Numerology is the study of the spiritual significance of numbers. In numerology, the number 6 is associated with home, family, responsibility, stability, harmony, and balance. For a house with the number 6, this translates into certain energetic properties and meanings. Understanding the numerology behind house number 6 can provide insight into the energies present in your home environment.

Overview of Number 6 in Numerology

  • Number 6 is ruled by planet Venus, which represents love, harmony, and beauty. In numerology, 6 resonates with the energy of nurturing, caring for others, and creating order in one’s life.
  • People with 6 as their life path number or prominent in their numerology chart are natural caregivers who strive for stability, responsibility, and harmonious relationships. They have a strong nesting instinct.
  • The shadow side of 6 energy is dependency, stubbornness, and self-righteousness. But overall, 6 is seen as the most harmonious and stable single-digit number.
  • In a home or address, number 6 brings qualities of comfort, security, and peace. However, it may also manifest as resistance to change or excess rigidity at times.

Symbolic Meanings of Number 6 House

Symbolic Meanings of Number 6 House
Symbolic Meanings of Number 6 House
  • Domesticity – The number 6 is strongly connected to home and family life. It suggests a safe haven and a comfortable, nurturing environment.
  • Responsibility/Stability – Number 6 carries connotations of reliability, security, and performing one’s duties. A house with a 6 is often well cared for.
  • Harmony and Balance – The energy of 6 resonates with grace, calmness, diplomacy, and maintaining equilibrium in relationships.
  • Parenthood/Providing – This number is linked to caring for others, especially children. It indicates a home environment focused on family needs.
  • Honesty/Integrity – 6 is associated with high morals, humility, and building trust in relationships. Residents strive to be upstanding citizens.

Pros of Living in a Number 6 House

  • Strong focus on family life, close relationships
  • Environments feels warm, comfortable, and welcoming
  • Promotes a sense of belonging, safety, and reliability
  • Favors harmony, cooperation, and diplomacy in relationships
  • Residents likely to be responsible, caring, and loyal
  • Generally a stable, orderly, well-maintained home

Comfort and Stability

One of the biggest advantages of a number 6 house is the energies of comfort, security, and predictability it fosters. Residents are likely to feel settled and reassured by the stable home environment. There is often a consistent routine and not much disruption. For many, this provides a sense of safety.

Close Family Ties

With the emphases on domesticity and responsibility, number 6 homes frequently cultivate close family relationships. The bonds between immediate and extended family tend to be strong and supportive. A number 6 house promotes family unity.

Order and Beauty

The balanced 6 energy also manifests as order, cleanliness, and visual harmony in the home. A number 6 house is often well-organized, aesthetically pleasing, and smoothly run. The emphasis on stability keeps chaos at bay.

Cons of Living in a Number 6 House

Cons of Living in a Number 6 House
Cons of Living in a Number 6 House
  • May be resistant to change, sticks rigidly to routine
  • Could enable dependency or stagnation
  • Excessive devotion to harmony may repress conflict
  • Strong nesting impulse can lead to insularity or isolation
  • Not well-suited forfrequent upheaval or high mobility

Resistance to Change

One potential downside is that the stability of 6 energy can translate into resistance to change or new experiences. There may be a stubborn clinging to habitual routines. Pushing boundaries and innovation tends not to be encouraged.

Enabling Weakness

The caring propensity of number 6 could inadvertently enable immature or irresponsible behavior in some cases. The desire to maintain harmony might also prevent addressing issues or making difficult but necessary changes.

Stifling Expression

While generally harmonizing, the number 6 influence could potentially stifle passionate self-expression or individuality among residents. There may be subtle pressures to conform to group norms and expectations.

Decor and Design of a 6 House

To align with the energetic properties, decorate and design a number 6 home with the following elements:

Warm, Inviting Color Palette

  • Earth tones like tans, browns
  • Pastels – soft greens, blues, pinks
  • Rich reds, burgundies
  • Avoid stark whites or bright neons


  • Soft – cushions, pillows, blankets
  • Natural – stone, wood, wicker
  • Flowing fabrics – velvet, silk

Comfortable, Functional Furniture

  • Overstuffed sofas and armchairs
  • Sturdy wood dining sets
  • Beds with plush bedding

Harmonious Arrangements

  • Furniture arranged conversationally
  • Pleasing sightlines
  • Accessible traffic flow
  • Minimize clutter

Family Photos and Keepsakes

  • Frame family photos prominently
  • Display sentimental heirlooms
  • Kids’ artwork on the refrigerator

Soothing Accessories

  • Houseplants
  • Scented candles
  • Textured throws and pillows
  • Vases of fresh flowers

By Room – Decor for a 6 House

Tailor the different rooms in a 6 house to promote domestic stability and harmony.

Living Room

As the main gathering place, the living room should feel warm, inviting, and conducive to quality time together.

  • Overstuffed sofas and loveseats arranged for conversation
  • Coffee tables for playing games
  • Bookcases for family reading time
  • Soft pillows and blankets to cocoon in
  • Family photos and children’s artwork displayed


The kitchen represents nourishment and provision in a 6 home. Make it a functional, efficient space.

  • Neutral color scheme – tans, warm whites
  • Textured accents – stone backsplash, wood cutting boards
  • Wire storage racks for easy access to cooking tools
  • Sturdy table for family meals
  • Calendar, chore list, and kids’ artwork on the fridge


Bedrooms in a 6 house should evoke rest, harmony, and connection.

  • Restful color palette – soft greens, light blues
  • Plush bedding – comforters, pillows, cushions
  • Night tables to hold books, lamps, photos
  • Televisions should be subtly placed
  • Family photos and keepsakes


Bathrooms should provide calm, order, and pampering.

  • Soothing colors – sea green, slate blue, dove gray
  • Natural accents – stone tile, wicker baskets
  • Wire shelving to corral towels
  • Scented candles
  • Plush towels and bathmats

Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces allow residents to relax in nature’s harmony.

  • Outdoor sofa seating arranged in a sociable layout
  • Planter boxes for flowers and herbs
  • Potted plants and trees
  • Wind chimes and bird feeders
  • Tabletop fountain or decorative pots
  • Fire pit, chiminea, or other focal point

By Feng Shui Area – Number 6 for Key Zones

In feng shui, different areas of the home resonate with specific energies. Here is how to boost the number 6 influence in key feng shui zones:

Front Door

The front door represents the entry point for nurturing energy, so highlight security and beauty.

  • Sturdy, solid door in a warm color
  • Wreath, flowers, or plant to soften the entrance
  • Well-lit walkway and porch
  • House number prominently displayed
  • A welcome mat or bench

Family/Living Room

As the heart of family life, promote togetherness and harmony here.

  • Arrange furniture to invite conversation
  • Display family photos and keepsakes
  • Incorporate soft seating, pillows, throws
  • Have adequate and symmetrical lighting
  • Add a fireplace or aquarium as a soothing focal point

Dining Room

The dining room represents shared sustenance and stability.

  • Comfortable, sturdy dining table
  • Matching tableware for a sense of order
  • Candles or a centerpiece arrangement
  • Buffet or hutch to store dishes/glassware
  • Display favorite serving pieces


The kitchen nurtures with food and comfort. Boost efficiency and calm.

  • Organize appliances, tools within easy reach
  • Incorporate natural materials like wood, tile
  • Display fruit in bowls or hanging baskets
  • Keep at least one wall clear of cabinets
  • Add plants, candles, or art for visual balance


Bedrooms represent rest and relationships. Focus on tranquility and intimacy.

  • Arrange bed so it is the central focus
  • Have symmetrical night tables and lamps
  • Incorporate meaningful art, photos
  • Add lush bedding, pillows, cushions
  • Have window coverings for privacy and darkness


Bathrooms denote cleansing, serenity, and renewal.

  • Soothing color palette of blue, green, gray
  • Natural accents like wooden blinds or wicker
  • Display paired candles or flowers
  • Ensure adequate lighting but minimize glare
  • Store necessities conveniently but not cluttered

The Shadow Side of 6 Energy

The shadow side of number 6 energy includes:

  • Excessive resistance to change
  • Habitual enabling of irresponsible behavior
  • Repression of passionate self-expression
  • Pressure to conform to norms
  • Clinging needily to others
  • Self-righteous stubbornness
  • Dependency and refusal to take risks

While infrequent, these issues can emerge in some number 6 house environments. Residents should maintain self-awareness and be willing to shake things up if the home becomes too stuck or stifling. Bringing in some free-flowing number 5 energy with accessories, art, or short trips can help offset rigidity. Adding empowering number 1 accents reminds residents of their individuality. Seeking occasional outside perspectives keeps things balanced. With consciousness, the shadow side can be minimized or avoided.

Tips for Maximizing the Positive 6 Energy

Tips for Maximizing the Positive 6 Energy
Tips for Maximizing the Positive 6 Energy

To cultivate the uplifting aspects of 6 energy:

  • Display family photos and reminders of togetherness
  • Incorporate comfortable, cozy furniture and decor
  • Maintain routines but be open to occasional changes
  • Resolve conflicts directly but diplomatically
  • Encourage mutual support and responsibility
  • Express affection and appreciation freely
  • Allow gentle, calm colors to dominate
  • Keep orderly, uncluttered spaces
  • Welcome friends and neighbors as ‘extended family’
  • Foster open communication and trust

The Takeaway

For a home with the number 6, the most important takeaway is understanding and promoting the energies of comfort, stability, harmony, and nurturing. Display family photos prominently. Incorporate cozy, soft furnishings and a muted color palette. Maintain orderliness but allow for flexibility. Resolve any conflicts diplomatically. Welcome close family and friends to share quality time together. Most of all, focus on cultivating peace, calm, and connection in your number 6 home.


What are the key traits of a house number 6?

The key traits of a number 6 house include stability, comfort, harmony, family focus, nurturing energy, reliability, orderliness, diplomacy, caring for others, maintaining equilibrium, and providing a safe haven.

What kind of energy is found in a 6 house?

Number 6 energy resonates with domesticity, comfort, diplomacy, compromise, responsibility, caregiving, protection, stability, beauty, and order. It provides a stable, reliable foundation and harmonious environment.

What colors match the energy of a number 6 house?

Earth tones like tans, browns and pastels like soft greens, light blues and peaches resonate best with the energy of number 6. Rich burgundies and pale pinks also align well. Avoid jarring neons.

What rooms are important to pay attention to in a 6 house?

Key rooms to focus on in a 6 house are the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and outdoor living space. Pay special attention to decor that promotes family time, togetherness, nurturing, and harmony in these spaces.

Should you add/avoid any particular decor in a 6 home?

Add cozy, soft furnishing like overstuffed sofas, plush pillows, and padded armchairs. Incorporate natural textures like stone, wood, wicker. Display sentimental family photos and kids’ artwork. Avoid stark, bold colors or anything gaudy, loud, or discordant.

What kind of landscaping suits a number 6 house?

A number 6 house benefits from landscaping that creates a sense of harmony, order, and welcoming energy. Flower gardens, planter boxes, willow trees, fruit trees, birdbaths, benches or patio seating help extend the home’s nurturing vibe outdoors.

What improvements bring good energy if you live in a 6 house?

Improvements like cordial outdoor lighting, wreaths or plants by the front door, family photos in the entryway, cozy living room upgrades, an orderly kitchen, spa-like bathrooms, and bedrooms with plush bedding enhance the energy of a 6 home.

What problems can occur in a number 6 house?

Potential problems include excessive resistance to change, enabling irresponsible behavior, repressing individuality or difficult issues, pressuring social conformity, or fostering needy dependency in relationships. Occasional inflexibility or isolation from outside perspectives may also emerge.

How can you offset negative traits of a 6 house?

Introduce elements representing change, individuality, empowerment, and openness like art, accessories, or short trips in the number 5 energy. Add accents in number 1 energy to inspire independence. Seek outside opinions and input. Shake up routines occasionally. Address issues directly.


In summary, the numerology of house number 6 has strongly domestic associations. The atmosphere tends to be stable, comfortable, orderly, and harmonious. Close family relationships are often a central focus. At the same time, the 6 energy resonates with caring for others, responsibility, nurturing, diplomacy, morality, and provision. Homes with this number energetically cultivate peace, calm, and connection. They provide an environment of stability, harmony, and mutual support. By understanding the numerological essence of the number 6, residents can better align with the distinctive energy and rhythms of their home environment. With some mindfulness, the positive energies can be enhanced, making a number 6 house an ideal setting for family life and personal contentment.

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