Tarot cards hold deep symbolic meaning, both individually and in combination with other cards in a reading. The Tower is one of the most dramatic and disruptive cards in the deck, representing sudden upheaval and destruction of the status quo. When paired with other cards, The Tower can reveal profound truths about necessary change, no matter how difficult.

In this post, we will explore the significance of The Tower combination with cards from the Major and Minor Arcana. Understanding these powerful combinations can provide greater clarity into the turbulent but transformative Tower periods in our lives.

Table of Contents

Major Arcana

The Tower and The Magician

  • Sudden change in manifesting goals or abilities
  • When The Tower appears with The Magician, it signals an unexpected disruption in one’s power to manifest goals, talents, or personal will. This may involve an external event that blocks previous abilities or priorities. However, it can catalyze newfound power and skills rising from the ashes.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast destroys The Magician’s tools, but from the rubble emerges stronger magic. This combination means a setback that ultimately renews one’s capabilities.

The Tower and The High Priestess

  • Inner wisdom and intuition shattered
  • This combination reveals how sudden upheaval can disrupt one’s connection to inner wisdom, intuition and sense of inner security. External events may force one into unfamiliar terrain, requiring surrender of previous intuitions and knowledge.
  • The Tower’s lightning bolt cracks open the High Priestess’s scrolls of esoteric wisdom. Her demolished temple signifies the need to rebuild one’s spiritual connection from a place of unknowing.

The Tower and The Empress

  • Disruption of creativity, fertility or abundance
  • When The Tower appears with The Empress, sudden events may disrupt one’s flow of creativity, fertility, or material abundance. Established projects, goals or enterprises collapse unexpectedly.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast scorches The Empress’s lush garden, representing external forces devastating her empire. However, the destruction makes space for new creative endeavors.

The Tower and The Emperor

  • Collapse of structure, plans or leadership
  • This combination reveals a sudden upset to established structures of authority, control, plans or leadership. The Emperor’s realm is demolished by outside forces beyond his power.
  • The Tower’s lightning bolt topples The Emperor’s throne, scepter and crown. Though his structured kingdom lies in ruins, this liberation allows for more fluid leadership.

The Tower and The Hierophant

  • Convention or tradition overturned
  • When The Tower appears with The Hierophant, it can indicate dramatic overturning of convention, traditional values or belief systems, through external forces or inner shifts.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast shreds The Hierophant’s vestments and religious doctrine.Though orthodoxy is disrupted, it opens one’s mind to new perspectives.

The Tower and The Lovers

  • Disruption or dissolution of a relationship
  • This combination often signals the sudden and unforeseen collapse of a relationship, partnership or important bond, caused by external events or inner changes of heart.
  • The Tower’s lightning sets flame to the Edenic scene below The Lovers. Though painful, this destruction makes room for more authentic unions.

The Tower and The Chariot

  • Ambitions derailed by sudden turn of events
  • When The Tower appears with The Chariot, it reveals ambitions and driving goals suddenly halted by disruptive external events one cannot control. Plans backfire or mechanisms break down.
  • The Tower’s blast topples The Chariot from his vehicle, stopping his victory ride. Though shaken, he can reroute his journey.

The Tower and Strength

  • Losing courage in confronting turmoil or chaos
  • This combination suggests events may shake one’s inner Strength or courage to its foundations, triggering panic and loss of composure when met with turmoil. Old fears reemerge.
  • The Tower’s lightning sets the lion of Strength into a startled frenzy, overwhelming her steady resolve. But she can reclaim her firm hand when calm returns.

The Tower and The Hermit

The Tower and The Hermit
The Tower and The Hermit
  • Disruption of spiritual retreat or soul-searching
  • When The Tower appears with The Hermit, it can represent how spiritual isolation or soul-searching gets disrupted by sudden external crisis or obligation. Inner development is put on hold.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast shakes the mountainside, driving The Hermit from his cave before desired insights arise. His refuge demolished, continuing inner work becomes more difficult.

The Tower and Wheel of Fortune

  • Swift turn of destiny’s wheel out of one’s control
  • This combination symbolizes a dramatic reversal in destiny’s wheel, an unforeseen stroke of fate over which one has no control. Life events turn on a dime, throwing all into disarray.
  • The Tower’s lightning sends the Wheel of Fortune into a tailspin, its passengers suddenly overturned without warning. Though destiny spins chaotically, it ultimately rights itself again.

The Tower and Justice

  • Unexpected overturning of legal matters or balance
  • When The Tower appears with Justice, it reveals legal disputes, contracts, or balanced scales of fairness getting suddenly upended by external events. Chaos disrupts order.
  • The Tower’s blast knocks over Justice’s scales. Though blindsided, she must realign principle and integrity with changing circumstances.

The Tower and The Hanged Man

  • Disruption of pause, surrender or change of perspective
  • This combination suggests a period of necessary pause or surrender gets rattled or cut short by chaotic events. New perspectives have no time to take root before circumstances shift.
  • The Tower’s lightning startles The Hanged Man, jolting him out of his tranquil hanging stasis. However, his glimpsed wisdom can guide him through turmoil.

The Tower and Death

  • Long-standing patterns destroyed, enabling deeper renewal
  • When The Tower appears with Death, it signals deep-rooted patterns, negative habits or stagnant lifestyles getting utterly destroyed in cataclysmic fashion. Total transformation is now possible.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast accompanies Death’s scythe in razing fossilized patterns to the ground. However, this annihilation of the old makes room for profound rebirth.

The Tower and Temperance

  • Loss of harmony and moderation when pressured
  • This combination reveals how sudden upsets can cause one to lose composure, react poorly under stress and abandon Temperance’s moderation and patience. Extreme responses prevail.
  • The Tower’s harsh lightning shatters Temperance’s delicate blend, spilling her carefully mixed elixirs in the chaos. Yet the storm passes, and equilibrium returns.

The Tower and The Devil

  • Sudden liberation from bondage or toxicity
  • When The Tower appears with The Devil, it often symbolizes dramatic rescue from toxic binds, addiction, or self-sabotage. Sudden upheaval disrupts entrenched patterns of self-harm.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast breaks the chains binding the enslaved figures to The Devil. In a flash, freedom is won from his vise-like grip of shadow.

The Tower and The Tower

  • Total demolition for foundational rebuilding
  • A doubling of The Tower amplifies its volatile meaning exponentially. When paired, the card signifies a massive foundational collapse leading to complete destruction of the status quo. However, this annihilation enables a powerful rebirth.
  • The dual lightning blast of two Towers brings godlike, earth-shattering force, destroying all traces of the past. But now, one has the chance to rebuild from the ground up.

The Tower and The Star

The Tower and The Star
The Tower and The Star
  • Hope and faith demolished but not defeated
  • When The Tower appears with The Star, it reveals how catastrophe can temporarily shatter hope and faith. Dark times obscure one’s guiding light and vision. Yet inner light persists.
  • The Tower’s lightning sets flame to the celestial map and extinguishes The Star’s lantern. However, her naked earnestness endures to reignite the flame.

The Tower and The Moon

  • Inner demons unleashed amidst chaos
  • This combination signals explosive chaos bringing underlying fears, illusions, repression, or unhealthy fantasies to the surface. Turmoil aggravates psychological imbalances.
  • The Tower’s destabilizing lightning energizes the sinister creatures emerging in the waters below The Moon. However, acknowledging inner darkness restores wholeness.

The Tower and The Sun

  • Joy, vitality and optimism disrupted by upheaval
  • When The Tower appears with The Sun, it reveals a sunny period of success, joy and vitality getting disrupted or cut short by unexpected disaster and upheaval. Darkness eclipses light.
  • The Tower’s gloom obscures The Sun’s radiant child and horse. However, their irrepressible spirit endures beneath the clouds to emerge again.

The Tower and Judgement

  • Disruption of resurrection and rebirth
  • This combination suggests efforts of renewal, resurrection and rebirth getting derailed or postponed by sudden catastrophe. A setback obstructs a new beginning.
  • The Tower’s lightning drowns out the call of Judgement’s angelic trumpet. However, once the dust settles, the path to rebirth becomes clear.

The Tower and The World

  • A wider perspective gained through crisis
  • When The Tower appears with The World, traumatic disruption contains an opportunity to gain universal understanding and see one’s troubles in the context of a larger whole.
  • From the rubble of the Tower, the dancing figure on The World card is glimpsed. Though the crisis is grievous, a cosmic viewpoint dissolves ego and breeds empathy.


The Tower and Ace of Wands

  • A blocked new beginning or delayed inspiration
  • This combination reveals a new start, creative direction or inspired vision getting disrupted by unexpected catastrophe. The Tower blocks the promise of the Ace of Wands.
  • Lightning diverts the salamander’s fiery wand energy away from fertile soil. But the initial spark can be rekindled when the storm passes.

The Tower and Two of Wands

  • Well-laid plans overturned by dramatic change
  • When The Tower appears with the Two of Wands, it signals plans for the future and a clear vision getting disrupted by sudden, uncontrollable events. The path forward is lost.
  • The Tower’s lightning sets the globe aflame, burning the man’s plans and blinding his vision. But new vistas become visible amidst the haze.

The Tower and Three of Wands

  • Collapse of enterprises before achieving liftoff
  • This combination reveals sudden catastrophe striking promising ventures before they have time to take off and flourish. The fruits of labor and investment are destroyed prematurely.
  • Lightning explodes the Three of Wands‘ vessels before they reach their destination across the sea. Yet resilience enables one to rebuild.

The Tower and Four of Wands

  • Community or family foundations shaken
  • When The Tower appears with the Four of Wands, it signifies a sudden blow or upheaval to established foundations of family, community relationships or celebration.
  • A lightning bolt breaks the Four of Wands’ victory wreaths, cracking the security of home and heritage. But stronger bonds can form through weathering the storm.

The Tower and Five of Wands

  • Group conflict resolution derailed by disruption
  • This combination suggests in-fighting, discord or rivalry reaching destructive peaks when compounded by unexpected catastrophe or disorder. Resolution becomes impossible.
  • The Tower’s chaotic lightning agitates the Five of Wands‘ sparring into malicious violence. But in time, perspective returns to enable reconciliation.

The Tower and Six of Wands

  • Reversal of public acclaim or success
  • When The Tower appears with the Six of Wands, it reveals a period of public recognition and worldly success getting cut short or undone by an unforeseen and humbling setback.
  • Just as the hero of the Six of Wands is crowned, lightning tumbles him from his horse, reversing his victory parade through the crowd. Yet dignity endures his fall from glory.

The Tower and Seven of Wands

  • Defenses breached by catastrophic forces
  • This combination signals carefully constructed defenses getting overwhelmed and smashed by forces too extreme to withstand. One’s guarded footing is obliterated.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast breaks through the protective wands circled by the Seven of Wands, exposing his unguarded side. Yet inner resilience prevails.

The Tower and Eight of Wands

  • Flow of energy and communication fragmented
  • When The Tower appears with the Eight of Wands, it reveals open exchanges of energy and communication getting disrupted by breakdowns, delays, or external disasters. Connections fracture.
  • The Tower’s lightning diverts the flight path of the Eight of Wands, scattering the wands and disrupting their intended destination. Yet they realign.

The Tower and Nine of Wands

  • Perseverance tested beyond its limits
  • This combination suggests the limits of perseverance being surpassed by catastrophic forces too intense to withstand. Remaining standing is finally beyond one’s exhausted capability.
  • The Tower’s blast levels the battlements where the Nine of Wands stands vigilant, shattering defenses beyond repair. Yet his will to survive endures.

The Tower and Ten of Wands

  • Long-building burden released through collapse
  • When The Tower appears with the Ten of Wands, it reveals the sudden destruction of an overloaded, unsustainable situation. Though chaotic, the slate is cleared for a fresh start unburdened.
  • Lightning splits the Ten of Wands’ massive load, finally removing the crushing weight after such prolonged strain. The ground is now clear to build anew.

The Tower and Page of Wands

The Tower and Page of Wands
The Tower and Page of Wands
  • Curiosity and inspiration derailed by chaotic events
  • This combination suggests the Page of Wands‘ enthusiasm, curiosity and inspired learning gets temporarily derailed by major upheaval. However, optimism ultimately prevails.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast startles the Page of Wands’ explorations, cutting short his creative discovery. But his imagination rebounds with fresh verve.

The Tower and Knight of Wands

  • Reckless action results in disaster
  • When The Tower appears with the Knight of Wands, it reveals how reckless, impulsive acts can catalyze catastrophic results. Chaos follows in the wake of uncontrolled passion.
  • The Knight of Wands’ lack of foresight leads him to be bucked from his steed by the Tower’s lightning mid-gallop. Yet the fall steadies his determination.

The Tower and Queen of Wands

  • Disaster disturbs confidence and charisma
  • This combination suggests a Queen of Wands’ radiant self-assurance and vibrant authority getting deeply shaken by unexpected catastrophe and turmoil. Poise crumbles in the chaos.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast rattles the Queen of Wands, penetrating her cheery aura. Yet her resilient warmth restores optimism.

The Tower and King of Wands

  • Leadership, vitality and drive disrupted
  • When The Tower appears with the King of Wands, it reveals a pillar of strength succumbing to forces beyond control, halting passionate leadership and latest ventures in their tracks.
  • A lightning bolt topples the King of Wands from his throne, cutting short his dynamic command and zeal. Yet his essence remains unbroken.


The Tower and Ace of Cups

  • New relationships or emotions overturned by upheaval
  • This combination suggests the spiritual cleansing and fresh emotional tide of the Ace of Cups getting disrupted by unexpected disaster. Turmoil postpones renewal.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast cracks the Ace of Cups’ outpouring chalice. Yet once the dust settles, the cup’s restorative contents flow freely again.

The Tower and Two of Cups

  • A relationship’s sacred bond shattered
  • When The Tower appears with the Two of Cups, it reveals a relationship’s intimate connection and precious harmony being destroyed by unforeseen, catastrophic forces, often beyond repair.
  • Lightning severs the Two of Cups’ unified caduceus, splitting the tender, intertwined flowers. The lovers’ precious bond is left in ruins, demanding grief and acceptance.

The Tower and Three of Cups

  • Celebration curtailed by unexpected disaster
  • This combination suggests communal joy, celebration and creative play getting suddenly disrupted or cut short by catastrophic events out of one’s control.
  • As the Three of Cups begin their dance, lightning shatters their uplifted chalices, curtailing the carefree festivity with trauma. Laughter resumes after mourning.

The Tower and Four of Cups

  • Apathy shaken up by dramatic action
  • When The Tower appears with the Four of Cups, it reveals stagnation, apathy and disengagement getting rattled and overturned by extreme, outside forces demanding attention and action.
  • The Tower’s blast jolts the Four of Cups from his lethargic reverie, forcing interaction with the three cups offered and a chance to resume engagement.

The Tower and Five of Cups

  • Delayed reconciliation and emotional processing
  • This combination indicates the mourning and lessons of the Five of Cups getting suspended by sudden upheaval and loss. Emotional reconciliation must wait until the storm passes.
  • As the Five of Cups gains perspective, the Tower destabilizes his footing, prolonging pain through new trauma. But deeper healing follows.

The Tower and Six of Cups

  • Disruption of playfulness, innocence and nostalgia
  • When The Tower appears with the Six of Cups, it suggests happy reminiscence and youthful joy getting clouded by catastrophic forces and painful memories. The past’s pleasures fade.
  • The Tower’s gloom obscures the Six of Cups’ rainbow and childish delights. Though innocence is lost, maturity brings deeper connections.

    The Tower and Seven of Cups

  • Misleading fantasies built on illusion shattered
  • This combination reveals misleading dreams and fantasies getting suddenly destroyed by harsh reality. The Seven of Cups‘ illusory indulgences cannot withstand the lightning blast.
  • The Tower’s eruption punctures and dissipates the Seven of Cups’ whimsical visions. With eyes opened, more grounded dreams form.

The Tower and Eight of Cups

  • Unexpected liberation from emotional suffering
  • When The Tower appears with the Eight of Cups, it suggests imprisonment by disappointment and sorrow getting dramatically disrupted, enabling sudden freedom and release from cycles of pain.
  • The Tower’s blast topples the Eight of Cups’ line of abandoned vessels, breaking their hold to begin fresh emotional journeys.

The Tower and Nine ### The Tower and Nine of Cups

  • Indulgence and smugness shattered by wake-up call
  • This combination reveals smug satisfaction and self-indulgence getting rattled by catastrophe, serving as a sobering wake-up call. False securities crumble, inviting grounded contentment.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast shatters the Nine of Cups‘ vainglorious reverie, humbling his overindulged ego. However, simpler pleasures then satisfy.

The Tower and Ten of Cups

  • Family and community unity disrupted
  • When The Tower appears with the Ten of Cups, it signals unexpected disaster disrupting harmony, solidarity and togetherness of family or community. Unity fractures under duress.
  • The Tower’s lightning sends the Ten of Cups’ joyful gathering into panicked disarray. Bonds must be rebuilt even stronger in the aftermath.

The Tower and Page of Cups

  • Innocence lost through abrupt coming of age
  • This combination suggests the Page of Cups undergoing a painful rite of passage as idyllic innocence gets shattered by traumatic events. Maturity dawns through hardship.
  • The Tower’s lightning startles the Page of Cups’ juvenile reveries, catalyzing an abrupt loss of naivete. Though saddened, she gains emotional wisdom.

The Tower and Knight of Cups

  • Passionate overtures meet with rejection
  • When The Tower appears with the Knight of Cups, it reveals romantic gestures and overtures of the heart being met with unexpected disaster and rejection. The dream is dissolved.
  • As the Knight of Cups extends his rose, lightning obliterates hopes of requited affection. However, self-knowledge strengthens.

The Tower and Queen of Cups

  • Emotional stability overwhelmed by trauma
  • This combination suggests the Queen of Cups’ grace and emotional equilibrium getting capsized by catastrophe, making measured responses impossible amidst the flooding chaos.
  • The Tower’s torrential downpour swamps the Queen of Cups’ tranquil waters, submerging her typical poise and control. Yet she floats onwards.

The Tower and King of Cups

  • Mastery of emotions rocked by upheaval
  • When The Tower appears with the King of Cups, it reveals emotional maturity and calm getting capsized by catastrophic forces, causing outbursts of unexpected feelings. Equanimity unravels.
  • The Tower’s eruption churns the King of Cup’s tranquil waters into seething rapids, sweeping away composure. Yet wisdom remains below the surface.


The Tower and Ace of Swords

  • Breakthrough insight derailed by chaos
  • This combination suggests the arrival of a breakthrough insight getting disrupted by turmoil before it can be implemented or expressed. Its moment is postponed by disaster.
  • As divine inspiration enters, the Tower’s lightning obstructs its recipient, delaying enlightened action. Yet truth emerges later through the dust.

The Tower and Two of Swords

The Tower and Two of Swords
The Tower and Two of Swords
  • Difficult decision avoided by external forces
  • When The Tower appears with the Two of Swords, it reveals stalemate and avoidance getting shattered by outside events that demand choice and change. The status quo crumbles away.
  • Lightning slices through the Two of Swords’ blindfold, forcing her to face transformed circumstances and finally take action.

The Tower and Three of Swords

  • Old heartbreak triggered anew
  • This combination suggests wounds of past heartbreak and sorrow getting reopened fully by present catastrophes, amplifying emotional anguish. Grief abounds.
  • The Tower’s lightning reignites the Three of Swords’ pierced heart with renewed agony. Raw pain must be tended before healing.

The Tower and Four of Swords

  • Convalescence and restoration disrupted
  • When The Tower appears with the Four of Swords, it reveals recovery, contemplation and rest getting disrupted by external crises before healing is complete. Sanctuary is invaded prematurely.
  • Lightning jolts the Four of Swords awake, forcing activity amidst exhaustion. However, deep replenishment becomes possible after turmoil.

The Tower and Five of Swords

  • Conflict resolution waylaid by breakdown
  • This combination indicates steps toward resolving conflict getting thwarted by unexpected disaster and misfortune. Resolution hits roadblocks, prolonging discord.
  • As the Five of Swords‘ fighters reconcile, lightning reignites contention, undoing truce. Yet improved efforts foster eventual armistice.

The Tower and Six of Swords

  • Transition to calmer waters interrupted
  • When The Tower appears with the Six of Swords, it reveals escape to more peaceful shores getting overturned by sudden catastrophe, forcing continued struggles in choppy waters.
  • Just as the boat nears calmer tides, the Tower’s eruption churns the waters, delaying safe passage. However, the destination remains ahead.

The Tower and Seven of Swords

  • Underhanded scheming exposed by scandal
  • This combination suggests plots, deception and unethical conduct getting exposed and dismantled by unexpected, public downfall. Truth erupts amidst lies.
  • As the Seven of Swords sneaks away undetected, lightning reveals his theft, foiling his illicit success. His carefully crafted image unravels.

The Tower and Eight of Swords

  • Entrapment suddenly ended by dramatic twist
  • When The Tower appears with the Eight of Swords, it indicates being trapped in negative thought patterns suddenly getting interrupted by an unforeseen event that reshapes perspective.
  • Lightning’s flash illuminates the Eight of Swords’ self-imposed mental prison. In the glare, freedom’s path becomes visible.

The Tower and Nine of Swords

  • Crisis of anxiety resolved by release
  • This combination reveals paralyzing anxiety, panic and nightmare reaching a breaking point, giving way to unexpected liberation and release of mental anguish. The logjam is burst.
  • At the Tower’s eruption, the Nine of Swords‘ imagined demons vanish in a flash, with truth dispelling illusion. Fear’s hold unravels amidst awakening.

The Tower and Ten of Swords

  • Painful failure making room for growth
  • When The Tower appears with the Ten of Swords, it suggests agony of defeat giving way to radical epiphany and rebirth. With the old destroyed, profound evolution becomes possible.
  • The Tower completes the Ten of Swords’ ruin, annihilating stagnant patterns so new life may emerge from fertile ashes of dissolution.

The Tower and Page of Swords

  • Inquisitive spirit stunned but not broken
  • This combination indicates the Page of Swords’ intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm getting dampened for a time by dramatic catastrophe. However, the quest for knowledge endures.
  • The Tower’s lightning blast briefly dazes the Page of Swords. However, with strengthened resolve, the journey to wisdom continues.

The Tower and Knight of Swords

  • Reckless words incite disaster
  • When The Tower appears with the Knight of Swords, it reveals fast-moving actions rooted in anger, hostility or recklessness catalyzing catastrophic results. Aggression breeds chaos.
  • The Knight of Swords’ thoughtless battle cry brings down the Tower’s lightning vengeance upon himself. However, wisdom follows humbling.

The Tower and Queen of Swords

  • Unyielding principles tested under pressure
  • This combination suggests the Queen of Swords’ reason, objectivity and high standards buckling under extreme circumstances outside her control. Even she struggles to hold everything together.
  • As the Tower erupts, the Queen of Swords strives in vain to uphold order amidst erupting chaos and irrationality. Her grip falls away.

The Tower and King of Swords

  • Analytical strategies overwhelmed by upheaval
  • When The Tower appears with the King of Swords, it reveals intellectual mastery breaking down when analytic approaches are overpowered by extreme forces of change. The mind meets its limits.
  • As the Tower strikes, the King of Swords helplessly witnesses his well-laid plans crumbling. Yet new understanding follows surrender.


The Tower and Ace of Pentacles

  • Financial blessing suspended by misfortune
  • This combination suggests the Ace of Pentacles’ windfall gain or golden opportunity getting temporarily disrupted by unexpected catastrophe and hardship. Fulfillment is forestalled.
  • Just as prosperity arrives, the Tower’s lightning redirects the ace’s coin away from the recipient’s reach. However, abundance returns.

The Tower and Two of Pentacles

  • Stability of finances or work overturned
  • When The Tower appears with the Two of Pentacles, it reveals a delicate balancing of resources getting upended by sudden disaster. Carefully laid plans are shattered, inviting a new approach.
  • The Tower’s eruption scatters the Two of Pentacles’ steady juggling act, ending stable rhythms of enterprise. Yet renewal follows loss.

The Tower and Three of Pentacles

  • Successful collaboration derailed
  • This combination indicates a Three of Pentacles‘ well-oiled team effort getting disrupted by unexpected crises, suspending group coordination and dissolution of plans. Unity fractures.
  • Lightning strikes the Three of Pentacles’ majestic cathedral, halting construction mid-way. Trust must be rebuilt before proceeding.

The Tower and Four of Pentacles

  • Attachment to security shaken loose
  • When The Tower appears with the Four of Pentacles, it suggests over-reliance on status, possessions or stability getting forcefully disrupted. What is clung to tightly is wrenched free.
  • Lightning forces open the Four of Pentacles’ clenched hands, releasing his vice grip on security. However, truer values fill the void left behind.

The Tower and Five of Pentacles

  • Crisis worsens plight of vulnerable
  • This combination indicates events plunging the downtrodden Five of Pentacles into further destitution and exclusion. Unexpected catastrophe exacerbates hardship.
  • The Tower’s destructive flash floods the Five of Pentacles’ challenging road, intensifying adversity. However, those who endure grow more resilient.

The Tower and Six of Pentacles

  • Fair distribution of resources overturned
  • When The Tower appears with the Six of Pentacles, it reveals charitable giving and balanced allotment of wealth getting disrupted by crisis. Strife emerges in the absence of equity.
  • Lightning scorches the Six of Pentacles’ scale of giving. Imbalance breeds resentment until compassion is restored.

The Tower and Seven of Pentacles

  • Diligent efforts wiped out before harvest
  • This combination suggests time, investment and careful cultivation getting unexpectedly devastated right before rewards can be reaped. Progress is demolished overnight.
  • A lightning strike incinerates the Seven of Pentacles’ flourishing vines, undoing patient progress. Yet determination to begin again persists.

The Tower and Eight of Pentacles

  • Steady discipline undone by forces without
  • When The Tower appears with the Eight of Pentacles, it indicates consistent skill development getting undermined by external disaster. Methodical rhythm is lost amidst chaos.
  • As the Eight’s apprentice hones expertise, lightning obliterates the workshop, disrupting dedication. But talent endures the setback.

The Tower and Nine of Pentacles

  • Self-sufficiency shaken by loss of control
  • This combination reveals the Nine of Pentacles‘ disciplined self-reliance getting rattled by unexpected catastrophe. Independence buckles under pressures beyond her rule.
  • Try as she might, the Tower’s violent flash breaches the Nine of Pentacles’ walled garden security. But inner resilience prevails.

The Tower and Ten of Pentacles

  • Family legacy or investment lost
  • When The Tower appears with the Ten of Pentacles, it portends loss of family fortune, business collapse, or disaster striking multi-generational efforts. Established prosperity is leveled.
  • Lightning destroys the Ten of Pentacles’ majestic manor, fracturing heritage and stability. However, deeper bonds of love sustain.

The Tower and Page of Pentacles

  • Inexperienced efforts meet with disaster
  • This combination suggests the Page of Pentacles’ undertaking getting thwarted by unexpected catastrophe. Endeavors fail despite diligence. Lessons are learned the hard way.
  • The Tower’s lightning shatters the Page of Pentacles’ apprentice projects. Though discouraged, future efforts are strengthened by difficult lessons.

The Tower and Knight of Pentacles

  • Stubborn methods fail against unforeseen crises
  • When The Tower appears with the Knight of Pentacles, it reveals dutiful, stubborn persistence getting overwhelmed by disruptive forces. Tried and true approaches fail.
  • As the Knight of Pentacles plods ahead unrelentingly, lightning fells the road ahead, forcing flexibility beyond habit.

The Tower and Queen of Pentacles

  • Security and comfort zone dismantled against will
  • This combination suggests the Queen of Pentacles’ steady world of comfort and security getting rocked at its foundations by external chaotic events she is powerless to control.
  • The Tower’s intense lightning shatters the Queen of Pentacles’ stable home life, forcing her beyond habitual safety and into new norms.

The Tower and King of Pentacles

  • Wealth and status symbols washed away
  • When The Tower appears with the King of Pentacles, it reveals cultivated wealth, status and earthly achievements getting destroyed without warning. Outer trappings are torn away.
  • Lightning strips the King of Pentacles of his ceremonial robe and gold throne, humbling material achievement. Inner worth then anchors him.


What does The Tower tarot card mean?

The Tower tarot card represents sudden, disruptive change caused by uncontrollable outside forces. It signifies destructive upheaval that shakes foundations but allows outdated structures to be cleared for necessary rebuilding.

What does The Tower mean when combined with other major arcana cards?

When combined with other major arcana cards, The Tower reveals dramatic upheaval affecting key archetypes and areas of life. For example, with The Lovers it can signal disruption of relationships, while with The Hierophant it may mean subversion of traditions. The Tower brings explosive transformation.

How can The Tower impact interpretations of cards from the four suits?

The Tower can dramatically impact interpretations of the four minor arcana suits. With Wands, it may block inspired endeavors; with Cups, emotional harmony may be shattered; with Swords, intellectual faculties overwhelmed; and with Pentacles, financial stability rocked.

Is The Tower always a negative card in a tarot reading?

No, The Tower does not have to represent a disastrous event and can have positive meaning. While its changes are often difficult and shocking, they clear away stagnation and lay the groundwork for enlightenment and better foundations. The Tower’s core meaning is radical metamorphosis.

How should you respond when The Tower appears in a reading?

When The Tower appears, you should avoid clinging stubbornly to old ways resisting necessary change. Instead, embrace release and destruction of limiting structures with courage and resilience. See it as an opportunity for revelation and creating stronger alignment.

What tarot cards have complementary meanings to The Tower?

Cards with complementary “big change” meanings include Death, Judgement, The Moon, The Star and The Wheel of Fortune. When paired, these can amplify The Tower’s message of inevitable transformation, albeit through difficult crisis.

Does The Tower symbolize mental health issues?

The Tower can sometimes symbolize abrupt onset or worsening of mental health conditions like anxiety, depression or psychosis, which can feel externally destructive and destabilizing. However, recovery through psychic renewal is also possible following a Tower-like mental health crisis.

What does a reversed Tower card indicate?

A reversed Tower may symbolize avoidance of necessary change, often resulting in destructive bottling up of emotions or repression of truth. False stability remains temporarily intact, but the delayed Tower reckoning will eventually arrive, for better or worse.

Is The Tower always an external event, or can it be internal?

The Tower can depict both outer and inner upheaval. Externally, it might involve loss of job, accident or natural disaster. As an inner shift, it may relate to a shocking epiphany, mental breakdown or other profound shift of consciousness. Both bring cataclysmic transformation.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tower card represents the destruction of limiting structures and foundations in order to clear space for renewal. While its changes are often difficult, they enable profound evolution.
  • When paired with other cards in a reading, The Tower highlights areas of dramatic upheaval. It reveals where stagnant patterns need to be torn down to allow liberating breakthroughs.
  • The Tower can indicate external events, inner psychological shifts, or both simultaneously. In any form, it signals a necessary “burning away” preceding enlightenment or more authentic rebuilding.
  • Rather than cling to the status quo when The Tower appears, embrace the opportunity for revelation and creating stronger alignment. With courage, this major arcana card brings opportunity for rebirth.


The Tower is among tarot’s most disruptive cards, portending major upheaval. Yet with its destruction comes the chance to clear space for something better aligned with truth to take form. Through the lens of other cards in the reading, The Tower spotlights areas of impending liberation through the annihilation of limiting structures. By bravely releasing resistance when this card appears, we clear the ground on which to build more authentically and strong.

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