Numerology is the study of the mystical relationship between numbers and living things. It is based on the concept that numbers carry energies that can influence a person’s life. Your attitude number specifically reveals information about your outlook, approach to life, and innate talents or qualities. Gaining insight into your attitude number can help you better understand yourself and maximize your potential.

Decoding Your Attitude Number

Decoding Your Attitude Number
Decoding Your Attitude Number

To determine your attitude number, you analyze your full birth name. Here are the key steps:

Calculating Your Attitude Number

  1. Write out your full name given at birth
  2. Assign each letter a corresponding number 1-9
  3. Add up the numbers for all the letters
  4. If the result is a multi-digit number, add those digits together to get a single digit
  5. The final single digit number is your attitude number

This reveals core information about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, ideal career paths, and more.

Understanding the Meaning of Each Attitude Number

Each attitude number from 1 to 9 has specific qualities:

  • 1 – Leadership, independence, ambition
  • 2 – Diplomacy, cooperation, serving others
  • 3 – Creativity, self-expression, optimism
  • 4 – Systematic, detail-oriented, analytical
  • 5 – Adventure, versatility, promoting change
  • 6 – Compassion, responsibility, caregiving
  • 7 – Spiritual, analytical, seeking knowledge
  • 8 – Authority, business sense, financial savvy
  • 9 – Humanitarian, generous, inclusive

Optimizing Various Life Areas Based on Your Number

Optimizing Various Life Areas Based on Your Number
Optimizing Various Life Areas Based on Your Number

Your attitude number provides guidance to help you excel in critical parts of life.

Career Choices

Certain career paths align well with each attitude number’s strengths:

  • 1 – Entrepreneur, manager, CEO
  • 2 – Counselor, mediator, human resources
  • 3 – Artist, performer, designer
  • 4 – Accountant, IT professional, engineer
  • 5 – Marketing, travel, journalism
  • 6 – Healthcare, teaching, volunteer work
  • 7 – Research, science, academics
  • 8 – Finance, business, law
  • 9 – Nonprofit work, ministry, counseling

Financial Approach

Each number also connects with certain money management styles:

  • 1 – Driven to achieve high earnings
  • 2 – Focused on living within your means
  • 3 – Creative money-making ideas
  • 4 – Careful research and planning
  • 5 – Risk-taking ventures
  • 6 – Generous and gratetful
  • 7 – Studious investing
  • 8 – Ambitious investments
  • 9 – Philanthrophic priorities


Partnerships dynamics align with attitudes too:

  • 1 – Natural leaders
  • 2 – Peacemakers
  • 3 – Fun and exciting
  • 4 – Reliable and loyal
  • 5 – Spontaneous
  • 6 – Nurturing
  • 7 – Intellectual connections
  • 8 – Align on status
  • 9 – Idealistic

Using Numerology for Self-Understanding

Using Numerology for Self-Understanding
Using Numerology for Self-Understanding

There are many ways you can harness the power of numbers for self-growth:

Play to Your Strengths

Use your natural gifts identified by your attitude number as guides for life directions.

Overcome Weaknesses

Knowing your more challenging areas allows you to improve.

Appreciate Contrasting Attitudes

Numerology explains why you might clash or connect with some personalities over others.

Align Values in Partnerships

Evaluate numeric compatibility for better relationships.


What’s the difference between attitude number and life path number?

Your life path number represents your overall life journey, while your attitude number reveals your inherent perspective and personal strengths/growth areas.

Can your name influence your personality and destiny?

Numerologists believe the given at birth holds vibrational meanings that shape our consciousness and fates.

Is there science behind numerology?

While mainstream science has not validated numerology, those who study and apply it believe numbers represent measurable cosmic energies.

Isn’t numerology just superstition?

Skeptics view numerology as an unproven belief system, but those immersed in studying numbers argue there are quantifiable spiritual laws.

Can anyone benefit from numerology?

Whether numerology appeals depends on one’s spiritual/mystical worldview. For some it provides life guidance, while others remain unconvinced.


In numerology, your attitude number reveals your outlook, talents, and growth areas. By understanding your number, you can better relate to others, align with compatible partners, excel in suitable careers, and unlock your full potential. Approach numbers symbolically rather than superstitiously for optimal personal growth.

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