The Devil tarot card represents our shadow side – the repressed, unconscious aspects of ourselves that we try to ignore or suppress. When paired with other cards in a reading, the Devil can reveal:

  • Where we are giving away our power or trapped by limiting beliefs or addictions
  • The need to acknowledge and integrate our dark side rather than rejecting it
  • Our desires and temptations that feel “forbidden” or taboo
  • Areas where we feel stuck, restricted, or enslaved – often due to our own fears and false beliefs

Reading about how the Devil combinations with other cards can provide deeper insight into your challenges, as well as how to reclaim your personal power.

Table of Contents

Major Arcana

The Devil and The Magician

  • Meaning: Manifesting shadow desires” charisma misused
  • Explanation: The Magician’s power to manifest anything desired can take a dark turn when fueled by unhealthy fixation. Addiction, obsession, manipulation and “ends justify means” rationalizations are possible.
  • Symbolism: The Devil’s chains around a Magician using gifts for selfish gain.

The Devil and The High Priestess

  • Meaning: Ignoring inner wisdom, intuitive blocks
  • Explanation: When the Devil appears with the High Priestess, inner knowing has likely been suppressed. The querent may be acting against their better judgment or unable to hear their intuitive voice. Secrets, repressed emotions and creative blocks.
  • Symbolism: The High Priestess bound and gagged, unable to share her insights.

The Devil and The Empress

  • Meaning: Creative energy bound, fertility challenges
  • Explanation: The Empress’ creative power feels blocked or limited by fears, insecurities, or a critical inner voice. There may be reproductive issues related to unhealthy lifestyles or thought patterns. Healing the shadow side can unblock creative flow.
  • Symbolism: A chained Empress, unable to nurture her ideas into being.

The Devil and The Emperor

  • Meaning: Abuse of power, dominating leadership
  • Explanation: The Emperor’s natural leadership skills may become oppressive or domineering when influenced by the Devil. There is a warning against authoritarian control, micromanaging, or undermining others’ autonomy. The querent should reflect on how they wield authority.
  • Symbolism: A distorted Emperor ruling through fear and oppression.

The Devil and The Hierophant

  • Meaning: Rebellion against conventions, taboo desires
  • Explanation: The Hierophant represents tradition, while the Devil defies social norms and expectations. Together they suggest bucking conventions, choosing unorthodox paths, or exploring “forbidden” desires. Can also indicate sexual experimentation.
  • Symbolism: The Hierophant’s keys broken, as the Devil unlocks what was hidden.

The Devil and The Lovers

The Devil and The Lovers
The Devil and The Lovers
  • Meaning: Unhealthy attachments, codependency
  • Explanation: In this combination, relationships may become heavy with unhealthy dynamics like obsession, possession, manipulation, betrayal, or abuse. There is strong temptation to stay in dysfunctional situations for the wrong reasons.
  • Symbolism: The Lovers chained together, unable to part ways.

The Devil and The Chariot

  • Meaning: Lacking direction and control, reckless impulses
  • Explanation: The Chariot’s ability to steer towards goals is compromised by the Devil’s chaotic influence. Plans go off track due to distractions, addictions, or lack of self-discipline. The querent feels directionless or gives in to reckless impulses.
  • Symbolism: The Chariot careening with a broken wheel, the Devil at the reins.

The Devil and Strength

  • Meaning: Self-defeating behaviors, inner weakness
  • Explanation: When paired with Strength, the Devil often points to self-sabotage and inner weakness. Good intentions fall prey to fear, doubt, anger, greed, or other shadow emotions that derail progress. Taming the shadow side is key.
  • Symbolism: Strength’s lion breaking free from her grasp, turning on her.

The Devil and The Hermit

  • Meaning: Ignoring soul’s calling, distraction from growth
  • Explanation: The Hermit’s spiritual quest is being hindered by materialism, instant gratification, and other ego pursuits indicated by the Devil. Inner wisdom is ignored in favor of superficial desires or quick fixes. A return to soul work is needed.
  • Symbolism: The Hermit wanders away from his lantern’s light, lured by the Devil’s temptation.

The Devil and Wheel of Fortune

  • Meaning: Stuck in negative patterns, resisting change
  • Explanation: When the Devil appears with the Wheel of Fortune, we feel trapped in cycles of harmful behavior or limiting life circumstances. Though change is possible, we resist due to fear, apathy, or a belief that this is “just the way things are.” Shifting perspective is key.
  • Symbolism: The Wheel’s cycles fixed in place, the Devil preventing its spin.

The Devil and Justice

  • Meaning: Dishonesty, unethical choices, unfairness
  • Explanation: Justice compromised by the Devil points to dishonest or unscrupulous behavior. Ethics become questionable when desires and greed take over. Legal battles may be influenced by lies, bias or corruption. Maintain integrity.
  • Symbolism: Justice’s scales tipped, her eyes covered by the Devil.

The Devil and The Hanged Man

  • Meaning: Choosing stagnation, self-sabotage
  • Explanation: The Hanged Man’s willingness to surrender is distorted by the Devil into self-sabotage. Instead of personal growth, the querent may remain stuck due to unhealthy attachments, fears, or resistance. Choosing stagnation instead of needed change.
  • Symbolism: The Hanged Man’s leg shackled to the Devil’s post, preventing his spiritual surrender.

The Devil and Death

  • Meaning: Resisting necessary change, transformation blocked
  • Explanation: Fear and lack of trust blocks the deep change promised by Death when paired with the Devil. Addictions, denial, or stubborn clinginess to harmful patterns/relationships prevent needed transformation. Surrender must occur.
  • Symbolism: Death’s cloak ripped away, the Devil preventing the change within.

The Devil and Temperance

  • Meaning: Excess and imbalance, discord
  • Explanation: Temperance’s harmony is thrown off by the Devil’s extremism and lack of restraint. There are problems created by conflicting impulses, overindulgence, or lack of middle ground. Moderation must be found.
  • Symbolism: Temperance’s flowing water turns stormy at the Devil’s touch.

The Devil and The Tower

  • Meaning: Dramatic upheaval, breakdown of unhealthy structures
  • Explanation: The Tower’s intense transformative energy is amplified by the Devil’s shadow. False securities topple; secret evils are exposed. Major crises occur within toxic systems or relationships. This breakdown makes room for more authentic structures.
  • Symbolism: Lightning ignites the Devil’s cursed tower, destroying its false foundation.

The Devil and The Star

  • Meaning: Loss of faith and inspiration
  • Explanation: The Star’s hope dims when paired with the Devil’s cynicism and despair. Creativity lacks passion; faith feels tested by challenges. To rekindle inspiration, the shadow must be acknowledged and healed through compassion.
  • Symbolism: The Star’s light fades as the Devil dims her candles.

The Devil and The Moon

  • Meaning: Deception, delusion, obscured truths
  • Explanation: The Moon’s illusions mix potently with the Devil’s shadow to create misunderstandings, fantasies, and unclear perceptions. Things seem distorted and feelings confused. Seeking truth beyond fear and distortions is advised.
  • Symbolism: The Moon’s creatures morph into the Devil’s minions, further misleading.

The Devil and The Sun

  • Meaning: Negativity eclipse’s one’s bright spirit
  • Explanation: The Sun’s warm spirit and vitality feels dampened and suppressed when the Devil appears. Pessimism, melancholy, and dark thoughts block out joy. Reconnecting to purpose and meaning is necessary.
  • Symbolism: An eclipsed Sun, its light and promise dimmed by the passing Devil.

The Devil and Judgement

  • Meaning: Rebirth stalled, ignoring the call
  • Explanation: Judgement’s call to higher purpose rings out, but the Devil’s attachments deafen the ears. Old habits and patterns distract from awakening one’s destiny. The cloaked figures heed the call; the Devil remains chained.
  • Symbolism: The figures rise at Judgement’s call, leaving the Devil enchained below.

The Devil and The World

  • Meaning: Lacking fulfillment, empty achievements, stalled closure
  • Explanation: Despite surface successes, the Devil coupled with the World indicates a lack of deeper purpose or meaning. Goals feel hollow; closure remains elusive. Wholeness requires integrating the shadow into one’s journey.
  • Symbolism: The Devil stands outside the World’s celebratory wreath, purpose unfulfilled.


The Devil and Ace of Wands

  • Meaning: Inspiration stifled, passion suppressed
  • Explanation: The Ace of Wand’s creative spark is dimmed by the Devil’s restrictive presence. Innovation and initiative feels blocked by limiting beliefs, distractions, or a critical inner voice. Reigniting passion is key.
  • Symbolism: The sprouting wand chained down, its flame unlit.

The Devil and Two of Wands

  • Meaning: Unwise plans, reckless ambition
  • Explanation: The Two of Wands plans for the future become derailed by the Devil’s impulsive influence. Visionary thinking takes an egoistic, greedy turn. Success sought at any cost. Realign with ethics and higher purpose.
  • Symbolism: The figure overlooks a landscape of the Devil’s temptation and excess.

The Devil and Three of Wands

  • Meaning: Questionable ventures, risky expansions
  • Explanation: When teaming up with the Devil, the Three of Wands‘ entrepreneurial spirit veers recklessly off course. Questionable ventures based on greed or unhealthy appetites may lead to a fall. Maintain integrity.
  • Symbolism: A merchant’s ship arrives carrying the Devil’s cursed riches.

The Devil and Four of Wands

  • Meaning: Hollow celebrations, disrupted harmony
  • Explanation: Despite surface happiness, the Four of Wands’ celebrations feel empty or forced when paired with the Devil. Discord underlies strained relationships or achievements. More authentic joy requires self-examination.
  • Symbolism: A couple toasts under the Devil’s watchful eye.

The Devil and Five of Wands

  • Meaning: Unhealthy competition, conflict addiction
  • Explanation: The Five of Wands‘ discord intensifies when paired with the Devil. Competition may become ruthless; disagreements turn nasty. Addicted to drama. Restore cooperation through self-control and mutual understanding.
  • Symbolism: The sparring people wield the Devil’s pitchforks.

The Devil and Six of Wands

  • Meaning: Ego inflation, hollow victory
  • Explanation: Despite success, the Six of Wands feels like empty accolades when paired with the Devil. Achievements ring hollow; praise strokes the ego but lacks deeper fulfillment. Beware pride blinding further growth.
  • Symbolism: The victor’s parade overlooked by the jeering Devil.

The Devil and Seven of Wands

  • Meaning: Defensiveness, aggression
  • Explanation: The standing figure in the Seven of Wands turns overly defensive and aggressive under the Devil’s angry influence. Knee-jerk reactions escalate conflict. Manage fears and insecurities with inner strength.
  • Symbolism: The upheld wand becomes the Devil’s pitchfork.

The Devil and Eight of Wands

  • Meaning: Communication breakdowns, excessive pace
  • Explanation: The Eight of Wand’s fast-paced communications become overwhelmed by the Devil’s rapid-fire chaos. Talking in circles, confusion, misinformation. Slow down, focus, and clarify.
  • Symbolism: Wands barrage around the Devil’s heads, missing their marks.

The Devil and Nine of Wands

  • Meaning: Paranoia, suspicious mindset
  • Explanation: The guarded figure of the Nine of Wands grows paranoid under the Devil’s intense scrutiny. Lower defenses; not everyone is out to hurt you. Release fears poisoning perception before they become self-fulfilling.
  • Symbolism: The wounded, defensive figure cowers from the Devil’s perceived threats.

The Devil and Ten of Wands

The Devil and Ten of Wands
The Devil and Ten of Wands
  • Meaning: Martyrdom, refusal to delegate
  • Explanation: The Ten of Wands‘ burden intensifies as the prideful Devil refuses to share the load. Trying to do it all leads to stress and resentment. Accepting help requires vulnerability. Know your limits.
  • Symbolism: The straining figure ignores the Devil mocking his collapse.

The Devil and Page of Wands

  • Meaning: Misguided enthusiasm, talent wasted
  • Explanation: The Page of Wand’s exuberance needs guidance when paired with the Devil, lest it lead ambition astray. Gifted talents may be misapplied without integrity. Mentors can steer this youth’s promise.
  • Symbolism: An eager student studies at the Devil’s feet.

The Devil and Knight of Wands

  • Meaning: Impulsive actions, reckless haste
  • Explanation: The Knight of Wands‘ impulsiveness intensifies when paired with the Devil, discarding caution. Destructive behavior, risky choices, and aggressive behavior often follow. Slow down and consider consequences.
  • Symbolism: A helmeted knight rides wildly with the Devil.

The Devil and Queen of Wands

  • Meaning: Creativity misused, damaged confidence
  • Explanation: The Queen of Wand’s creative talents and radiant confidence may be distorted by the Devil’s limiting influence. Her gifts need redirected toward the light. Healing inner doubts restores her sovereign power.
  • Symbolism: A Queen’s flowering wand is chained and wilting.

The Devil and King of Wands

  • Meaning: Domineering, ruthless leadership
  • Explanation: The warm King of Wands becomes tyrannical and domineering paired with the Devil. Leadership turns oppressive; vision turns to obsession. Check the ego. Rule through inspiration not fear.
  • Symbolism: A twisted King sits surrounded by the Devil’s flames.


The Devil and Ace of Cups

  • Meaning: Joy and love stagnated, emotional blocks
  • Explanation: The Ace of Cup’s overflowing emotions feel stuck and blocked when the Devil appears. Fear of vulnerability may inhibit experiencing joy, intimacy, and love. Opening the heart releases this pent-up energy.
  • Symbolism: Streams flowing from the Ace of Cups turn to sludge around the Devil.

The Devil and Two of Cups

  • Meaning: Unhealthy attachments, love addiction
  • Explanation: The positive union of the Two of Cups sours when bonded with the Devil. Relationships grow toxic yet addictive. Co-dependency, poor boundaries, and abuse may occur. Detach from harmful bonds with self-love.
  • Symbolism: Two chained figures share a blackened, wilted rose.

The Devil and Three of Cups

  • Meaning: Hollow celebration, friendship drama
  • Explanation: Despite outward revelry, the Three of Cups feels empty when paired with the Devil. Parties to numb pain and distract from problems. Friendships may fray from drama and gossip. Foster true connections.
  • Symbolism: Three figures dance under the Devil’s watchful gaze.

The Devil and Four of Cups

  • Meaning: Hedonism, numbing pain
  • Explanation: The Four of Cup’s apathy deepens with the Devil’s presence into full detachment and hedonism. Numbing pain through excess pleasures and distractions. Address root issues for fulfillment.
  • Symbolism: Four overturned darkened cups.

The Devil and Five of Cups

  • Meaning: Obsessive regret, wallowing
  • Explanation: The Five of Cup’s grief intensifies into regret and rumination with the Devil. Endlessly rehashing pain, clinging to sorrows, thinking the worst. Forgive and refocus thoughts on possibilities.
  • Symbolism: A figure fixated on three spilled cups, ignoring the two behind.

The Devil and Six of Cups

  • Meaning: Corrupted innocence, clinging to past
  • Explanation: The happy nostalgia of the Six of Cups turns into clinging to the past or lost youth when paired with the Devil. Fantasizing about “better times” or trying to regain the irretrievable. Live presently.
  • Symbolism: Children frolic as the Devil creeps from a darkened doorway.

The Devil and Seven of Cups

  • Meaning: Illusion and fantasy, Pipe dreams
  • Explanation: The Seven of Cups illusions are magnified by the Devil into complete escapism and fantasy. Unrealistic daydreams and pipe dreams distract from practical steps. Ground visions in reality.
  • Symbolism: Strange scenes play out around the Devil’s bubbling cauldron.

The Devil and Eight of Cups

  • Meaning: Avoiding self-work, distraction
  • Explanation: The soul-searching Eight of Cups is derailed by the Devil’s distraction and temptation. Walking away from emotional work and unfulfilling situations requires courage and commitment.
  • Symbolism: Footprints approaching the cups curve away toward the Devil.

The Devil and Nine of Cups

  • Meaning: Superficial satisfaction, false happiness
  • Explanation: Despite having his cups filled, the Nine of Cups feels unfulfilled when joined by the Devil. Happiness based on external sources like wealth, status or excess is ultimately hollow. Foster inner contentment.
  • Symbolism: The figure indulges surrounded by the Devil’s illusions.

The Devil and Ten of Cups

  • Meaning: Broken family, conflict beneath joyful facade
  • Explanation: The happy home life shown in the Ten of Cups hides turmoil and dysfunction when paired with the Devil. Relationships may appear ideal outwardly but suffer from issues like addiction, abuse, unresolved tensions, cheating, etc. Make happiness within.
  • Symbolism: A seemingly perfect rainbow over a family masked by the Devil’s shadow.

The Devil and Page of Cups

  • Meaning: Innocence lost, childhood trauma
  • Explanation: The Page of Cup’s tender innocence is corrupted by the Devil. Emotional damage, childhood trauma, loss of trust may occur. With support, optimism can be renewed in adulthood.
  • Symbolism: A child gazes sadly at a blackened cup.

The Devil and Knight of Cups

  • Meaning: Moodiness, emotional manipulation
  • Explanation: The Knight of Cup’s feelings intensify into dramatic mood swings and manipulation tactics when paired with the Devil. Validate your own emotions rather than make others responsible for them.
  • Symbolism: A knight rides turbulent waves, the Devil at his back.

The Devil and Queen of Cups

  • Meaning: Emotional toxicity, using feelings to manipulate
  • Explanation: The Queen of Cups nurturing nature sours when bonded with the Devil. Emotions weaponized to guilt and shame others. Heal inner pain rather than projecting it externally. Return to compassion.
  • Symbolism: A Queen with a blackened, oozing cup.

The Devil and King of Cups

  • Meaning: Emotional immaturity, poor self-control
  • Explanation: Despite emotional mastery outwardly, the King of Cups paired with the Devil reveals inner immaturity and poor self-control. Addictive behaviors, reactive outbursts. Mature internally, not just externally.
  • Symbolism: A stoic King battles internal storms, the Devil at his shoulder.


The Devil and Ace of Swords

The Devil and Ace of Swords
The Devil and Ace of Swords
  • Meaning: Truth distorted, clarity suppressed
  • Explanation: The Ace of Sword’s breakthrough insight is muddled by the Devil’s deceptions and confusion. Truth seems relative or unknowable. Remain objective; cut through distortions and speak your wisdom.
  • Symbolism: An upheld sword shrouded in the Devil’s shadowy veil.

The Devil and Two of Swords

  • Meaning: Willful blindness, refusing to face issues
  • Explanation: The Two of Sword’s difficult stalemate worsens with the Devil’s presence. Truths are actively avoided to sidestep hard choices. Remain blindfolded and problems escalate. See clearly.
  • Symbolism: A blindfolded woman actively ignores the Devil’s whispers.

The Devil and Three of Swords

  • Meaning: Rejection wounds, heartbreak
  • Explanation: The Three of Sword’s heartbreak cuts especially deep when paired with the Devil. Painful rejection or betrayal may lead to lasting damage. Process it constructively rather than lashing out.
  • Symbolism: The Devil pulls out the heart-piercing swords.

The Devil and Four of Swords

  • Meaning: Avoidance and isolation
  • Explanation: The Four of Sword’s restful retreat becomes withdrawing isolation paired with the Devil. Avoiding problems seems easier than facing them. Hiding won’t resolve anything long-term.
  • Symbolism: A tomb-like coffin closed against the Devil.

The Devil and Five of Swords

  • Meaning: Ruthlessness, win at all costs
  • Explanation: The Five of Swords conflict turns utterly merciless paired with the Devil. Winning by any means necessary, lacking concern for collateral damage. Remain ethical; some “wins” cost too much.
  • Symbolism: A victor claims bloodied swords under the Devil’s approving eye.

The Devil and Six of Swords

  • Meaning: Avoiding inner work, distractions
  • Explanation: The Six of Sword’s journey is derailed by the Devil’s distractions. Rather than do inner work, there is temptation to escape unfulfilling situations. Resolve root issues.
  • Symbolism: A boat detours toward the Devil’s island instead of the sword’s castle.

The Devil and Seven of Swords

  • Meaning: Deception, ulterior motives
  • Explanation: The Seven of Sword’s deception intensifies greatly when combined with the Devil. Lies compound lies; betrayals conceal further betrayals. Maintain integrity in thoughts and actions.
  • Symbolism: A thief with the Devil’s face sneaks away under night’s cover.

The Devil and Eight of Swords

  • Meaning: Imposed isolation, victim mentality
  • Explanation: The Eight of Sword’s restricted mentality worsens with perceived victimhood from the Devil. Feeling powerless and trapped by external forces. Take responsibility; change comes through inner strength.
  • Symbolism: The blindfolded woman sits enchained below the Devil.

The Devil and Nine of Swords

  • Meaning: Paralyzing fears, rock bottom
  • Explanation: The mind spirals completely out of control when the Nine of Sword’s worry combines with the Devil’s darkness. Hitting rock bottom, paralyzed by irrational and imagined fears. Seek help and a reality check.
  • Symbolism: The anguished figure tormented by demonic swordsmen.

The Devil and Ten of Swords

  • Meaning: Persecution complex, obsession with betrayal
  • Explanation: The Ten of Sword’s hardship feeds an unhealthy fixation when combined with the Devil. Obsessing over past betrayals and expecting further persecution. Release bitterness; don’t let it define you.
  • Symbolism: The prone figure pierced with Devil’s pitchforks.

The Devil and Page of Swords

  • Meaning: Curiosity misdirected, harsh truths
  • Explanation: The Page of Sword’s intellectual curiosity leads to destructive ideologies and worldviews under the Devil’s sway. Use discernment; some “forbidden fruits” prove poisonous over time.
  • Symbolism: A studious Page reads a book of Devilish sigils.

The Devil and Knight of Swords

  • Meaning: Hostile communication, verbal abuse
  • Explanation: The Knight of Sword’s bluntness becomes cruel and combative paired with the Devil. Hostile language, verbal fights, hate speech. Cool heated words before speaking.
  • Symbolism: A battlefield of soldiers impaled on swords.

The Devil and Queen of Swords

  • Meaning: Judgmentality, criticism
  • Explanation: The Queen of Sword’s perceptiveness grows overly critical and judgmental influenced by the Devil. Shaming, blaming, guilting others. Lead with compassion; we’re all flawed.
  • Symbolism: A stern queen points her sword accusingly.

The Devil and King of Swords

  • Meaning: Tyranny, abuse of power
  • Explanation: The King of Sword’s reason-based leadership becomes cold and oppressive when paired with the Devil. Rules through fear, suppression, even violence. Beware any authority misused.
  • Symbolism: An emotionless King upon a dark throne.


The Devil and Ace of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Gifts and talents wasted
  • Explanation: The Ace of Pentacle’s promising gifts may be squandered or misapplied when paired with the Devil. Abundance requires integrity in how skills are cultivated and shared – not hoarded selfishly.
  • Symbolism: A glittering pentacle in the Devil’s palm.

The Devil and Two of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Financial issues, monetary manipulation
  • Explanation: The Two of Pentacle’s balancing act falters from the Devil’s reckless spending and greed. Money issues, stinginess, gambling, or scheming for profit. Exercise restraint and ethics with finances.
  • Symbolism: Coins shower the Devil’s hands while others lack.

The Devil and Three of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Credit stealing, unethical work environments
  • Explanation: Under the Devil’s influence, the Three of Pentacle’s team success becomes exploiting others’ work. Credit stealing, backstabbing colleagues, cutthroat corporate climates. Maintain integrity.
  • Symbolism: One figure is chained while the other two build with stolen plans.

The Devil and Four of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Greed, materialism
  • Explanation: The Four of Pentacle’s security-seeking turns to hoarding and stinginess when combined with the Devil. Clinging obsessively to money, possessions, people. Share rather than fear lack.
  • Symbolism: A miser clutches coins surrounded by the Devil’s wasteland.

The Devil and Five of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Destitution, poverty mindset
  • Explanation: The Five of Pentacle’s hardship worsens into hopeless poverty with the Devil’s scarcity thinking. Believing the worst – that improvement is impossible. Shift from lack to abundance mentality.
  • Symbolism: Shivering figures trudge hopelessly under the Devil’s shadow.

The Devil and Six of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Strings attached, debt manipulation
  • Explanation: The Six of Pentacle’s generosity sours into manipulation when combined with the Devil. Gifts or charity with hidden agendas for power and leverage. Give freely without expecting anything.
  • Symbolism: A rich figure “helps” the poor, secretly allied with the Devil.

The Devil and Seven of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Lacking fulfillment, impatience
  • Explanation: Despite success, the Seven of Pentacles feels empty when influenced by the Devil’s insatiability. No achievement satisfies; there is a restless desire for more. Appreciate what you have.
  • Symbolism: A fertile garden with the Devil looming above.

The Devil and Eight of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Unfulfilling work, losing meaning
  • Explanation: The Eight of Pentacle’s diligent efforts seem meaningless and unrewarding when paired with the Devil. Work lacks purpose beyond chasing money or status. Reconnect work to higher values.
  • Symbolism: Endless labor without pause, driving the workers to exhaustion.

The Devil and Nine of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Hollow independence, empty luxury
  • Explanation: Despite comfort, the Nine of Pentacle’s self-sufficiency feels cold and lonely when the Devil appears. Independence without meaningful connections or purpose. Wealth itself cannot satisfy the soul.
  • Symbolism: A poised figure surrounded by vanity amid the Devil’s wasteland.

The Devil and Ten of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Family conflict, cutthroat ambition
  • Explanation: The Ten of Pentacle’s family success hides competition, resentment and dysfunction with the Devil. Ruthless ladder-climbing undermines relationships and values. Prioritize people over profits and status.
  • Symbolism: A family posed before a competitive city, ignoring the Devil above.

The Devil and Page of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Wasted potential, laziness
  • Explanation: The Page of Pentacle’s eagerness turns to apathy when influenced by the Devil. Coasting on potential without effort. Mentors can redirect this misguided student back on track.
  • Symbolism: A young student plays truant in the Devil’s lair.

The Devil and Knight of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Obsession, tunnel vision
  • Explanation: The Knight of Pentacle’s pragmatic focus warps into detrimental obsession when combined with the Devil’s excess. Narrow vision blocks bigger picture. Broaden perspective; balance dedication.
  • Symbolism: A horse with blinders walks steadily toward the Devil.

The Devil and Queen of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Hedonism, materialistic values
  • Explanation: The Queen of Pentacle’s comfort-seeking becomes hedonistic overindulgence with the Devil. Finer things in life overshadow deeper values. Redirect generosity toward meaningful connections.
  • Symbolism: A Queen ignores her withering garden, counting coins.

The Devil and King of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Ruthless ambition, profit over people
  • Explanation: The King of Pentacle’s leadership becomes exploitative when influenced by the Devil – profit and results at any cost. Success means nothing without ethics and concern for people impacted.
  • Symbolism: A well-dressed King builds his empire amid the Devil’s wasteland.


What does the Devil tarot card symbolize?

The Devil symbolizes our shadow side – repressed desires, addictions, negative thought patterns, and limiting beliefs that hold us back. It can represent feeling stuck, obsessed, or enslaved by our fears. Often it points to self-sabotaging behaviors or denial of inner darkness.

Is the Devil card negative?

The Devil has a negative association but is not an entirely bad omen. It reveals issues needing attention so they can be addressed. Bringing shadow aspects into the light lessens their control over us. It’s a reminder to reflect on what needs healing.

Is the Devil evil or good?

The Devil represents duality and is neither entirely good nor bad. The card’s destructive qualities stem from repression and ignorance, not inherent evil. The Devil asks us to acknowledge and integrate our so-called “dark” aspects to become whole.

What happens if you get the Devil and Lovers?

Together, the Devil and Lovers can indicate relationship problems like temptation, poor boundaries, obsessiveness, or power dynamics that limit partners’ autonomy. The connection may be addictive or abusive. This combo calls for reflection on the health of the bond.

What card represents the Devil?

Some cards associated with the Devil’s shadow qualities include the Tower (for disruption and sudden revelation), Eight of Swords (feeling trapped), Seven of Swords (deception), Five of Pentacles (poverty mindset), and Nine of Swords (anxiety, nightmares).

Key Takeaways

  • The Devil represents repressed desires, negative patterns, and limiting beliefs that hold us back from being empowered.
  • When paired with other cards, the Devil often points to issues like addiction, deception, exploitation, excessive ambition, or distorted perspectives.
  • This shadowy aspect asks to be brought into the light through acknowledgement, reflection, and integration, rather than denial.
  • Examining the Devil’s combinations in readings provides deeper insight into stuck points so they can be addressed.
  • By working through the difficult self-confrontation the Devil demands, greater authenticity and wholeness become possible.


The Devil tarot card offers an important reminder that facing our shadow leads to liberation. By exploring the ways this card combines in readings, we gain wisdom into the unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, and harmful behaviors that undermine us. Once in the light, their control diminishes. Additional self-work, from counseling to lifestyle changes, can help heal and integrate these rejected parts of self.

This integration leads to empowerment. We reclaim our misused talents and abilities. Relationships marred by obsession or toxicity transform through establishing boundaries. Addictions are replaced with more life-affirming passions. Though this effort requires courage, the gift is breaking the chains ultimately leads us to become more fully ourselves – dark and light combined.

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