sailing)
  • 328: 3 + 2 + 8 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4 (symbol of stability)
  • 99: Doubled luck with two 9s
  • 7887: Ending in double 8s, with a 7 for a little extra fortune

Avoiding Unlucky House Numbers in Feng Shui

Avoiding Unlucky House Numbers in Feng Shui
Avoiding Unlucky House Numbers in Feng Shui
  • Number 4
    • Sounds similar to “death” in Chinese
  • Sequences with all 4s or 8s
    • Too much of one thing, unbalanced
  • Numbers ending in 0
    • Zero represents empty road ahead
  • Numbers adding up to unlucky sums
    • Like 4 or 13

Examples of Unfavorable House Numbers

  • 424
  • 4188
  • 3240
  • 174: 1 + 7 + 4 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3 (symbolizing conflict)

Using Eight Mansions Formula for House Number

Using Eight Mansions Formula for House Number
Using Eight Mansions Formula for House Number
  • Advanced feng shui formula
  • Considers facing direction of house’s front door
  • Calculates a lucky number 1-9 from mapping mansions
  • Enhances life areas like career, relationships, health

Steps to Calculate Your House’s Eight Mansions Number

  1. Determine property’s sitting and facing directions
  2. Look up corresponding Kua number 1-9
  3. This is the lucky house number to incorporate
  • For example, a northwest-facing house has a Kua number of 1
  • So numbers with 1, like 171 or 781, are most fortune-enhancing

Pros of Using Eight Mansions Formula

  • Personalized numerology specially matched to your home’s orientation
  • Strengthens certain life areas based on Kua number element
  • More accurate than only choosing generally auspicious numbers

Displaying House Numbers Based on Feng Shui

Displaying House Numbers Based on Feng Shui
Displaying House Numbers Based on Feng Shui
  • Place prominently beside front door
  • Straight and properly aligned
  • Well-lit so numbers are clear
  • Use colors like red or purple to energize numbers

Tips for Maximizing Luck with House Number Display

  • Keep numbers and area clean and maintained
  • Install numbers at eye level for optimal visibility
  • Orient numbers so they “grow” towards house and not outwards
  • Embellish decoratively with symbols, lights or crystals to activate


What is so special about house numbers in feng shui?

House numbers represent the energy ushered in through the front door. Specific numbers can enhance overall luck and fortunes based on meanings and symbolism in Chinese culture and feng shui principles.

What should I avoid when selecting a house number for good feng shui?

You will want to avoid numbers containing multiple 4s or 8s, long strings of repeating digits, and numbers that end in 0. Examples would be numbers like 424, 4111, 8088, 3340. Calculate the single digit as well; avoid numbers that reduce to the unlucky 4.

Can house numbers be changed for better feng shui?

Yes! It is fairly straightforward to officially change the house number through municipal channels. Many new homeowners opt to change existing numbers to more fortunate ones. If a legal change isn’t possible, feng shui remedies like lights or plant placement can help counterbalance unfortunate house numbers.

How can I find a feng shui expert to evaluate my house number?

Online feng shui consultants can provide house number readings and recommendations. Ensure they are properly certified by the American Feng Shui Institute or similar organization. Interior designers trained in feng shui applications can also advise professionally. Referrals from past clients are another great resource.

Are there lucky house numbers that work across different feng shui schools of thought?

The numbers 1, 3, and 9 are widely-agreed upon lucky numbers no matter the feng shui system. Combinations of these numbers, doubles or sequences involving them are great safe bets for universally auspicious house numbers according to feng shui principles.


In feng shui philosophy, house numbers carry meaningful energy based on Chinese numerological meanings. Whether choosing numbers considered generally lucky or calculating your home’s personalized lucky number with the Eight Mansions formula, thoughtful feng shui house number selection can channel prosperous and harmonious qi energy through your front door. Avoiding inauspicious numbers containing 4s and 8s also important. Display house numbers prominently beside the front door to activate the blessing of these numbers. With the right feng shui house number, you can optimally align your living space to attract good fortune.

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