The number 8 is considered a very powerful and lucky number in numerology. It is associated with authority, success, abundance, determination, and personal power. Here is an in-depth look at the meaning and significance of the number 8 in numerology, and how it may relate to your house number or address.

The Fundamentals of the Number 8

  • The number 8 is determined by combining the spiritual number 7 with the material number 1. This gives 8 a balanced blend of spiritual and material qualities.
  • In numerology, the number 8 is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn’s energy brings structure, order, restriction, hard work and karma.
  • As an even number, 8 represents solidarity, persistence, and pragmatism. It is considered the number of “power” and suggests self-discipline.
  • The shape of 8 is the infinity symbol turned on its side. This reflects the endless possibilities and cyclic nature associated with the number.
  • In tarot, 8 is associated with the card for Strength featuring the infinity lemniscate over the lion’s head. This symbolizes inner resolve, infinite potential and control over animal instincts.

Prosperity and Abundance

Prosperity and Abundance
Prosperity and Abundance
  • The number 8 is strongly connected to prosperity, success and abundance on the material plane. It carries vibrations of wealth and authority.
  • The number 8 is seen as lucky in Chinese culture because the word for “eight” (ba) sounds similar to the word for “prosperity” or “wealth” (fa).
  • Having an 8 in your address can signify that you live on a path aligned with material and financial growth, comfort and luxury.
  • The double infinity shape of 8 reflects unlimited potential for prosperity. An address with multiple 8s can signal abundant resources and wealth.

Ambition and Power

  • The number 8 is linked to ambition, determination, and strong willpower. It suggests a desire for power, recognition and high status.
  • An address with 8s reflects that the occupants are on a path aligned with achievement, success-orientation, leadership and influence over others.
  • The number 8 is associated with workaholism and the relentless drive to build empires and leave a legacy. It carries a commanding and authoritative energy.
  • Having 8 in your address can indicate you live among motivated go-getters who value recognition and creating structures of authority.

Balance and Harmony

  • Though the number 8 carries so much yang energy, it also contains yin forces. 8 shows the ability to use power and influence responsibly and for the greater good.
  • An 8 house number suggests you live in an environment where people seek balance, harmony and justice. It is associated with fair and wise leadership.
  • The 8 is linked to the universal law of cause and effect. This reminds us that with every privilege comes responsibility. It teaches accountability.
  • Having an 8 in your address reflects that you and your neighbors are on a path of learning to wield power and authority without ego or corruption.

Challenges and Destructive Potential

Challenges and Destructive Potential
Challenges and Destructive Potential
  • The number 8 can reflect headstrong attitudes, a sense of superiority and a tendency to misuse power for selfish ends.
  • An address with multiple 8s may indicate living among ruthless individuals who seek success at any cost, are obsessed with status, and value ends over means.
  • The destructive side of 8 can lead to obsessions for power and control. It can prompt greed, dishonesty and unethical behavior in the name of ambition.
  • A house number 8 may indicate challenges and life lessons around developing wisdom, humility and ethics alongside drive and authority.

Self-Mastery and Integrity

  • The higher purpose of the number 8 is to maintain integrity and lead with benevolence while commanding respect. It is learning enlightened use of power.
  • A home with 8 in the address suggests you are on a path of mastering self-control and leadership abilities. It is a number of executive skills and wisdom.
  • The shape of 8 reflects continuity and return – what goes around comes around. It teaches that might alone does not make right. Moral authority requires character.
  • A house number 8 indicates that you and your community will be focused on cultivating discernment, maturity and ethics as you build material success.

Balance, Karma and Perseverance

Balance, Karma and Perseverance
Balance, Karma and Perseverance
  • The number 8 reflects the karmic wisdom that every cause has an effect. What you sow is what you reap. It represents discernment and responsible living.
  • An address with 8s suggests the occupants are on a path of learning life lessons around power, influence, structuring reality and balancing give and take.
  • The infinity shape reminds us of 8’s endless, cyclical nature. It represents persistence through ups and downs, and sticking to the path despite setbacks.
  • A house number 8 indicates perseverance on the path of creating abundance and wielding authority. It suggests determination, resilience and playing the long game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key words associated with the number 8?

Prosperity, wealth, success, abundance, status, authority, influence, power, determination, ambition, resilience, integrity, balance, karma, discernment.

What famous leaders throughout history have been represented by number 8?

Augustus Caesar, Henry VIII, Napoleon Bonaparte, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher, Jeff Bezos.

What do multiple 8s in an address indicate?

It can indicate living among very ambitious and status-driven individuals. It suggests a community focused on achievement, power, recognition, wealth-building. For good or bad, people take life very seriously.


In summary, the number 8 in numerology carries significant meaning. It represents prosperity, authority, ambition, discernment, endless potential and karmic wisdom. The core message is about learning to properly balance power with compassion. An address with 8s indicates residing in an environment focused on drive, resilience, material success and social status. But it also suggests a community undergoing lessons around wielding power and influence with wisdom, integrity and benevolence. The number 8 is a highly auspicious and motivating force that inspires us to build material abundance and command respect – if tempered properly with ethics and self-mastery.

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