The World is one of the most positive and encouraging cards in the tarot deck. It represents fulfillment, satisfaction, and the sense of feeling whole and complete. When the World card appears in a reading, it’s a sign that a major cycle in your life is coming to an end, and you’re finally achieving the closure, integration, and accomplishment you’ve been working toward.

This blog post will explore all the meanings and interpretations of the World tarot card. You’ll learn about the World’s significance in love, work and finances, health, spirituality, and more. We’ll also look at the reversed the World card meaning, and how to use it in tarot card combinations and readings.

By the end, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the many layers of meaning in this expansive Major Arcana card. Let’s begin unlocking the secrets of the World!

The World Key Facts

Upright Meaning Completion, integration, accomplishment
Reversed Meaning Lack of completion, shortcuts
Yes or No Yes
Numerology 3
Element Earth
Planet Saturn
Astrological Sign Aquarius

The World Tarot Card Description

The Rider-Waite-Smith World card shows a naked female figure surrounded by a laurel wreath and holding two wands. The wands represent the spiritual domain, while the wreath symbolizes worldly success, rewards, and accomplishments. The woman is in a dancing pose with one leg crossed behind the other, suggesting a joyful celebration.

At each of the four corners of the card stand figures representing the four fixed astrological signs of the zodiac – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. On some World cards, these figures are depicted with the symbols of the four evangelists – angel, eagle, bull and lion.

The creatures represent the four elements earth, air, fire and water. Together, they signify the harmony of cosmic forces and totality of experience that comes with the World. The dark blue backdrop is studded with stars, planets and celestial shapes, alluding to expanded perspective and limitless possibility. A red ribbon inscribed with the word “TOTUS MUNDUS AGIT HISTRIONEM” – Latin for “all the world’s a stage” – frames the main figure.

The Upright World Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright The World Tarot Card Meaning
The Upright The World Tarot Card Meaning

When the World tarot card is upright in a reading, its overarching meaning is one of completion, fulfillment, unity and integration. It reflects closure at the end of a major life cycle, problem or issue. Let’s explore the World card’s specific interpretations.

Love and Relationships

In romantic readings, the upright World card represents total emotional fulfillment and the joy of a strong, meaningful relationship. If you’re single, the World can signify meeting someone who seems absolutely perfect or who makes you feel complete.

The card shows that love, romance and partnerships are incredibly satisfying at this time. You feel whole, at peace and centred because of the rapport, understanding and connection you share with your mate.

If you’ve gone through difficult patches in an existing relationship, the World card confirms you’ve worked through the issues and emerged wiser and closer. It may also point to engagements, marriage, pregnancies or other major relationship milestones.


When it comes to work and career, the World signals incredible achievement, success and accomplishment. Your projects culminate perfectly, plans come to fruition flawlessly, and you feel profoundly satisfied with the results.

You may complete an important milestone like earning a degree, finishing a pivotal assignment, closing a major deal, or reaching the peak of your profession. The World reflects rewards, validation and recognition from superiors.

Financially, this card also indicates abundance, prosperity and security. Overall, it’s an extremely fortunate omen regarding vocation and money.


The World tarot card symbolizes financial achievement, rewards, and abundance in material resources. Your income and profits are increasing substantially thanks to all your hard work coming to fruition. Investments made long ago are now yielding amazing returns. Inheritances or windfalls are other financial benefits associated with this card.

You have more than enough stability and security to live comfortably and also treat yourself luxuriously. If you were worried about money before, the World card shows those financial problems dissolving and wealth flowing in from expected and unexpected sources.


When it comes to wellness and health, the World tarot card represents ultimate vitality, strength and healing. You feel in perfect balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Test results come back clear, chronic issues are suddenly resolving, and you have tons of energy to take on life.

The World reflects recovery, rejuvenation and renewed health after illness, injury or fatigue. It can also signify pregnancies, births and new babies. Overall, it’s an extremely positive card for your health outlook.


On a spiritual and existential level, the World reflects inner peace, acceptance, wisdom and oneness with all things. After much soul-searching, you have a profound realization that we’re all deeply interconnected.

The World represents spiritual enlightenment, an expanded state of awareness, and a sense of alignment between your soul’s purpose and your actions in the world. You may gain insight into the meaning of existence and your place in the universe.

The Reversed World Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed The World Tarot Card Meaning
The Reversed The World Tarot Card Meaning

When the World appears reversed in a reading, its overarching meaning is one of incompletion, struggle and delays. While you were hoping for closure, you continue facing obstacles. Let’s explore the reversal more deeply.

Love and Relationships

In terms of relationships, a reversed World can indicate a deep longing for love and partnership but always being frustrated. Every prospective mate ends up being wrong for you in some fundamental way.

If you’re in a relationship, the reversed World points to patterns of conflict, miscommunication and stagnation. You hoped to move forward with engagements or expanding your family, but the plans keep getting postponed.

Overall, this card shows emotional incompatibility, emptiness and dissatisfaction in romantic connections. The joy, support and understanding you seek feels out of reach.


Regarding career, the reversed World tarot card reflects lack of progress, closure and validation. Projects stall out halfway through or near what was supposed to be the finish line. No matter how hard you work, success stays elusive.

You may be passed over for promotions, unable to complete degrees, or stuck in an unfulfilling job. Financially, you also feel unstable and anxious rather than abundant. The reversed World shows frustration with jobs, money, status and progress.


The reversed World in financial readings indicates problems with income, investments, assets and making ends meet. No matter how much money comes in, it seems to flow right back out. Stagnation and loss replace the expected gains.

You may be mired in debt, unable to get approved for loans, or lacking financial security to live comfortably. Previous wealth and prosperity seems to disappear. The reversed World reflects a bleak financial outlook.


In terms of health, the reversed World can represent chronic illness, injuries and pain that never fully heal. You may receive worrying diagnoses or relapse from previously resolved issues. Energy, vitality and wellbeing decline.

This card shows an inability to get back on track physically, mentally or emotionally after setbacks. Instead of the renewal and balance of the upright World card, the reversal indicates ongoing health struggles.


On a spiritual level, the reversed World reflects disconnection, emptiness, confusion and lack of meaning. You constantly question your purpose without ever reaching answers. Cynicism overtakes hope and openness.

Rather than experiencing oneness, you feel separation from others. This card points to anger at existence and even a refusal to participate in society or communal institutions. You’re spiritually lost.

The World Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

The World Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions
The World Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

The World represents a definitive yes in yes or no readings. If your question relates to any of the World’s upright meanings – such as fulfillment in relationships, accomplishments at work, financial abundance, good health, or spiritual epiphanies – the card signals a positive outcome.

Even when the World appears reversed, it still points toward yes because achieving completion is your ultimate goal; the delay is temporary. Pay attention to the cards surrounding the World for additional clarifying details about timing and specifics. But the essential answer here is a clear yes.

The World Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, the Major Arcana cards are linked to numbers 1 through 21. The World corresponds to number 21, which reduces to 3 (2 + 1 = 3).

Number 3 carries the influences of optimism, creativity, self-expression, laughter, mental clarity and communication. Aspects reflected in the World card’s meaning.

Number 3 is also associated with the Empress tarot card, highlighting the World’s feminine, fertile energies. And it echoes World’s link to the zodiac sign Pisces, which is the 3rd sign of the water trigon. Numerologically, number 3 provides insight into the World card’s archetypal significance.

The World Tarot Card and Astrology

Within the tarot deck, each Major Arcana card is connected to an astrological sign or planet. The World is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius and the planet Saturn.

As an air sign, Aquarius influences the World’s expansive mysticism, quest for knowledge, and break from limiting paradigms. Aquarius inspires the World’s visionary creativity and pursuit of collective ideals.

The planet Saturn brings structure, wisdom, patience and maturity to the World card. Saturn compels the hard work necessary to manifest the World’s achievements and rewards. Together, Saturn and Aquarius enhance the World’s innovative yet disciplined qualities.

The World Tarot Card Combinations

Combined with other cards in a reading, the World tarot card can reveal deeper and more nuanced meanings. Here are some common World tarot combinations:

  • The World + The Fool: Completing one life cycle and beginning a new one; broad optimism
  • The World + The Magician: Manifesting goals through total focus and willpower
  • The World + Strength: Quiet inner power and confidence
  • The World + The Hermit: Personal fulfillment attained through solitude
  • The World + Judgement: Facing and releasing the past in order to move forward
  • The World + The Hanged Man: Sacrifice leading to renewal
  • The World + Death: Major transformation and change
  • The World + The Devil: Breaking negative patterns and addictions
  • The World + The Star: Hope, faith and generosity
  • The World + The Moon: Confusing emotions but trusting intuitions

The World Tarot Card Designs

While every tarot deck features The World card, there are some classic and unique designs worth noting:

  • Rider-Waite-Smith: Dancing female figure in laurel wreath, with animals and even astrological signs
  • Thoth Tarot: Nude female with butterfly wings surrounded by figures dancing in joy
  • Morgan Greer Tarot: Heart shaped wreath encircling a woman cradling the planet
  • Wild Unknown Tarot: Milky Way galaxy spiraling outward into the cosmos
  • Modern Spellcasters: Globe with lemniscates linking four elemental goddesses
  • The Tarot of Pagan Cats: Cat sitting atop books, diploma, and globe surrounded by symbols of wisdom

FAQs About The World Tarot Card

What does The World tarot card mean when it appears with Justice?

Together, the World and Justice often reflect restored equilibrium and karma balanced after a major life cycle. Previous unfairness is made right and you receive deserved recognition. There’s a sense of closure through honest assessment and atonement.

Is the World card good for money and finances?

Yes, the upright World tarot card is exceptionally auspicious for finances and material resources. It points to wealth, financial security, windfalls, profitable investments and the completion of money projects. The World heralds financial abundance.

What zodiac sign is the World tarot card?

The World card is astrologically connected to the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarius lends the card its innovative thinking, social consciousness, eccentricity, and intellectual flexibility. The World reflects Aquarian detachment and idealism.

Key Takeaways

  • The World tarot card represents fulfillment, achievement and satisfaction at the end of a major life cycle.
  • In relationships, the World reflects emotional completeness. For career, it signals recognition and success. Finances also flourish.
  • The reversed World indicates struggles to reach closure. Relationships are unsatisfying, work unfulfilling, and money scarce.
  • The World corresponds to the number 3 in numerology, highlighting creativity and optimism. It’s also linked to Aquarius and Saturn astrologically.
  • In combinations, the World points to new beginnings, material success, recovery, hope and profound life transformations.
  • The World reminds us to celebrate how far we’ve come and to embrace new adventures over the horizon. This card brims with potential.


The World tarot card is a joyful emblem of hopes fulfilled and dreams made real through dedication and inner strength. When the World appears in your tarot readings – whether upright or reversed – you can reflect on the lessons and gifts of the cycles passing away, while looking ahead to a future ripe with possibility.

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