The Pisces zodiac sign is the last of the 12 signs of the zodiac and represents those born approximately February 19 to March 20. As one of the water signs, Pisces emotions run deep. Pisces are very intuitive, compassionate, and imaginative. Their symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing their dual nature. Here’s a closer look at the meaning behind the Pisces zodiac sign.

Key Personality Traits of Pisces Zodiac Sign

Key Personality Traits of Pisces Zodiac Sign
Key Personality Traits of Pisces Zodiac Sign


Pisces feel things deeply and have intense emotions. They are very empathetic and connect with others on an emotional level. Sometimes their emotions can overwhelm them. Pisces need to give themselves plenty of time to process their feelings.


Pisces have a sixth sense about people and situations. Their intuition is strong, almost psychic-like. They can pick up on others’ emotions and energy very easily. This makes Pisces extremely perceptive. They trust their gut instincts.


Pisces thrive when they can utilize their creativity. They often think in symbols and metaphors as a way to interpret the world around them. Pisces have a rich inner world where their imagination takes flight. They often express themselves through arts, poetry, or dance.

Strengths of Pisces Zodiac Sign

Strengths of Pisces Zodiac Sign
Strengths of Pisces Zodiac Sign
  • Compassionate – Pisces feel genuine concern for the suffering of others. They want to help and make a difference.
  • Artistic – Pisces have wonderful creative gifts, especially in the realms of music, painting, and dance.
  • Intuitive – Their intuition is spot-on. Pisces can synthesize information and situations to understand them clearly.
  • Idealistic – Pisces envision a better world and work to make it happen. They believe nothing is impossible.


  • Escapist – Sometimes Pisces escape to their inner fantasy world to avoid the painful realities of the real world.
  • Oversensitive – Their extreme sensitivity to criticism makes them vulnerable to emotional wounds.
  • Gullible – Their trusting nature can cause Pisces to be easily deceived by dishonest people.
  • Disorganized – Pisces often lack focus and structure in their daily affairs. They struggle with time management.

Pisces in Love

In relationships, Pisces longing for an emotional soul merge with their partner. They desire true intimacy over anything casual. Once committed, Pisces give their whole heart. But first they need to know their partner will be as devoted as they are. Pisces want romance, adoration, and to be cherished. Their soulmate makes them feel safe to express their deep feelings.

Compatible With:

  • Scorpio – Both are Waters signs that understand each other intuitively and connect on a soulful level.
  • Cancer – This fellow Water sign also bonds emotionally with Pisces in a nurturing way.
  • Capricorn – Earth sign Capricorn provides stability and focus for dreamy Pisces.

Pisces Compatibility Issues

Pisces Compatibility Issues
Pisces Compatibility Issues
  • Gemini – The lighthearted Gemini can sometimes be insensitive to the feelings of sensitive Pisces. Communication breakdowns may occur.
  • Virgo – Virgo’s practical realism and criticism frustrates imaginative Pisces. Lots of adjustments needed.
  • Sagittarius – Sagittarius’ blunt honesty can wound Pisces’ tender heart. And they have conflicting lifestyles.

Pisces in Careers

Pisces do best in careers that tap into their compassion, creativity, intuition, and empathy. They typically prefer behind-the-scenes roles versus high-profile jobs demanding lots of analysis and critical thinking. Pisces thrive when they incorporate inspiration and heart into their work.

Best Careers for Pisces:

  • Counselor/Therapist
  • Artist/Musician
  • Charity Work
  • Photography
  • Dance Instructor
  • Poet/Author

Pisces can struggle with structure, deadlines, and confrontation. Therefore they may need assistance keeping organized and assertive in manager roles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pisces

What does it mean to be a Pisces?

To be a Pisces means you likely have an intuitive, sensitive, dreamy, and emotionally deep way of moving through the world. Your compassion is strong and insight into human nature makes you an excellent counselor. But you periodically need solitude to recharge from taking on others’ pain.

Are Pisces romantic?

Yes, Pisces yearn for romance! They desire a passionate, emotionally intimate relationship where they feel adored and connected completely: body, mind and soul. They enjoy candlelit dinners, walks under the stars, snuggling by the fireplace, and gazing into their lover’s eyes.

What sign does Pisces hate?

Pisces struggle to get along with Gemini, Sagittarius and sometimes Virgo. Gemini can be too mentally stimulating and chatty for sensitive Pisces. Sagittarius’ bluntness hurts Pisces feelings. And Virgo’s criticism is hard to take for this delicate sign.

What age do Pisces find love?

Pisces often find love at a young age – during high school or college. Their romantic dreams and fantasies are already fully formed before real world responsibilities kick in. During their 20s, Pisces start seeking their soulmate more seriously. By 30, most Pisces do get married or start a family.

Why are Pisces so attracted to Scorpio?

Pisces and Scorpio connect intuitively and emotionally right away in relationships. Both Water signs, they implicitly understand each other’s depth and complexity of feelings. Sexually they fuse beautifully too, merging their bodies and souls completely. Pisces adores Scorpio’s passion while Scorpio cherishes romantic Pisces.


In summary, Pisces strengths are compassion, artistry, intuition and imagination. Weaknesses to improve include escapism, oversensitivity, gullibility and disorganization. Pisces thrive when they utilize their creativity to help others, as well as give themselves plenty of downtime to rejuvenate emotionally. In relationships, Pisces do best with fellow Water signs that value emotional intimacy as much as they do. Understanding the meaning behind the Pisces zodiac sign provides valuable insight into those born under this deep, sensitive and loving sign.

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