Archangel Ariel is known as the “lioness of God” and is a powerful and protective presence. Connecting with Ariel can help provide healing, support, and guidance in all areas of life. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore who Archangel Ariel is, how to connect with her energy, and the many benefits of working with this angelic being of light.

Who Is Archangel Ariel?

Archangel Ariel is known as the “Lioness of God.” She is associated with lions, which represent courage, power, and protection. Ariel oversees the protection and healing of animals, plants, and the natural environment. She is a incredibly kind, patient, and nurturing angelic being.

Some key facts about Ariel:

  • Patron angel of animals and the natural world
  • Associated with the earth element, nature, and wilderness
  • Brings joy, positive expectations, and motivates action
  • Helps release emotional pain and trauma
  • Oversees healing of the planet and ecosystems
  • Aids reconciliation between humans and nature
  • Assists with communication issues and finding lost objects

Ariel is incredibly receptive to prayers and calls asking for her help and guidance. She wants to see humanity living in greater harmony with nature. Ariel helps those who actively work to heal the planet through environmentalism, conservation, sustainability, and animal welfare.

How To Identify Archangel Ariel?

How To Identify Archangel Ariel
How To Identify Archangel Ariel

There are a few key ways to identify Archangel Ariel when she connects with you:


Ariel’s symbol is a lion, representing courage and power. You may see or envision lions when Ariel is present.


The number for Ariel is 7. You may see repetitive 7s, 77, 777 etc. as signs of Ariel’s presence.


Ariel’s color is a deep and lush pink. You may glimpse flashes of pink, find pink feathers, or see pink in nature. Pink flowers like roses and peonies are associated with Ariel.

In general, Ariel’s energy feels very vibrant, joyful, and nurturing. There is a sense of lightness, as if a burden has lifted. Ariel’s presence often motivates you to help animals, nature, and make positive environmental changes.

How To Connect With Archangel Ariel?

How To Connect With Archangel Ariel
How To Connect With Archangel Ariel

There are many effective methods for connecting with Archangel Ariel. Here are some of the most powerful:


Meditating is one of the best ways to connect with Ariel. Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Relax your body completely. Ask Ariel to join you and visualize her pink light surrounding you. Remain open and receptive to any guidance or visions she provides.


Certain crystals and gemstones resonate with Ariel’s energy. Rose quartz and kunzite open the heart chakra, enhance self-love, and radiate gentle power. Green crystals like jade and emerald represent nature and promote healing. Place these gems on your altar or hold them during meditation.


Spending time in nature allows you to tap into Ariel’s energy directly. Take your shoes off and stand with bare feet on the grass. Sit peacefully observing wildlife and plants. Care for your garden, plant trees, or pick up trash in natural areas. These acts honor Ariel and will amplify your connection.


Praying or calling upon Ariel is powerful. Speak to her as you would a close friend. Ask for her help, guidance, emotional healing, motivation, or any specific needs. Ariel hears your requests and will provide nurturing support.


Ariel oversees healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Taking good care of yourself allows you to be more receptive to her energy. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods, reduce stress, and make time for activities that spark joy. Ariel wants to see you thriving!

How Does Archangel Ariel Respond?

How Does Archangel Ariel Respond
How Does Archangel Ariel Respond

When you connect with Ariel, she responds with different types of signs, guidance, and energy shifts. Here are some of the ways Ariel makes her presence known:

  • Feeling lighter and more optimistic
  • Increased motivation and passion
  • Powerful sense of being protected
  • Visions or sensations of lions and lionesses during meditation
  • More vivid dreams featuring animals and nature
  • Repeated sightings of the numbers 7 or 77
  • Coming across feathers, especially pink or green ones
  • Strong draw towards spending time outdoors and in nature
  • Creative inspiration to help animals and the environment
  • Healing of grief, emotional pain, or trauma from the past
  • Uplifted mood and feeling more joyful
  • Receiving clear answers to prayers or requests for help

The most common sign of Ariel is a surge of hope, happiness, and inner strength. Ariel’s energy clears away negative emotions and fills you with courage to take positive action. Notice the changes within yourself and in your life after connecting with Ariel.


What areas of life does Ariel assist with?

Ariel helps in many areas related to animals, nature, and the environment. She also aids with:

  • Emotional healing from grief, loss, pain, trauma
  • Finding lost objects or misplaced items
  • Improving communication and self-expression
  • Inspiring passion to help animals and conservation efforts
  • Promoting positive expectations and optimism
  • Restoring hope after setbacks or during tough times
  • Fostering forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness

Does Ariel help those who harm animals or the environment?

Yes, Ariel has unconditional love and wants to help all people. She understands that sometimes harm caused is unintentional. Ariel sends compassion to help guide those who want to change destructive behavior and make amends through action.

How often should I connect with Ariel?

You can connect with Ariel’s energy as often as you feel guided. Even just taking a few minutes to pray or meditate with Ariel every day or week provides benefits. The more consistency you bring to your spiritual practice with her, the deeper your bond will become.

What offerings does Ariel like?

As with all angels, your thoughts and prayers are the most powerful offerings for Ariel. She also appreciates crystals, flowers, seeds to plant, donations to animal/environmental charities made in her honor, and spending quality time in nature.

Does Archangel Ariel have a twin flame?

Yes, Ariel’s twin flame is Archangel Azael. Azael oversees nature spirits, and works closely with Ariel to care for the earth and its creatures. Connecting with Azael magnifies the environmental healing and aid that Ariel provides.

Key Takeaways On Connecting With Archangel Ariel

  • Archangel Ariel oversees healing and care for all animals and the natural world. She brings great joy, lifts pain and grief, and fills you with optimism.
  • Identify Ariel through seeing lions, the number 7, the color pink, and feeling light, motivated, and courageous.
  • Connect with Ariel through meditation, crystals, spending time in nature, prayer, and self-care. She will respond by uplifting your mood, bringing clarity, and inspiring action.
  • Call on Ariel for help with emotional healing, communication issues, finding lost objects, passion for helping animals/environment, and feeling motivated.
  • Make connecting with Ariel’s loving presence a regular spiritual practice. Her gentle power will guide you to express your gifts while caring for our earth and its creatures.


With compassion and patience, Archangel Ariel wants to see your heart heald and your spirit soar. Open up to her angelic energy and find the happiness, purpose, and inner peace that come from living in harmony with all of nature.

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