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What is Lucky Number 6 Meaning?

The number 6 has held special meaning and significance across cultures and religions for thousands of years. Though sometimes viewed as an imperfect number, it more frequently represents balance, harmony, beauty and love. Understanding the numerology and symbolism of the number 6 can provide insight into your personal journey and relationships.

Balance, Harmony and Union

The number 6 is the first “perfect” number. It equals the sum of its factors – 1, 2 and 3. For ancient Greek philosophers, 6 represented harmony, balance and equilibrium. The union of opposite qualities – masculine and feminine, light and dark, good and evil. Six points to the sixth day of creation in Genesis, when God made man and woman. The Star of David comprises two interlocking triangles, pointing up and down, integrated in perfect balance.

In tarot, the Lovers card is numbered 6. It signifies the quest for wholeness through the union of opposites – the merging of male and female. In astrology, Libra – the scales – is the 6th zodiac sign, representing balance, partnership and harmony. Libra energy strives to create equilibrium between contrasting elements and opposing forces.

Beauty, Love and the Throat Chakra

Six is linked with Venus, the planet of beauty, sensuality and love. In numerology, 6 is a loving, stable and harmonious vibration. Sixes are nurturing, romantic, charming and excellent partners. However, they can sometimes sacrifice their own needs for others.

In the chakra system, the 6th chakra is the throat chakra, relating to communication, self-expression and truth. When balanced, it allows us to speak our wisdom, express ourselves clearly and open our hearts to unconditional love.

The Devil, 666 and Dark Occult Symbolism

Because 6 falls short of the divine number 7, it has sometimes been associated with evil. In the Bible, 666 is the “number of the beast”. Some occult groups have used its “unholy trinity” for magical purposes. 666 is called the number of the Devil. However, many dispute this interpretation.

666 simply signifies the number of human weakness, not evil. The human body has 6 limits (dimensions) and the human mind has 6 directional concepts. In Hebrew numerology, 666 relates to the creation and perfection of human form.

The Devil tarot card is numbered 15 (1 + 5 = 6). Yet rather than evil, in a reading it can represent temptation, addiction, shadows and unhealthy attachments we must face.

Overall, despite some sinister occult interpretations, 6 more often symbolizes the sacred union of opposites. The interplay of yin and yang necessary for wholeness.

Numerology and the Significance of 6

Numerology and the Significance of 6
Numerology and the Significance of 6

In numerology, the number 6 resonates with people born under this life path number. It also influences those with 6 as their personality or “soul” number. Exploring the traits and meanings associated with 6 provides self-understanding.

Life Path 6 – The Nurturer

People born under Life Path 6 strive to make the world a more beautiful, loving and harmonious place. Sixes have big, open hearts and care deeply about others’ wellbeing. You give comfort, seek justice and readily sacrifice yourself to help others. However, your caretaking can keep unhealthy situations going. Learning to set boundaries is essential.

Sixes crave stability, family and partnership. You make devoted parents and partners, creating a loving, magic circle of protection around loved ones. But you also need outside interests, creativity and friendships to feel balanced. Service to others gives you meaning but avoid martyrdom.

In career, Sixes excel as nurturers, providers, organizers, designers, artists or activists for social justice. You thrive in roles that allow caregiving, improving communities, supporting growth and creating harmony.

Personality Number 6 – The Romantic Idealist

Those with a Personality Number of 6 are selfless dreamers, idealists and romantics. You have compassion, empathy, kindness and a highly-developed sense of morality. However, you can be over-sacrificing and get taken advantage of. Learn to balance care for others with self-care.

Six personalities have an appreciation for beauty and desire for harmonious relationships. You make warm, thoughtful partners who take relationships seriously. However, you can also become passive and possessive in intimate bonds. Trust is essential for you.

Creatively gifted, you have talent in visual arts, poetry, cooking, music and design. You work hard and persevere at developing your abilities. Expressing your imagination provides an emotional outlet. Surround yourself with beauty and art that inspires you.

Soul Number 6 – The Visionary Lover

Individuals with a Soul Number of 6 are blessed with intuition, imagination and a visionary mind. You see the world through the lens of beauty, romance and love. Your empathy and emotional intelligence fosters understanding of others.

You yearn for an ideal love match and hold fast to romantic dreams. Yet you may also fear loneliness and rejection, sabotaging relationships or clinging too tightly to partners. Have faith real love awaits you.

Channel your gifts into creative arts, mysticism, teaching, counseling or activism. Don’t isolate yourself in fantasy – stay grounded in work that makes a difference. Your words can touch hearts and elevate consciousness. Share your wisdom.

Symbolism of the Number 6 in Tarot

Symbolism of the Number 6 in Tarot
Symbolism of the Number 6 in Tarot

Beyond numerology, the number 6 holds symbolic meaning in the tarot deck. The Lovers, Devil and Temperance cards resonated with this profoundly powerful number vibration. Understanding 6 in tarot provides deep insight on relationships, sexuality and finding balance.

The Lovers – Passion, Duality and Choice

The Lovers, as card number 6, represents the “sacred marriage” of opposites – masculine and feminine, human and divine. The card depicts a naked couple encircled by an angel above them and the tree of knowledge behind them. It encompasses sexual love, passion, heart-stirring connections and the choice to come together in intimacy.

Yet the Lovers also symbolizes humanity’s dualistic existence. The endless dance between shadow and light, spirit and flesh, the conscious and unconscious mind. To find wholeness, we must integrate seemingly opposite parts within ourselves and within our relationships.

The Lovers reminds us relationships challenge us to grow, balance energies and complete ourselves. We must examine our beliefs, make choices and take responsibility for our lives. The card calls us to follow our hearts, awaken to love and merge into more conscious union with a romantic partner.

The Devil – Addiction, Attachment and Facing Shadows

The Devil tarot card, numbered 15 (6), represents the primal urges, temptations and addictions that entrap us – whether drugs, sex, money, power, codependency or unhealthy obsessions of any kind. We become so blinded by temporary satisfaction that we can’t see the chain around our necks.

This card reminds us escape is illusion. The only way out is through. We must bravely turn and face our shadows, destructive patterns and dependencies. Only by radically accepting and shining light into our darkness do we find freedom.

Positively, The Devil prompts us to honor our deepest desires and sensual needs, without shame, while taking responsibility for our actions. By embracing our whole selves, shadows and all, we step into personal empowerment.

Temperance – Integration, Moderation and Flow

Temperance, as card 14 (5+1=6), represents the alchemical process of synthesizing and harmonizing opposites. The angelic figure calls on us to integrate dualities – intuition and reason, spirit and sex, work and play. Blending life’s contrasts allows greater wholeness, centeredness and flow.

This card suggests finding middle ground. Seek moderation, patience and balance in all things. Compromise with others without compromising your values. Temperance reminds us balance is never static but a continual dance we must keep adjusting, just as the flowing waters mix together.

Healing integration emerges from opening our hearts, releasing judgment and loving all aspects of ourselves. Temperance brings acceptance, equilibrium and alignment of body, mind and soul.

Biblical Meaning of 6 – Harmony and Imperfection

Biblical Meaning of 6 - Harmony and Imperfection
Biblical Meaning of 6 – Harmony and Imperfection

The symbolic significance of the number 6 in the Bible offers valuable lessons. 6 days marked God’s creation of the world in Genesis. Yet 6 falls short of divine perfection represented by 7. Understanding 6 in the Bible provides insight into living in grace and serving God’s will.

Six Days of Creation

In the book of Genesis, God created the heavens, earth and all living things in 6 days. On the 6th day, God made man and woman in the divine image. The number 6 here echoes its numerological meanings – creation, humanity, partnership and interconnectedness.

God’s work was “good” for the first 5 days but only on the 6th day does the Bible state it was “very good”. Anthropic interprets this as meaning the creation of human relationship brought completion. For like the Star of David, the union and balance of man and woman makes the world whole.

Imperfection and Incompletion

However, because 6 falls short of perfect 7, it was sometimes seen as imperfect or incomplete on its own. Yet this is only true outside acceptance of God’s grace.

The number 666 symbolizes man’s weakness without the 7th day of divine rest. But God has made us perfectly imperfect; it is only human arrogance that distorts our nature. Embrace the goodness of 6 – the beauty of partnership, creativity and mercy.

Serving God’s Will Through Love and Compassion

What matters most is living in line with God’s will through compassion. Six is the number of humanity, family and community. It calls us to love one another, nurture those in need and work cooperatively to build a just world. When we act in grace and faith, our “incompleteness” ceases to matter.

Lucky Number 6 Meanings in Chinese and Feng Shui

The symbolism of 6 takes on added significance in Chinese culture and the feng shui system. The number 6 resonates with themes of health, prosperity, luck, balance and emotional abundance when properly activated.

Prosperity and Success

In Chinese tradition, 6 is seen as an auspicious and lucky number denoting smooth progress. It is associated with wealth, prosperity and positive development. Chinese businesses often use phone numbers or addresses containing 6 to attract good fortune.

666 is considered a specially fortunate number pattern. Its repeating 6s double the luck. 666 businesses strive for great success and abundance. However, 6s must be properly energized and balanced or luck turns to misfortune.

Health, Healing and Harmony

The number 6 relates to health and healing in feng shui. Six symbolizes calmness and stillness, like a gentle stream. The soft water energy soothes emotions and nervous tension, reducing stress. When missing or blocked, illness and emotional turmoil may result.

Feng shui also links 6 to mothering energy – nurturance, nutrition and loving care. The balanced 6 center creates harmonious relationships, close family ties and feelings of belonging.

How to Activate 6 Energy in Feng Shui

Use feng shui enhancers with 6, 66 or 666 to activate its lucky potential. Display art, candles, crystals, flowers or decor in 6s. Place special emphasis on the southwest and center of your home or business to nourish the 6 energy.

You can also chant 6 syllable mantras like Om Mani Padme Hum, do meditations for 6 minutes, or repeat actions 6 times. This strengthens your connection to the compassion and harmony of number 6.

Significance of Number 6 in Astrology and Zodiac

Number 6 stands out strongly in astrology and the zodiac through its association with planet Venus and the sign of Libra. Venus’s qualities along with Libra energy reveal more facets of 6’s symbolism.

Number 6 Resonates with Libra and Planet Venus

In astrology, the number 6 is linked to the sign Libra and its ruling planet Venus. Libra’s glyph resembles the number 6 tilted on its side – further emphasizing the connection.

Libra’s association with 6 enhances meanings of balance, harmony, partnership, beauty and justice. Meanwhile, Venus links it to love, pleasure, luxury and the arts. Together they provide a rich understanding of 6.

Libra – The Peacemaker

As the 6th zodiac sign, Libra energy focuses on restoring equilibrium and justice. This air sign strives for win-win situations and balanced relating. Libra rules marriage, contracts and socially connecting.

However, Libras struggle with indecisiveness and can seem flighty or manipulative in always seeking synthesis. Learning decisiveness while still cooperating is Libra’s life lesson.

Venus – The Lover and Lady

The planet Venus oozes femininity, romance and charm. Love, beauty and pleasure take center stage. Venus inspires affection, eases socializing and attracts resources.

But the dark side shows vanity, jealousy and self-indulgence. The balanced expression of Venus creates harmony through a joyful appreciation of beauty and loving relating. This perfectly aligns with 6’s highest meanings.


In summary, throughout history and across cultures, the number 6 has emerged as deeply significant, multifaceted and rich in symbolic meaning. It represents the union of opposites – masculine and feminine, dark and light, human and divine. Six points to the human experiences of partnership, creation, nurturance, beauty, pleasure and seeking balance through love.

Yet 6 is an imperfect number, always adjusting and realigning equilibrium anew in each moment. Its true essence comes through accepting our imperfect humanity while striving for compassion. By opening our hearts and minds, 6 becomes a vibration of blessing and good fortune. Through understanding the symbolism and messages of the number 6, we gain wisdom to manifest love and harmony in our lives.

Derek Le
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