The attitude number, also known as the destiny number or expression number, is a core number in numerology that is said to represent a person’s approach and response to life events and situations. It offers insight into a person’s outlook, perspective, ideals, and natural inclinations.

Overview of Attitude Numbers

Attitude numbers are derived from the vowels in a person’s full birth name. Each vowel is assigned a number value, which are then added together until a single digit number from 1 to 9 results. This final single digit is the attitude number. For example:

  • A = 1
  • E = 5
  • I = 9
  • O = 6
  • U = 3

So a name like “Anne Marie” would have this calculation:

  • Anne = 1 + 5 = 6
  • Marie = 4 + 9 + 5 = 18 -> 1 + 8 = 9
  • Full name attitude number = 6 + 9 = 15 -> 1 + 5 = 6

Some key characteristics associated with each attitude number include:

Number 1

  • Independent, original, pioneer, ambitious

Number 2

  • Cooperative, sensitive, aim to please, diplomat

Number 3

  • Expressive, creative communicator, enjoys variety

Number 4

  • Grounded, orderly, value hard work, technical skills

Number 5

  • Adventurous, versatile, embraces change, fun

Number 6

  • Responsible, nurturing, seeks harmony, humanitarian

Number 7

  • Analytical, reserved, enjoys solitude and research

Number 8

  • Enterprising, authoritative, desires success, leadership

Number 9

  • Compassionate, generous, ideals and wisdom oriented

Insights from Your Attitude Number

Insights from Your Attitude Number
Insights from Your Attitude Number

Your attitude number is hugely informative when you consider that it represents the underlying orientation you have towards everything around you. It colors and shapes external input, information, experiences, and more based on innate qualities within yourself.

Some of the key insights that can be gathered from your attitude number include:

Personality Traits and Characteristics

Your attitude number often points to certain natural personality traits, behaviors, strengths and even weaknesses or blind spots that tend to shape who you are at a core level. It offers a blueprint for understanding motivations.

Ideals and Values

The ideals and principles that someone connects with and expresses value for often tie back to their attitude number. What is held up high in priority and importance stems from this innate orientation towards certain qualities valued subconsciously.

Relating with Others

Because attitude numbers reveal natural personality inclinations and ideals, they allow for insight around relationship compatibility. People with certain attitudes may vibe well together or struggle to relate.

Life Lessons and Growth Areas

Each attitude number tends to correlate with some key life lessons, purposes and areas for growth. Your number will point to themes you may experience for soul evolution.

Career Paths and Pursuits

Work and career pursuits involve expressing yourself outwardly, so your attitude number will color the kinds of jobs and professional environments you align best with. Certain numbers gravitate to particular roles.

6 Key Areas the Attitude Number 6 Reveals

6 Key Areas the Attitude Number 6 Reveals
6 Key Areas the Attitude Number 6 Reveals

As mentioned earlier, the attitude number 6 has the qualities of responsibility, nurturing, seeking harmony and humanitarian interests at its core. Here’s what we can uncover about number 6 specifically:

1. Relates Deeply and Is Responsible

You take relationships seriously and have a natural ability to connect with others in a meaningful way. You feel innately responsible towards others as well and their well-being. This makes you reliable and trustworthy.

2. Loves to Be of Service

Helping, healing, teaching and generally being of service to other people tends to provide great fulfilment for you. Improving lives through selfless action resonates with your ideals.

3. Seeks Beauty and Harmony

You have an eye for beauty and appreciate harmony in your environment/surroundings. You likely have developed aesthetic tastes and enjoy creative pursuits that bring more loveliness into the world.

4. Strong Nurturing Instinct

Caring for others in a nurturing way is second nature, whether this applies to family members, students, patients, employees, etc. You offer encouragement and compassion readily.

5. Makes an Excellent Counselor

Your empathy, responsibility and nurturing abilities mean you make an excellent counselor, therapist or advisor. People open up easily and feel comfortable with you.

6. Growth Area Is Setting Boundaries

While you shine in relational contexts, be aware that you can over-give at times. Developing healthy boundaries so you don’t get depleted is an important life lesson.

Tips for Working With Your Attitude Number

Tips for Working With Your Attitude Number
Tips for Working With Your Attitude Number

Your attitude number offers valuable input about your true nature and path to thrive. But to leverage this, it takes self-awareness, active growth and working intentionally with your numerology blueprint.

Know Yourself

Continually increase self-awareness around your natural traits, strengths to leverage, growth areas, ideals you resonate with, and aspects of identity defined by your attitude number. Be honest with yourself through introspection.

Challenge Yourself

Don’t stagnate or get complacent. Keep stretching your comfort zones and trying new things aligned with your number’s highest potential. Bring your number’s greatest strengths out further.

Find the Right Environments

Align your life – your job, home, relationships, activities, etc – with your true nature. For example, a number 6 will thrive more in caregiving roles versus highly competitive jobs. Choose what allows YOU to shine.

Fine Tune Over Time

Your attitude number interpretation may evolve over time as you have new experiences and uncover deeper layers of what makes you…you! It’s not stagnant, so keep fine tuning your understanding.

FAQs About Attitude Numbers Meaning

How do you calculate your attitude number?

Analyze the vowels in your full birth name. Assign each vowel a number value (A=1, E=5, etc). Add all the numbers together until a single digit from 1-9 results. This final digit is your attitude number.

Can your attitude number change?

The attitude number derived from your birth name remains the same over your lifetime. But you can calculate a different attitude number from alternative names you use to see other traits emerge.

Is 7 a lucky attitude number?

There are benefits and challenges with every attitude number. Number 7 can reflect wisdom seeking and spiritual growth. It really depends most on embracing your attitude number’s meaning.

Are attitude numbers the same as life path numbers?

No – your life path number reveals the overall direction your life will take. Your attitude number specifically reflects inherent personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and other personal characteristics.

What does a number 6 attitude mean?

The number 6 attitude is characterized as responsible, caring, protective, peaceful, empathetic, and oriented towards being of service to others. It relates deeply to relationships as well.


In summary, your attitude number derived from numerology reveals significant understandings about your underlying nature, as well as potentials and pitfalls to be mindful of. With self-awareness and intention, you can leverage these insights around your attitude number for growth and fulfillment aligned with who you truly are.

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