The Judgment tarot card often shows up in readings when major life changes are on the horizon. Drawing the Judgment card indicates you are on the verge of an important awakening or epiphany. This card calls on you to reflect deeply on your life and prepare to move confidently into a new phase of growth.

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover everything you need to know about the powerful Judgment tarot card. We’ll explore the Judgment card meanings, and how this Major Arcana card relates to love, work, finances, health, spirituality, and more.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a complete understanding of the Judgment card in tarot readings so you can effectively interpret it the next time it appears in your own spreads.

Judgment Key Facts

Upright Meaning Reversed Meaning Yes or No Numerology Element Planet Astrological Sign
Inner calling, rebirth, awakening, rising up Feeling stuck, resistance to change, self-doubt Yes 20 Fire Pluto Scorpio

Judgment Tarot Card Description

The Judgment card depicts the archangel Gabriel standing tall surrounded by trumpeting angels and people rising up from their graves in jubilation. The angel looks lovingly down on humanity, his arms open wide as if welcoming people into a new way of being. Grey mountains loom in the background under a bright sky breaking through the clouds.

The people are in different states of rebirth – some with arms reaching out joyfully, some still struggling to climb out of their coffins and graves. The scene represents a spiritual awakening or resurrection, with souls rising up to start a new phase in life.

In tarot, Judgment ultimately speaks of atonement, absolution, rebirth, and inner calling. When we are judged, all aspects of the self are accounted for – the good and the bad. The Judgment card calls for deep self-reflection, owning past mistakes, releasing what no longer serves you, and stepping into your higher purpose.

The Upright Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright Judgment Tarot Card Meaning
The Upright Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

Love Relationships

When the Judgment card appears in an upright position in a love reading, it can signify that your relationship is going through an intense renewal or reawakening. There may be deep discussions happening that allow both partners to heal, grow stronger, and ascend to a higher level of intimacy.

If you’ve been struggling with issues in your relationship, the Judgment card brings hope of reconciliation and reinventing the relationship. It is a signal to bring compassion, wisdom and honesty to the situation for positive transformation.

For those currently single, the upright Judgment can indicate that an exciting new relationship is on the horizon that will change your perspective on love. Remain open and ready to embrace new possibilities coming your way.


In career readings, the Judgment card upright points to a professional rebirth or awakening. You may be going through a positive change in direction, landing a new job, or experiencing a boost in public reputation. After a period of feeling stuck in your work, you are now poised to rise up to greater heights.

Judgment can also denote an important promotion or increase in professional status that validates your hard work and skills. You may feel called toward a career that aligns with your soul purpose. Allow any self-doubts to fall away so you can boldly step into this exciting new phase.


When it comes to money and finances, the upright Judgment card foretells financial increase, gains and improvements on the horizon. You may receive unexpected funds, a pay increase at work, a profitable investment offer, or money owed being repaid.

The Judgment card also signals rebirth around how you manage your finances. You may experience an awakening around your spending, savings or investment habits, allowing you to make positive changes to create eventual abundance. Any past financial mistakes can be absolved and healed going forward.


In terms of health, the Judgment card upright heralds good news and improvements after a period of struggle. If you’ve been dealing with illness or injury, you can expect a full recovery or remission. With renewed energy and vitality, you are rising up from sickness into a higher state of wellbeing.

Judgment can also denote adopting a healthier lifestyle or habits after an awakening around nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc. You may find motivation to make positive changes to improve your physical health over the long-term. Overall, this card brings hope and a second chance for increased vitality.


The spiritual meaning of the upright Judgment card is one of deep awakening, rebirth and absolution. You are shedding an old way of limited thinking or false beliefs to renew your faith and connection with source energy or a higher power.

Profound insights leading to spiritual rebirth may come through prayer, meditation, time in nature or work with a spiritual mentor/teacher. Judgment reminds you to maintain an open heart and mind to receive divine guidance toward your highest path.

The Reversed Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed Judgment Tarot Card Meaning
The Reversed Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

Love Relationships

When Judgment appears in reverse position in a love reading, it can signal avoidance of inner reflection, honestly assessing the relationship, and doing the personal work required for growth. There may be patterns of conflict repeating, causing stagnation.

One partner may be resistant to looking inward at their own contributions to the issues. There is hesitancy to own past mistakes and heal together. As a result, the relationship feels stuck and unable to transform to a deeper level of intimacy.

For singles, a reversed Judgment can denote difficulty moving on from a past relationship that still holds emotional power over you. until you fully process these feelings, it will be hard to embrace exciting new possibilities. Do the inner work necessary to unblock your romantic destiny.


In career matters, the reversed Judgment card points to delays, resistance and feeling stuck professionally. You may be denying or ignoring any dissatisfaction with your current job, even if it no longer aligns with your soul purpose.

Fear, uncertainty or complacency is preventing you from making important career changes or rising up to reach your highest potential. Your talents and skills are not being recognized or rewarded appropriately. More inner reflection is needed to get unstuck.


With finances, a reversed Judgment indicates monetary issues being ignored rather than healed. You may be falling back into wasteful spending habits or financial disorganization, leading to increased debt burdens rather than freedom.

Avoiding important money decisions, conversations or actions keeps you stuck in financial uncertainty. Any windfalls or money owed may be slow to materialize until you make changes. Face financial challenges honestly for a rebirth of prosperity.


In health matters, a reversed Judgment card points to avoidance of responsibility around improving wellbeing. You may be in denial about health problems or reluctant to alter self-defeating habits.

Without facing health issues honestly, they will persist or worsen. Judgment reversed can also mean difficulty recovering fully from illness or injury. A negative mindset postpones the healing process. Cultivate more optimism and self-care.


Regarding spirituality, the reversed Judgment card indicates difficulty moving forward on your soul path due to doubts, fears or feelings of unworthiness. You may be denying inner guidance from your higher self or avoiding doing the shadow work required for spiritual growth.

Clinging to limiting beliefs holds you back from an awakening. Take time for prayer, meditation and reflection to get unstuck. Have faith that you are always worthy of divine love, healing and absolution to walk your highest path.

Judgment Tarot Card in Yes or No Questions

The Judgment card almost always signifies a “yes” when it appears in a Yes or No tarot reading. It indicates events and changes are moving forward, a renewal is on its way, and a positive new phase is beginning. Only if strongly reversed would Judgment indicate delays or blocks for a “no” answer. Trust everything is evolving for your highest good even if the road brings some bumps.

Judgment Tarot Card and Numerology

Judgment Tarot Card and Numerology
Judgment Tarot Card and Numerology

In numerology, the Judgment card reduces to the number 2 (20 reduces to 2). Number 2 resonates with cooperation, balance, diplomacy and partnerships. On the Judgment card, two figures are prominently rising up together out of a coffin. This symbology connects with the harmonizing influence of the number 2.

Judgment Tarot Card and Astrology

The Judgment card is associated with Pluto (a planet named after the Roman god of the underworld) and the astrological sign of Scorpio. Pluto represents transformation, spiritual awakenings, power and rebirth from the depths.

Scorpio is also a sign of death and regeneration. Both Pluto and Scorpio match Judgment’s theme of rising up renewed after a major metamorphosis.

Judgment Tarot Card Combinations

  • Judgment and The World – completion of a major life cycle leading to a new beginning
  • Judgment and The Sun – incredible renewal bringing happiness and success
  • Judgment and The Tower – destruction of the old makes room for rebirth
  • Judgment and Death – significant transformation leading to a total reawakening
  • Judgment and The Star – healing old wounds and rising up to your higher purpose
  • Judgment and Justice – karma and atonement, becoming unstuck after delays

Judgment Tarot Card Designs

The most common Judgment tarot card designs include:

  • Archangel Gabriel surrounded by awakening souls
  • People emerging from coffins and graves into light
  • Figures playing trumpets or horns
  • People emerging from the sea into new life
  • An angel blowing a horn over people below
  • A light breaking open dark clouds to reveal blue sky

FAQs About Judgment Card Meaning

Is the Judgment card positive or negative? The Judgment card has a very positive meaning overall. It signifies endings leading to powerful new beginnings, awakening, and ascending to higher levels of awareness. Even when reversed, Judgment reminds us we will all experience rebirth after periods of darkness.

What does Judgment mean in future tarot spreads? In future position, the upright Judgment card forecasts an approaching time of awakening, renewal and growth in the situation. A new positive phase filled with purpose is on the horizon if you remain open to inner wisdom. Reversed points to delays before reaching resolutions.

What tarot cards pair well with Judgment? Cards of transition like Death, Tower and Temperance pair well with Judgment. Also sun, star and world cards that represent success, joy and achievement. Judgment complements major arcana cards focused on cycles, change and spiritual growth.

Is Judgment a good card? Yes, the Judgment card is overwhelmingly positive in tarot readings. It is about becoming unstuck, healing the past, shedding what no longer serves you, and rising up to embrace new higher opportunities. Even reversed, Judgment reminds you that you will eventually experience awakening.

Key Takeaways

  • The Judgment tarot card represents a major life renewal, rebirth and awakening to higher purpose after a period of reflection.
  • In an upright position, Judgment heralds exciting new beginnings in love, career, finances and health after overcoming previous challenges.
  • Reversed, Judgment indicates resistance to change, avoidance of inner work, and delays before reaching resolutions.
  • This powerful Major Arcana card calls you to hear your inner voice, own past mistakes, release limiting patterns, and boldly move toward transformation.
  • Judgment is a very positive card signaling you are headed into a promising new phase of insight and growth.


The Judgment card is an encouraging and hopeful sign that a new phase filled with growth, purpose and revitalization is on the horizon. By letting go of the past and opening your heart to new possibilities, you allow your higher self to guide you towards your greatest fulfillment.

When Judgment appears in a reading, reflect deeply on releasing anything that has been holding you back. Then rise up with courage, optimism and renewal to create positive change in all areas of your life. A powerful awakening awaits!

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