The soul urge number and life path number are two important numbers in numerology that provide insight into a person’s inner self and life journey. Though related, they have distinct meanings and interpretations. This article will explain what each number represents, how to calculate them, and the key differences between the soul urge number and life path number. We’ll also look at how to interpret them together to gain a more complete numerology profile.

Calculating the Soul Urge Number

What is the Soul Urge Number?

The soul urge number, also called the heart’s desire number, reveals a person’s inner cravings, likes, dislikes, dreams, and motivations. It points to core personality traits and deepest desires.

How to Calculate the Soul Urge Number

How to Calculate the Soul Urge Number
How to Calculate the Soul Urge Number

To find the soul urge number, you calculate the vowels in a person’s full birth name. Here are the steps:

  • Write out the full birth name including middle names if applicable
  • Remove all consonants, leaving only the vowels
  • Assign numbers to the remaining letters based on the chart below:

A – 1 E – 5 I – 9 O – 6 U – 3

  • Add the numbers together
  • If the result is a multi-digit number, add the digits together to get a single digit number

For example, let’s calculate the soul urge number for the name Michelle Jones:

MICH*E**LL***E J***O***N***E***S

E = 5 E = 5 O = 6 E = 5

5 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 21

2 + 1 = 3

The soul urge number is 3.

Interpreting the Soul Urge Number

Interpreting the Soul Urge Number
Interpreting the Soul Urge Number

Once calculated, the soul urge number meaning provides insight into inner drives and desires. Here are brief profiles of each soul urge number:

  • 1 – Independent, original, leader, pioneer
  • 2 – Peaceful, sensitive, diplomatic, friendships
  • 3 – Creative, friendly, uplifting, communicative
  • 4 – Orderly, practical, detail-oriented, technical
  • 5 – Free, adventurous, progressive, change
  • 6 – Balanced, harmonious, responsible, compassionate
  • 7 – Spiritual, analytical, intellectual, knowledge seeking
  • 8 – Ambitious, business savvy, status seeking, leadership
  • 9 – Humanitarian, generous, inclusive, idealistic

Calculating the Life Path Number

What is the Life Path Number?

The life path number indicates a person’s destined life journey and the challenges, opportunities, and lessons to be faced. It points to your natural talents and the optimal career paths to pursue.

How to Calculate the Life Path Number

To find the life path number, add all the digits in your full birth date together. Follow these steps:

  • Write out the full birth date including the 4-digit year
  • Reduce each part of the date (month, day, year) to a single digit by adding the digits together
  • Add the single digit month, day, and year together to get a final single digit

For example, let’s calculate the life path number for November 20, 1992:

November = 11 20 = 2 1992 = 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 21 -> 2 + 1 = 3

11 + 2 + 3 = 16 1 + 6 = 7

The life path number is 7.

Interpreting the Life Path Number

Here is a quick look at the meaning of each life path number:

  • 1 – Leader, independent, pioneering spirit
  • 2 – Cooperative, sensitive, supportive
  • 3 – Upbeat, creative, social
  • 4 – Consistent, orderly, detailed
  • 5 – Adventurous, free spirit, versatile
  • 6 – Responsible, nurturing, balanced
  • 7 – Spiritual, analytical, intellectual
  • 8 – Ambitious, business-minded, status-seeking
  • 9 – Compassionate, generous, humanitarian

Key Differences Between the Numbers

Though related, the soul urge number and life path number have distinct focuses and interpretations. Here are some key differences:

Soul Urge Number

  • Reveals inner personality, dreams, motivations
  • Based on vowels in birth name
  • More changeable – can evolve as life changes
  • Indicates passions to pursue

Life Path Number

  • Reveals life path and lessons to be learned
  • Based on full birth date
  • Fixed and steady – stays the same throughout life
  • Indicates talents and optimal career direction

The soul urge number offers a glimpse into someone’s inner landscape while the life path number points to the outer life journey. The soul urge can adapt while the life path is unchanging.

Interpreting the Numbers Together

To get the fullest picture from numerology, it’s important to look at both the soul urge number and life path number together. Here are some tips on interpreting the numbers in tandem:

  • If they are the same or compatible numbers, you are aligned in fulfilling your soul desires along your destined path. However, beware not becoming unbalanced.
  • If they are very different numbers, you may face challenges in pursuing your innate passions on your life path. Focus on finding common ground between the two numbers.
  • The soul urge number offers clues on how to find fulfillment along your set life path. Look for ways to express your inner nature within the framework of your path.
  • Compare the descriptive words associated with each number – are your inner motivations and outer talents complementary or in conflict? Align them.
  • Over time, work to strike a balance between fulfilling your soul cravings and journeying along your predestined trail.

Utilizing Soul Urge and Life Path Together

Utilizing Soul Urge and Life Path Together
Utilizing Soul Urge and Life Path Together

Career Choices

Your life path number gives clues about well-suited careers while the soul urge number reveals what work environment and roles would be most fulfilling.

If you have a soul urge 2, work that allows collaboration would energize you. A 7 life path points to analytical careers. Put them together and scientific research could be a good fit, mixing teamwork with intellectual analysis.


In relationships, your life path shapes what types of people you attract and lessons to be learned. The soul urge highlights your relationship needs.

A 3 life path indicates creative partners entering your life, while a 4 soul urge desires stability. Though attracted to artistic types, forming a solid bond is important to you. Seek a creatively inspired person who can also be a grounding influence.


Look at your life path number when making major life decisions – is this choice aligned with your destined path? Then consult your soul urge – will this fulfill my inner happiness?

Making a big career move because your life path says it’s the right direction? Ensure your soul cravings for stimulating work will be met.

Using Soul Urge and Life Path for Self Discovery

Calculating and interpreting your soul urge and life path numbers can lead to major self discovery by:

  • Identifying your core personality traits, needs, and motivations
  • Discovering your natural talents and ideal direction in life
  • Gaining clarity on inner desires versus destined life path
  • Understanding relationship needs and most compatible partners
  • Determining career paths that leverage your talents and fulfill your passions
  • Making aligned life choices true to your life path and soul cravings
  • Striking a balance between your inner and outer worlds

So explore these two important numerology numbers to gain insight into your deepest self along with your life’s direction. Use the profound self-knowledge gained to live an inspired, fulfilling life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the soul urge number and life purpose number?

The life purpose number has a very similar meaning to the life path number, though it is calculated differently by reducing the birth name to a single digit. The soul urge number remains distinct as it is based on the vowels of the name and reveals inner desires.

Can your soul urge number change?

Yes, the soul urge number can shift over time as your interests, dreams, and passions evolve through life experiences. It offers insight into your current inner landscape which can transform as you change and grow.

Does your name impact your life path number?

No. The life path number is calculated solely from your date of birth and remains fixed throughout life, unaffected by your name.

Can you have more than one life path number?

No, you have only one life path number for your lifetime, calculated from your full date of birth. It remains your single constant life path number.

How do you calculate your balance number in numerology?

The balance number is calculated by adding together the digits of your birth date and reducing to a single digit. It complements the life path number by revealing your approach to challenges.


In summary, the soul urge number offers a glimpse into your inner essence while the life path number points to your destined outer journey. Calculating and analyzing these two numbers provides powerful self-discovery and direction. Understanding the interplay between your deepest cravings and life’s course allows living an aligned, purposeful life. Use your soul urge number and life path number together as a guide to fulfilling your potential.

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