The number 4 is considered lucky in many cultures around the world. But what does this number represent and why is it seen as being fortunate or auspicious? In this article, we’ll explore the history, symbolism, and meaning behind the lucky number 4.

Cultural and Historical Significance of the Number 4

  • The number 4 has held major symbolic meaning in various cultures and belief systems throughout history. In Chinese culture, 4 is considered a very auspicious number because it sounds similar to the word for “death” in Chinese. Therefore, the number 4 is symbolic of overcoming death.
  • In Chinese numerology, the number 4 also corresponds to the four cardinal directions and the four seasons. It represents completeness and stability. Many things in sets of four are seen as lucky – like the 4 legs of a table.
  • The indigenous Navajo people consider the number 4 sacred. Their mythology speaks of 4 original clans emerging from 4 different colored ears of corn after beings known as the Holy People created the first man and woman.
  • In the Christian faith, the number 4 is connected with the four gospels and their writers – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It’s also seen in the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
  • In Judaism, the Tetragrammaton – the four-letter Hebrew name of God – holds deep meaning. The number 4 corresponds to the four letters in God’s holy name.
  • In Tarot, the 4th card of the Major Arcana is The Emperor – representing authority, structure, rules and foundation.

So across many faiths and cultures, the number 4 has been viewed as divine, whole, and deeply symbolic. Next we’ll explore some of the symbolic meanings tied to this number more generally.

Symbolic Meanings of the Lucky Number 4

Symbolic Meanings of the Lucky Number 4
Symbolic Meanings of the Lucky Number 4
  • Wholeness Completeness – Being made up of 4 equal sides, the square represents solidity, balance, firmness, and wholeness. The 4 seasons complete a year. 4 elements – earth, air, fire, water – were once thought to compose the world.
  • Structure Foundation – There are 4 directions – north, south, east, west. Most tables have 4 legs, providing a firm base. The number 4 provides structure and stability.
  • Practicality Hard Work – The number 4 is linked to the earth element and is seen as a grounded, practical number. Fours are thought of as methodical, detail-oriented, and hard working.
  • Security Order – Related to its structure and stability, the number 4 offers security, predictability, rules, and order. Many systems rely on the Tetrad – such as the 4 bases of DNA.
  • Justice Fairness – In Tarot, the number 4 card key represents righteousness, virtue, order, and law. Fours are associated with laying down foundations of justice and fairness.

How the Number 4 is Considered Lucky or Auspicious

How the Number 4 is Considered Lucky or Auspicious
How the Number 4 is Considered Lucky or Auspicious

So with all these symbolic meanings, it becomes clearer how the number 4 has developed a reputation as being lucky or having positive, fortunate associations. Here are some of the key reasons 4 is favored:

1. Association with Completion Fulfillment

  • As mentioned, 4 represents completion of cycles – 4 seasons make up 1 year, 4 lunar phases complete 1 month. So 4 is linked to achieving fulfillment.
  • The square’s even sides and angles represent balance and solidity. Fours imply reaching a satisfying point of stability.
  • The grounded 4 energy promises results through effort – hard work leads to the fulfillment of goals.

2. Promises Stability Security

  • The 4 legs of a table provide a firm foundation. Similarly, 4 provides grounding and reliability in life.
  • Due to its connection to structure, rules, and order – the number 4 offers the security of clearly defined systems and boundaries.
  • Four is linked to practicality which also brings stability. Fours tend to take a methodical, step-by-step approach.

3. Represents Strong Values Morals

  • As mentioned, in Tarot the 4 card stands for virtuous qualities like righteousness, morality, and honesty.
  • The number 4 is also tied to justice, equality, fairness, and integrity through its straight and even form.
  • Overall, 4 energy is very upright. For many, this translates into good fortune.

4. Numerical Harmony

  • Mathematically, 4 is considered a harmonious number. It’s the smallest composite number – evenly divisible by 1, 2, 4.
  • The Tetrad represents equilibrium. In numerology, 4 resonates with the earth element which rules stability.
  • Balanced 4 energy translates into smooth-sailing outcomes. Things tend to “come together” in fours.

Analyzing the Fortune of Specific Numbers With 4

Analyzing the Fortune of Specific Numbers With 4
Analyzing the Fortune of Specific Numbers With 4

Now that we’ve explored why 4 is lucky generally, let’s look at some specific numbers containing 4 and analyze their fortunate meanings:


The number 14 is a karmic number representing trials and testing. The 1 energy inspires new beginnings while the 4 grounds it in realism. Together they represent developing wisdom and maturity through difficulties. Hard-work eventually pays off. 14 signals challenges leading to personal growth.


Being an even number, 24 resonates with harmony, cooperation, and relationships. Its primary digits 2 and 4 represent partnership, collaboration, service and stability. The pragmatic 4 energy helps make dreams (the 2) a reality through methodical work. 24 is a message to work steadily with others to manifest goals.


Master number 44 carries a potent double dose of the solid, practical 4 energy. It amplifies the number 4’s attributes of hard work, determination, building foundations, and achieving tangible results. 44 is an extremely grounded, down-to-earth number representing strong concentration, productivity, and efficiency. It’s very fortunate for business, work and financial matters.


In angel numbers, 404 signifies building inner strength and determination. The 0 amplifies and enhances the stabilizing attributes of the number 4. 404 encourages developing self-confidence through struggle and effort. The repeating 4’s emphasize laying solid foundations in life, brick by brick. 404 is an angelic nudge to believe in oneself and establish security.

How to Make the Most of 4 Energy

The number 4 is known for its industriousness. Here are some recommendations on harnessing the positive, fortunate 4 energy:

  • Focus efforts – the 4 vibration helps enhance concentration and discipline. Zero in on top priorities.
  • Develop routines – create ordered systems and processes to maximize productivity. Use planners.
  • Be detailed – don’t skip important steps. Carefully think matters through from start to finish.
  • Build skills – invest in learning practical abilities through training and education. Become an expert.
  • Save money – manage finances responsibly. Live within your means. The 4 energy supports stability.
  • Have integrity – operate with fairness, ethics, and transparency. The 4 represents virtue.
  • Aim for quality – don’t sacrifice meticulous standards and hard work. Slow and steady is the 4 motto.
  • Value loyalty – stick to reliable, time-tested relationships and partnerships. Fours signify commitment.

Overall, manifesting the diligent, responsible qualities of the number 4 will help attract its inherent good fortune and prosperity. By laying solid foundations through pragmatic effort, you build the bedrock for lasting success.

FAQs About the Lucky Number 4

What makes the number 4 lucky or lucky?

The number 4 is considered lucky and auspicious because of its symbolism of completeness, structure, stability, integrity and harmony. Culturally, it has significance across numerous faiths and societies. The balanced form of the square gives it a rooted sense of fulfillment and security.

Is the number 4 lucky in Chinese culture?

Yes, in Chinese culture the number 4 is extremely fortunate as it sounds similar to the word for “death” but represents overcoming or avoiding this. Many Chinese traditions involve the number 4 or repetitions of 4 for good luck – like marrying on the 4th, 14th or 24th.

What does 4 mean in numerology?

In numerology, the number 4 represents practicality, hard work, laying foundations, stability, order and methodicalness. The earth element rules 4s. They are builders who excel at effectively planning then achieving tangible results through great focus and determination.

What does a 4 mean in astrology?

As an astrological number, 4 relates to the planet Uranus and zodiac sign Aquarius. Uranus was the 4th planet discovered in the modern era. Aquarius is the 11th sign, and 1 + 1 = 2. The symbolism links 4 to being unconventional, embracing change, and pursuing intellectual growth.

How can the number 4 bring good luck?

The number 4 has fortunate connotations of completion, stability and material/financial success. Ways to attract its luck include: building skills, developing effective routines/systems, focusing efforts, living ethically, saving money, and laying solid foundations through methodical hard work and discipline.


In summary, throughout history and across many cultures the number 4 has been viewed as extremely auspicious and lucky. With its symbolic meanings of wholeness, completion, structure, stability, integrity and harmony, the balanced 4 energy represents the fulfillment of goals through diligent, determined effort. Mastering the positive qualities represented by the number 4 – such as responsibility, loyalty and concentration – can help attract the good fortune inherently associated with this number. By understanding 4’s cultural significance and symbolism, we gain insight into harnessing its luck-bringing potential in practical ways in our own lives.

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