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Evil Number Meaning in Astrology

Astrology assigns symbolic meanings to numbers that can reveal insights about a person’s character, motivations, and destiny. Some numbers are considered auspicious, while others may denote challenges or adversities. One such category of numbers steeped in superstition is “evil numbers.”

An evil number in astrology is a number that is believed to be unlucky or inauspicious. Certain numbers are thought to carry negative vibrations or energies that can attract misfortune. While different traditions may have varying lists of evil numbers, some commonly cited examples include 4, 8, 13, and 666. Let’s explore what evil numbers mean in astrology and the reasoning behind their sinister associations.

What are Evil Numbers in Astrology?

What are Evil Numbers in Astrology
What are Evil Numbers in Astrology

In astrology and numerology, evil numbers are numbers that are linked with bad luck, negativity, destruction, misfortune or danger. They are numbers that generally have an unfavorable significance and are believed to bring adverse effects if prominent in a person’s date of birth or life events.

Some examples of commonly recognized evil numbers in astrology include:

  • 4
  • 8
  • 13
  • 17
  • 666

However, interpretations may vary across different schools of astrology and numerology. The associations with negativity are based on symbolic meanings, mythology, religious scriptures, cosmic vibrations or past events linked to the number.

While evil numbers are inauspicious, their effects can be remedied or minimized through balancing solutions in astrology and numerology. Understanding their significance provides an opportunity for conscious improvement of one’s life path.

Origins and History of Evil Numbers

The concept of evil numbers has existed for millennia across various cultures and belief systems. In Greek mythology, the number 13 was associated with misfortune after 12 gods a banquet and the 13th guest was the uninvited Norse god Loki who arranged the murder of one of the gods.

In Christianity, 666 is known as the “number of the beast” due to a reference in the Book of Revelation. This number was linked by ancient Hebrew numerology to Emperor Nero of Rome.

In Chinese Taoist traditions, 4 is considered unlucky because it sounds similar to the word for “death” in Chinese. In Japan and other parts of East Asia, 9 is avoided because it signifies torture or suffering.

In Indian Vedic astrology, the numbers 8 and 13 are deemed inauspicious. 8 is linked to Saturn’s malefic nature and 13 is associated with Mangal or Mars which represents fiery god of war. According to the ancient text Vishnu Purana, evil numbers can spell danger.

While there are cultural and religious roots, evil numbers later found their way into more contemporary astrological and numerological analysis based on symbolic meaning, vibration, and past life interpretation.

Significance of Key Evil Numbers

Significance of Key Evil Numbers
Significance of Key Evil Numbers

Here’s a closer look at some of the major evil numbers in astrology and their associated symbolic meanings:


  • Associated with: Rahu in Vedic astrology
  • Unstable, unpredictable energy
  • Linked to ignorance, lack of understanding
  • Brings uncertainty, sudden changes


  • Associated with: Saturn
  • Represents obstruction, stagnation, distress
  • Linked to delays, misfortune, upheaval


  • Associated with: Mangal (Mars)
  • Represents volatility, aggression, war
  • Brings conflict, violence, unexpected events


  • Associated with: Misfortunes, bad luck
  • Represents sudden catastrophes, accidents
  • Brings grave harm, major upheavals


  • The “number of the beast”
  • Represents evil, darkness, devil
  • Associated with anger, domination, destruction

Influence of Evil Numbers in Astrology

In astrological interpretations, evil numbers are believed to carry negative cosmic vibrations. This affects a person if the evil number has prominence in their birth date, name number, or in significant life events.

Some potential influences of evil numbers include:

  • Difficulties, misfortunes, obstacles
  • Physical injuries,proneness to accidents
  • Losses, scandals, lack of success
  • Harmful addictions, mental health issues
  • Violence, abuse, criminal tendencies
  • Conflicts, volatile relationships, detachment

While an evil number may seem to “attract” negative circumstances, a key viewpoint in astrology is that we have some choice and control. An evil number simply presents challenges meant to stimulate learning and growth for the soul.

Analyzing Evil Numbers in a Birth Chart

To analyze how an evil number may impact someone, Vedic astrologers carefully assess a birth chart for:

  • Appearance of the number in the date of birth
  • The number’s association with afflicted planets
  • The houses the number rules
  • Aspects, yogas, and doshas linked to the number
  • The number’s influences on name and destiny numbers

This integrated analysis illuminates the specific life areas and timeline where the number’s negativity may manifest due to karmic lessons the person must learn in this incarnation. Then remedies can be prescribed to counteract the vibrations.

For example, a 13 born on the 4th may correlate to combative issues in partnerships, conflicts with father, or power struggles affecting home life during adolescent and midlife periods. Specific gemstones, mantras, or pujas could be recommended for balancing.

Remedies for Evil Numbers in Vedic Astrology

Remedies for Evil Numbers in Vedic Astrology
Remedies for Evil Numbers in Vedic Astrology

While evil numbers have an inauspicious significance, their ill-effects can be mitigated by applying suitable astrological remedies as part of a comprehensive approach. Some remedies used to counteract evil number vibrations include:

Numerology Balancing

  • Name changes to enhance name number vibrations
  • Calculating favorable timing for events based on number values


  • Wearing gems like blue sapphire, ruby, and emerald based on the afflicted planet

Rituals Worship

  • Performing puja on days linked to benefic planets
  • Reciting mantras, chants, hymns to planet deities
  • Practicing fasting, meditation, and yoga


  • Donating items, services, or money on key dates
  • Supporting humanitarian causes to generate merits

A nuanced prescription of some of these remedies can neutralize negative planetary energies activated by evil numbers in one’s profile. However, inner reflection and conscious behavior change is also vital for managing challenges encountered along the soul’s journey.


Evil numbers generate much fear and curiosity. Here are answers to 5 commonly asked questions:

What makes a number evil in astrology?

A number can be deemed evil based on mythology, religion, past disasters linked to it, negative vibrations, or alignment with inauspicious planets. The number 4 is evil partly because it sounds like the word “death” in Chinese.

How is 666 evil according to astrology?

666 symbolizes the devil and is called the “number of the beast” in Christianity’s Book of Revelation. Astrologically, it represents darkness, aggression, violence, and destructiveness when influencing someone’s life path.

Can evil numbers affect career and relationships?

Yes, evil numbers can manifest as obstacles in virtually any life area. Number 8 could stall career advancement when linked to Saturn. Number 13 may spark volatility in relationships when connected to Mars.

Is 13 always an evil number in astrology?

Thirteen is widely considered unlucky, unpredictable, or evil based on myths about 13 guests at a dinner party. But its influence depends on other factors in a chart and can occasionally represent transformation.

How do you get rid of evil numbers in astrology?

Astrological remedies like gemstones, mantras, name changes, and charity can mitigate evil number influences. But character development, ethical living, and conscious choices also help overcome associated life challenges.


While no number is entirely positive or negative, certain numbers like 4, 8, 13, and 666 have developed fearful reputations in astrology. When prominent in a birth chart, they are considered evil or unlucky due to symbolic meanings, mythology, and perceived cosmic vibrations.

Evil numbers suggest discordance in specific areas that require inner development, but their ill-effects can be minimized through numerological and astrological remedies. With greater awareness, we can move through associated obstacles and perceive divinity in all numbers on the soul’s journey. Our destiny is colored but not controlled by vibrational meanings linked to numbers. We choose how to respond to the learning opportunities presented by the numbers we encounter.

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