The number 14 is considered lucky by many people around the world. But where does this belief come from and what makes 14 a fortunate number? In this article, we’ll explore the meaning, symbolism, and significance behind the number 14 being seen as a lucky and auspicious number.

Cultural and Historical Meaning of 14

Cultural and Historical Meaning of 14
Cultural and Historical Meaning of 14

Throughout history, the number 14 has held special meaning in various cultures and traditions. Here are some of the ways the number 14 has been seen as significant:


  • In numerology, the number 14 resonates with the energy of pragmatism, diligence, and temperance. It’s associated with hard work and determination.
  • The number breaks down to 5 (1+4). The number 5 represents change, freedom, and adventure.
  • It’s also linked to the Tarot card Temperance which represents balance, moderation, and level-headedness.


  • In Christianity, 14 is significant as it symbolizes deliverance and salvation.
  • There were 14 generations from Abraham to David according to biblical genealogy.
  • The gematria of the name David is 14.


  • There are 14 days in a fortnight.
  • In the ancient Mayan calendar, there were 14 months in a year.

So we can see there are many cultural and historical reasons why the number 14 has been viewed as important. Now let’s look at why it’s specifically considered a lucky number.

Why 14 is Considered a Lucky Number

Why 14 is Considered a Lucky Number
Why 14 is Considered a Lucky Number

There are a few key reasons the number 14 is seen as lucky and fortunate:

Alignment with Lunar Cycles

  • There are approximately 14 days from the new moon to the full moon.
  • Many feel this alignment with lunar cycles gives 14 an energetically balancing and harmonious vibration.
  • The moon has long been associated with luck, intuition, and manifestation.

Links to Wealth and Prosperity

  • 14 contains the single digit 5 twice over. The number 5 is associated with money, freedom, travel, and big life changes.
  • In some Chinese traditions, even numbers are seen as lucky, especially numbers containing 4 as it has the word “death” in it which they believe wards off death.
  • The number 14 is sometimes viewed as signifying increasing abundance. 1+4 = 5 so it’s like your wealth growing.

Optimal for Balance and Stability

  • As mentioned, 14 has numerology links to temperance and moderation. It lands right in the middle, not too little and not too much.
  • This gives it a balanced and steady vibration which is seen as lucky in many cultures.
  • In tarot, 14 is linked to the Temperance card representing synthesized balance.

So in summary, the balanced nature of 14, its alignment with lunar cycles, and its numerological connections to wealth creation and personal freedom all give it a reputation as an auspicious, lucky number.

Ways People Incorporate 14 for Good Luck

Because 14 is seen as such a fortunate number, many people like to consciously incorporate it to invite more luck into their lives. Here are some popular ways:

Dates and Timing

  • Getting married or starting a business on the 14th day of any month.
  • Tying important events to the 14th hour (2 pm is the 14th hour of the day).
  • Looking for 14th floor hotel rooms or apartments.

Addresses and Numbers

  • Seeking an address where the numbers add up to 14.
  • Requesting a phone number or car number plate containing 14.

Ages and Birthdays

  • Celebrating a 14th birthday. This is seen as a significant rite of passage age in many cultures.
  • Looking forward to your 14th wedding anniversary.
  • Taking a special trip at age 14 or 41 (14 reversed).

Financial and Gambling

  • Buying 14 lottery tickets.
  • Betting $14 at games of chance.
  • Putting $14 into savings accounts on the 14th day.

Everyday Habits

  • Repeating positive affirmations 14 times.
  • Lighting 14 candles when manifesting goals.
  • Joining 14 new networking groups this year.

When 14 May Be Seen as Unlucky

While 14 generally has a positive connotation, there are some instances where it’s viewed with more wariness or caution:

  • In buildings, the 14th floor is sometimes skipped due to superstition over the number 13. So the 14th floor would actually be the 13th, which is seen as unlucky.
  • In countries like China, 14 can sound similar to the word “want to die” in Chinese. So it takes on a more ominous meaning.
  • For people with certain phobias around numbers, the number 14 could provoke anxiety due to arithmophobia (fear of numbers).
  • If something very unfortunate happens on the 14th, someone might develop a personal aversion to the date.

So while it’s generally considered quite fortunate, people’s personal experiences and numerology interpretations can also influence whether they view 14 as lucky or unlucky. It depends on their unique circumstances and perspective.

Significance of 14 in History and Pop Culture

Significance of 14 in History and Pop Culture
Significance of 14 in History and Pop Culture

The number 14 has made many symbolic appearances throughout history and pop culture, including:


  • 14 points were listed by President Woodrow Wilson outlining his vision for world peace following WWI.
  • The 14th Amendment in 1868 granted full citizenship rights to African Americans.
  • France celebrates its national holiday on July 14th commemorating the Storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789.


  • In golf, 14 clubs are allowed in a player’s bag.
  • Racecar driver Jimmie Johnson won 14 NASCAR Cup Series championships.
  • WNBA player Candace Parker wears number 14.


  • “Ocean’s Fourteen” was the third film in the Ocean’s trilogy starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt.
  • The horror movie “The Strangers: Prey at Night” revolves around the room number 14.


  • “14 Years” is a hit song by Guns N’ Roses.
  • Rapper Logic has a mixtape titled “Bobby Tarantino” with 14 tracks.

So in many creative works and historic events, the creators consciously chose to incorporate the number 14 for its symbolic significance.

Questions and Answers About the Lucky Number 14

What’s the significance of 14 spiritually?

  • Spiritually, the number 14 is linked to temperance, moderation, and finding balance – as represented by the 14th card of the major arcana in tarot. It’s seen as an angelic number that connects us to our guardian angels and the spirit realm. The balanced nature of 14 also represents the fusion of opposites into harmony.

Is 14 lucky in Chinese culture?

  • In Chinese culture, 14 is generally seen as quite lucky. It contains the number 4 twice which is lucky because 4 sounds similar to the Chinese word for “death”. Having two 4s is seen as very fortunate. The number 14 also sounds similar to the words meaning “guaranteed prosperity” in Chinese.

What religions or cultures see 14 as a sacred number?

  • The number 14 is sacred in many different religions and cultures. In Christianity, 14 represents deliverance or salvation. In Islam, 14 is the number of Stations of the Cross. In Hinduism, 14 represents the 14 worlds within the universe. And in ancient Mayan culture, the number 14 was important in their calendar system.

What’s the significance of 14 roses?

  • 14 roses signifies unwavering love, devotion and friendship. Different numbers of roses have different romantic meanings, and 14 conveys “forever yours” – never-ending love. This makes 14 roses a meaningful romantic or platonic gift to show your committed affection.

Is the 14th floor unlucky like the 13th floor?

  • In some superstitious traditions, the 14th floor is seen as unlucky, not because of the number 14 itself but because often the 14th floor is actually the 13th floor. Due to triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13), in many buildings the 13th floor is simply omitted or skipped when numbering floors. So this leaves the 14th floor with bad luck by association.


In summary, the number 14 has long been viewed as a highly fortunate, lucky number across many different cultures and belief systems. It’s tied to numerous symbolic associations with balance, prosperity, and good vibrations. While it’s most widely seen as auspicious and positive, some people may have their own superstitions around 14 based on their cultural background or personal experiences. But the next time you notice the number 14 showing up in your life, you can appreciate it as a sign of good luck coming your way.

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