The soul urge, also known as the heart’s desire number, is an important component of numerology. It’s derived from the vowels in your full birth name and it reveals your innermost desires, needs, passions, and creativity. Your soul urge number gives you insights into your identity and life purpose.

Finding your soul urge number is easy with just a few simple steps. Here is a complete guide to determining this significant numerology number.

Gather Information Needed to Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

To find your soul urge number, you first need to gather some basic information:

Your Full Birth Name

  • Write out the full name given on your birth certificate
  • Include your middle name(s)
  • Use the name you were given at birth only

The Number Values for Letters

  • Here are the basic number values assigned to letters in numerology:
  1. A, J, S = 1
  2. B, K, T = 2
  3. C, L, U = 3
  4. D, M, V = 4
  5. E, N, W = 5
  6. F, O, X = 6
  7. G, P, Y = 7
  8. H, Q, Z = 8
  9. I, R = 9

Keep this number chart handy as you calculate your soul urge number.

Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

Calculate Your Soul Urge Number
Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

With your full birth name and the number values for letters, you can now calculate your soul urge number. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Write Out the Vowels in Your Name

  • Write out all of the vowels (A, E, I , O, U) that appear in your full birth name
  • Repeat any vowels that appear more than once
  • Ignore all consonants

Step 2: Convert Vowels to Numbers

  • Replace each vowel with its corresponding number from the chart above
  • Such as A = 1, E = 5, O = 6

Step 3: Add Up the Numbers

  • Add together all of the numbers assigned to the vowels in your name
  • If the result is a multi-digit number, you must continue reducing down to a single digit
  • For example: 26 would reduce down to 8 (2 + 6 = 8)

The final single digit result is your soul urge number!

Understand the Meaning of Your Soul Urge Number

Understand the Meaning of Your Soul Urge Number
Understand the Meaning of Your Soul Urge Number

Once you identify your soul urge number, you can gain deep insights into your innermost needs and true essence.

Here is a quick overview of the meanings:

Soul Urge Number 1

  • Creative, independent, energetic
  • Motivated by new adventures
  • May have entrepreneurial talents

Soul Urge Number 2

  • Nurturing, helpful, cooperative
  • Seeks tranquility and harmony with others
  • Supports teamwork and collaboration

Soul Urge Number 3

  • Expressive, social, cheerful
  • Loves communication, verbalizing thoughts
  • Motivated by popularity or creativity

Soul Urge Number 4

  • Analytical, detail-oriented, orderly
  • Enjoys perfecting processes and systems
  • Interested in logic and practicality

Soul Urge Number 5

  • Freedom-loving, adventurous, adaptable
  • Craves variety and embracing change
  • May resist strict rules or schedules

Soul Urge Number 6

  • Caring, responsible, good listener
  • Likes providing support and healing to others
  • Strong protective and nurturing instincts

Soul Urge Number 7

  • Intellectual, insightful, scientific
  • Fascinated by research and acquiring wisdom
  • Can be perceived as aloof or eccentric

Soul Urge Number 8

  • Ambitious, authoritative, competitive
  • Wants success, influence, and financial growth
  • May be prone to exercise power over others

Soul Urge Number 9

  • Compassionate, generous, creative
  • Idealistic dreamer and humanist
  • Wants to see the highest good for all
  • May give too much or overlook practical needs

Tips for Working With Your Soul Urge Number

Tips for Working With Your Soul Urge Number
Tips for Working With Your Soul Urge Number

Here are some tips on utilizing your soul urge number:

Focus on Basic Needs and Desires

  • Let your soul urge number define your core emotional needs
  • What inner cravings motivate you most? Get those needs met first.

Find Work Fulfilling Your Passions

  • Identify careers allowing you to express your soul urge number
  • If you follow innate passions, work won’t feel like work!

Support Personal Growth and Purpose

  • Use your soul urge number as a guide to grow into your best self
  • Discover and pursue your life purpose consistent with this number

Balance Soul Urges With Logic and Wisdom

  • While important, soul desires shouldn’t override logic and wisdom
  • Sometimes you must put impractical passions aside for a while

When properly understood and expressed, your soul urge number provides a guiding force to being your most authentic, purposeful self. Get to know the deepest parts of your identity.


What exactly is a soul urge number?

Your soul urge number, calculated from the vowels in your name, indicates your innermost needs, passions and creativity. It reveals motivations coming from your heart and core essence.

Do I use my name given at birth to determine my soul urge number?

Yes, you must use the full name given to you at the time you were born. This links the soul urge number to you as an individual. Any legal name changes would not impact the calculation.

Why should I bother finding my soul urge number?

Discovering your soul urge number provides valuable insights into your identity, emotional needs, and life purpose. When used properly, it enables greater self-understanding and potential fulfillment.

Can my perceptions of my own soul desires be different than my soul urge number?

Sometimes our objective soul urge number might reveal motivations that our conscious minds don’t readily acknowledge. But often your number will align with self-perceptions when properly interpreted.

If my friend gets 8 as soul urge number, what does it indicate about that person?

If your friend’s soul urge number is an 8, it indicates they likely have strong ambitions to achieve success, influence, status and financial power. Competitiveness may also be pronounced and integral for their motivation.


Determining your soul urge number using numerology reveals profound insights into your innermost nature. Identifying core desires and needs can lead to greater self-awareness and potential fulfillment in life. Use your soul urge number as a compass to guide your growth journey. When utilized properly, it helps unlock your authentic self.

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