When it comes to relationships, Pisces can be a complex sign to figure out. As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces seems to encompass all the other signs that came before it. This makes Pisces incredibly adaptable, intuitive, and deep feeling. But it also means their compatibility with other signs can vary greatly depending on the situation. This guide will break down how Pisces gets along with each zodiac sign in love and relationships.

Compatibility with Aries

Attraction and Chemistry

  • Pisces and Aries can feel strongly drawn to each other from the start. Aries is bold and direct while Pisces is romantic and imaginative. This creates exciting chemistry.
  • Both signs love to dive into new adventures together. They bring out each other’s spontaneous and playful sides.
  • Pisces admires the confidence and courage of Aries. And Aries is intrigued by the mystical qualities of Pisces.

Long Term Potential

  • For long-term compatibility, Pisces and Aries need to compromise. Aries can be too aggressive and impatient for sensitive Pisces.
  • Pisces requires emotional reassurance that the lively Aries may not think to provide.
  • With understanding and adaptation over time, these differences can be overcome. Their chemistry and ability to grow together makes it worthwhile.

Compatibility with Taurus

Compatibility with Taurus
Compatibility with Taurus

Attraction and Chemistry

  • Taurus and Pisces connect through their appreciation for beauty and shared longing for romance.
  • Both signs revel in their imagination and fantasy world together.
  • The reliable patience of Taurus makes Pisces feel stable and secure. And Pisces’s caring nature brings out Taurus’s sentimental side.

Long Term Potential

  • Where Pisces and Taurus can run into issues is around practical matters.
  • Taurus needs more structure than the dreamy Pisces. Taurus may complain Pisces has their head in the clouds.
  • But if grounded Taurus can provide a solid foundation and Pisces offers emotional support, this can be a beautiful match built to last.

Compatibility with Gemini

Attraction and Chemistry

  • Playful Gemini and imaginative Pisces are drawn together by their curiosity and creativity. Conversation flows easily between them.
  • Gemini’s wit, humor, and liveliness stimulate Pisces’s intellect and open-minded outlook.
  • And Pisces helps encourage Gemini to tune into their emotional and spiritual self.

Long Term Potential

  • For long lasting romance, Pisces and Gemini need to consciously work on their communication.
  • Gemini seeks constant mental stimulation which can leave emotional Pisces feeling neglected.
  • And Pisces’s indirect communication style baffles straight-forward Gemini at times. But their shared enthusiasm makes overcoming differences well worth it.

Compatibility with Cancer

Compatibility with Cancer
Compatibility with Cancer

Attraction and Chemistry

  • Pisces and Cancer understand one another intuitively from the get-go, creating instant connection.
  • Both water signs have powerful emotions and imagination that lets them escape into their own private world together.
  • Pisces is receptive to Cancer’s mood shifts. And Cancer provides the sympathy and nurturing Pisces craves.

Long Term Potential

  • The biggest relationship challenge for Pisces and Cancer is they can amplify each other’s insecurities.
  • Their shared sensitivity means emotions can spiral out of control if not kept in perspective.
  • But if Pisces and Cancer make communication a priority and take turns being the rock when the other is having an insecure moment, few signs enjoy deeper bonds.

Compatibility with Leo

Compatibility with Leo
Compatibility with Leo

Attraction and Chemistry

  • Outgoing Leo and dreamy Pisces can feel like opposites yet balance each other beautifully.
  • Leo lights up Pisces’s imagination and confidence. Pisces empowers Leo’s creativity and heart.
  • The mix of Leo’s fiery passion and Pisces’s soulful idealism makes for intense chemistry.

Long Term Potential

  • The downside is Pisces can lose themselves in Leo’s strong personality over time. Leo may unintentionally neglect Pisces’s feelings.
  • Leo also needs more praise and attention than self-effacing Pisces may think to provide.
  • But Leo can learn empathy through Pisces’s example. And Pisces can borrow some of Leo’s strength. If they communicate openly, theirs can be a magical relationship.

FAQs About Pisces Compatibility

What zodiac signs are Pisces most compatible with?

Pisces’s best matches are fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio. All three are incredibly intuitive, emotional, and able to connect on a profound level. Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn also make great partners for Pisces, as grounded Earth balances out dreamy Pisces perfectly.

What is Pisces worst match?

The zodiac signs Pisces may struggle most with are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. These signs can be too harsh or detached for sensitive Pisces. They also communicate much differently than literal Pisces. But opposing signs can still make great connections by learning from each other’s strengths.

Are Pisces and Leo compatible?

Pisces and Leo can be excellent partners due to their complementary qualities. Fiery Leo helps bring shy Pisces out of their shell, while emotional Pisces teaches fun-loving Leo to get in touch with their spiritual, compassionate side. For this match to thrive long-term, Leo needs to be careful not to neglect Pisces’s feelings or overwhelm them. When these needs are met, the lively Leo-Pisces duo make a perfect pair.

What signs are Pisces attracted to?

Pisces feel attracted to signs that stoke their imagination and compassion. Fellow water signs with intuitive understanding especially appeal to them. Surprising signs Pisces can feel strong chemistry with are bold Aries, who awakens their daring side, and steady Taurus, who provides a comforting anchor for them. But Pisces’s adaptable nature lets them find connections across all signs.

Do Pisces fall in love easily?

Pisces are the quintessential romantic of the zodiac. These sensitive dreamers fall in love easily and give all of themselves to partners when they do. Staying grounded so they don’t idealize partners is challenging for them. But when balanced Pisces find partners who cherish their huge hearts, they adore for life. Learning discernment helps Pisces guard against choosing unstable partners.


Pisces’s openness to new perspectives allows them to partner well with all signs. But their soulmate matches tend to be fellow water signs or steady earth signs. Opposites like sensual Taurus or commanding Leo can also make terrific companions. Pisces will need to learn better communication and boundaries with freewheeling signs like Gemini and Sagittarius. But no matter their differences, Pisces’s unconditional love helps them create deep connections. By knowing their own needs and working to understand all personality types, Pisces can build rewarding, lasting relationships.

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