Tarot card combinations provide deeper insights into the meanings of the cards. The 5 of Wands is a dynamic card that can signify conflict, competition, and chaos when paired with other cards.

This guide will explore the 5 of Wands combination with all 78 cards of the Tarot deck. You’ll gain a nuanced understanding of how the 5 of Wands modifies and is modified by every other card.

Table of Contents

Major Arcana

5 of Wands and The Magician

  • Meaning: Manifesting through passion and drive for results
  • Explanation: The Magician’s powerful creative energy combines with the dynamic, competitive 5 of Wands. This highlights the drive to manifest goals, even if some chaos or conflict arises along the way. There is great potential here but staying grounded is key.
  • Imagery: The Magician’s tools combining with the 5 figures brandishing wands signifies using willpower and skill to manifest amidst competition.

5 of Wands and The High Priestess

  • Meaning: Quiet wisdom and intuition amidst outward conflict
  • Explanation: The inward awareness of the High Priestess balances the outward struggle of the 5 of Wands. There is wisdom and insight to be gained by looking within, even while navigating chaotic situations on the surface.
  • Imagery: The High Priestess sitting serenely between the pillars contrasts the 5 sparring figures, showing the value of inner contemplation.

5 of Wands and The Empress

  • Meaning: Nurturing creativity through lively interaction
  • Explanation: The lush abundance of the Empress pairs dynamically with the vibrant energy of the 5 of Wands. This combination encourages creative growth through engaging with others – though staying grounded in care and compassion is advised.
  • Imagery: The Empress represents the flowering of potential, creativity and relationships – the 5 of Wands provides impetus and lively exchange.

5 of Wands and The Emperor

  • Meaning: Channelling competitive drive constructively under stable leadership
  • Explanation: The Emperor’s authority and structure complements the unruly energy of the 5 of Wands. This combination channels competitive spirit into something organized and productive. But flexibility is still needed.
  • Imagery: The Emperor’s throne and armor provide solid footing amidst the frenetic activity of the 5 sparring wands figures.

5 of Wands and The Hierophant

  • Meaning: Questioning traditions and norms leads to new perspectives
  • Explanation: The conventional wisdom of the Hierophant is dynamically contrasted by the disruptive energy of the 5 of Wands. Old ways of thinking may be challenged when new views arise. Adaptability is necessary for progress.
  • Imagery: The orderly Hierophant between the pillars contrasts the chaotic melee of the 5 of Wands, suggesting established traditions may be questioned.

5 of Wands and The Lovers

  • Meaning: Testing relationships yields better bonds
  • Explanation: The Lovers’ close partnership meets the unsettled strife of the 5 of Wands. Relationships are tested and strengthened when differences are worked through openly and honestly. Staying committed is rewarded.
  • Imagery: The Lovers standing hand-in-hand before choice are reminded by the 5 of Wands to keep working at their relationship.

5 of Wands and The Chariot

  • Meaning: Forward progress through strong will and determination
  • Explanation: The charging Chariot combines purposefully with the dynamic, competitive 5 of Wands. This pairing indicates that goals can be achieved through inner resolve and determination, even when facing tests and challenges.
  • Imagery: The Charioteer’s strong will and intent is fueled further by the vibrant energy of the 5 of Wands figures.

5 of Wands and Strength

5 of Wands and Strength
5 of Wands and Strength
  • Meaning: Compassion and courage through trials and turmoil
  • Explanation: Strength’s patience and inner fortitude complements the unsettled strife of the 5 of Wands. This combination draws on courage and compassion to achieve understanding when conflicts arise. Staying centered makes progress possible.
  • Imagery: Strength’s calm amid the lion mirrors the need for composure during the 5 of Wands’ chaos.

5 of Wands and The Hermit

  • Meaning: Withdrawal for inner reflection away from turbulence
  • Explanation: The Hermit’s solitude contrasts significantly with the energetic turbulence of the 5 of Wands. This combination suggests a need to withdraw from external conflicts to reconnect with inner wisdom and truths. Valuable insights can emerge.
  • Imagery: The lone Hermit on a mountain differs markedly from the disorder of the 5 of Wands figures. Time apart may be needed.

5 of Wands and Wheel of Fortune

  • Meaning: Embracing change and seizing opportunity amidst upheaval
  • Explanation: The Wheel’s turning combines dynamically with the disruptive 5 of Wands. Sudden change can catch one off guard but also provide new opportunities. Adapting quickly when upheaval hits leads to beneficial outcomes.
  • Imagery: The Wheel’s kaleidoscopic movement fits well with the frenetic activity and unpredictability of the 5 of Wands.

5 of Wands and Justice

  • Meaning: Seeking truth through fair processes, even when difficult
  • Explanation: Justice’s scales and sword uphold fairness amidst the heated drama of the 5 of Wands. Legal processes or mediation may be necessary to resolve disputes. Objective truth untangles subjective positions.
  • Imagery: Justice seated calmly between pillars contrasts the dynamic disorder of the 5 of Wands, affirming that truth and fairness resolves conflicts.

5 of Wands and The Hanged Man

  • Meaning: Pausing getting a new perspective on competing views
  • Explanation: The Hanged Man’s suspension and reversal shines new light on the 5 of Wands’ conflicts. Taking time to disengage and see things from a fresh angle is transformative. New insights emerge.
  • Imagery: The Hanged Man’s upside down view differs markedly from upright combat of the 5 of Wands, encouraging a paused shift in perspective.

5 of Wands and Death

  • Meaning: Major transformation through breakdown of the old
  • Explanation: Death’s drastic change is intensified by the chaotic energy of the 5 of Wands. Something new emerges after intense confrontation results in the surrender of outdated methods or beliefs. It can be a difficult yet liberating process.
  • Imagery: Death’s skeletal figure dwarfs the disorder of the 5 of Wands. Major change is imminent.

5 of Wands and Temperance

  • Meaning: Finding harmony and moderation amidst conflicts
  • Explanation: Temperance’s healing mix of elements calms the unsettled disruption of the 5 of Wands. Compassion, compromise and cooperation help smooth out differences and restore balance amidst competition and disputes.
  • Imagery: The angel of Temperance balances opposites, guiding the way to harmony amidst discord.

5 of Wands and The Devil

  • Meaning: Releasing negative patterns of power struggles and unhealthy bindings
  • Explanation: The Devil’s bindings and enslavement contrast the unruly disorder of the 5 of Wands. This combination reveals where destructive attitudes and behaviors lock people into adversarial positions. Honesty and awareness can break negative patterns.
  • Imagery: The enchained figures below the Devil contrasts the combative energy of the 5 of Wands. Unhealthy attachments must be identified and released.

5 of Wands and The Tower

  • Meaning: Shocking revelations that radically change perspectives on conflicts
  • Explanation: The Tower’s intense destruction underlies the turbulent upheaval of the 5 of Wands. Entrenched differences fall away abruptly when seismic events provide sobering clarity. This destabilizing process gives space for fresh understanding between opposing sides.
  • Imagery: Lightning striking the Tower mirrors the revelationary power contained in the chaotic strife of the 5 of Wands.

5 of Wands and The Star

  • Meaning: Healing and hope after difficult periods of conflict and strife
  • Explanation: The Star’s uplifting energy and inspiration emerges from the ashes of the 5 of Wands’ chaos and destruction. When conflicts subside, recovery comes through reconnecting faith, purpose and community. There are always new possibilities ahead.
  • Imagery: The Star’s graceful figure by the water signifies the peace and optimism that follows intense times of adversity.

5 of Wands and The Moon

  • Meaning: Wrestling with confusion, fear and misconceptionsHeightens anxiety but allows underlying issues to surface
  • Explanation: The Moon’s shadows and illusions deepen the complexities and uncertainties of the feuding 5 of Wands. Facing inner vulnerabilities and misapprehensions is unsettling yet necessary for resolving conflicts and misunderstandings between people or within oneself.
  • Imagery: The moonlit path’s shadows and creatures parallel the hidden factors beneath outer appearances driving the sparring of the 5 of Wands.

5 of Wands and The Sun

  • Meaning: Resolving conflicts and emerging with greater community and purpose
  • Explanation: The Sun’s radiance illuminates healthy resolution and integration following the difficult disputes of the 5 of Wands. Differences can be worked through into a shared sense of belonging. Upheaval leads to collective renewal.
  • Imagery: The Sun’s smiling child on horseback signifies new hope and happiness after the community fragmentation of the 5 of Wands.

5 of Wands and Judgement

  • Meaning: Major breakthroughs and revelations transform conflict and facilitate forgiveness
  • Explanation: Judgement’s cataclysmic trumpet blast wakes up perspective on the complexities of 5 of Wands’ discord. This brings deep insights about ourselves and others, enabling forgiveness, compassion and renewed purpose together.
  • Imagery: Figures rising from their tombs in Judgement reveal the uplifting potential buried in the most entrenched conflicts of the 5 of Wands.

5 of Wands and The World

  • Meaning: Successful integration of opposing views leads to wholeness and accomplishment
  • Explanation: The World’s fulfilling integration complements the dynamic debates of the 5 of Wands. When divergent voices are woven together skillfully, the result is an inclusive, uplifting synthesis. A greater whole emerges.
  • Imagery: The World’s dancing figure encircled by elements mirrors unifying cooperation following lively sparring leading to wholeness.


5 of Wands and Ace of Wands

  • Meaning: Burst of creative energy to drive new initiatives and ventures
  • Explanation: The Aces’ dynamic potential excites the vibrant combativeness of the 5 of Wands. This combination indicates a surge of creative energy to start new projects, businesses or artistic works – expect a spirited journey.
  • Imagery: The erupting wand of the Ace energizes the lively figures of the 5 of Wands to express their ideas and talents.

5 of Wands and Two of Wands

  • Meaning: Weighing different options and paths generates lively debate but clarity
  • Explanation: The Two’s crossroads combines dynamically with the 5’s combativeness. There is vigorous discussion of options but weighing pros and cons yield important decisions and direction. Fair compromises open new possibilities.
  • Imagery: The figure’s globe and staff in the Two signify analyzing choices while the 5 provides lively discourse to determine the optimal way ahead.

5 of Wands and Three of Wands

  • Meaning: Energetic planning and collaboration leads to tangible results
  • Explanation: The Three’s foresight blends creatively with the Five’s vibrant energy. Passionate teamwork and innovation arises when people share ideas and skillsets to manifest results. Stay flexible when challenges occur.
  • Imagery: The figure watching his ships on the Three meets the passionate community of the Five, enabling collaborative building.

5 of Wands and Four of Wands

  • Meaning: Celebrating shared achievements after intense team effort
  • Explanation: The Four’s festivities follow dynamic group effort symbolized by the Five. Working through differences leads to celebrations of success and belonging. Remember cooperation despite competition.
  • Imagery: The Four’s garlands and gateway suggest joyous events after diligent communal effort of the Five.

5 of Wands and Five of Wands

  • Meaning: Ongoing rivalry spurs development of skills and abilities
  • Explanation: The doubled intensity of two Fives multiplies turbulent competition. However, continuously sparring and vying leads to new capabilities and understanding. Healthy boundaries prevent destruction.
  • Imagery: Two sets of figures brandishing wands intensifies opportunities for both discord and advancement.

5 of Wands and Six of Wands

5 of Wands and Six of Wands
5 of Wands and Six of Wands
  • Meaning: Public recognition and praise after demonstrating skills against the odds
  • Explanation: The Six’s victory parade follows the challenges and conflicts of the Five. Quietly enduring difficult tests before succeeding yields public acknowledgement and self-confidence.
  • Imagery: The returning hero of the Six is battle-tested by the strife of the Five but emerges triumphant.

5 of Wands and Seven of Wands

  • Meaning: Success through persistence and determination despite ongoing challenges
  • Explanation: The Seven’s defensive stance mirrors the continual need for vigilance with the Five. Maintaining position against repeated threats requires deep reserves of courage and stamina. Victory favours the bold.
  • Imagery: The figure’s strong posture on the Seven despite challenges reflects the ongoing trials of the Five. Standing ground wins the day.

5 of Wands and Eight of Wands

  • Meaning: Fast-paced changes and lively exchanges generate new possibilities
  • Explanation: The Eights’ energy accelerates the vitality and debates of the Fives. When communication moves quickly amid diversity, novel ideas and connections form. Maintain clarity through the whirlwind.
  • Imagery: The Eight’s swift wands amplify the verve and stimulation of interacting figures on the Fives.

5 of Wands and Nine of Wands

  • Meaning: Remaining resilient during ongoing tests of strength and endurance
  • Explanation: The Nine’s weary fighter resonates with the Fives’ continual trials. Maintaining hope amid repeated setbacks requires drawing on inner reservoirs of courage and faith. Support from others helps reignite motivation.
  • Imagery: The bandaged figure leaning on his wand echoes the exhausting yet illuminating skirmishes of the Fives.

5 of Wands and Ten of Wands

  • Meaning: Achieving goals through intense focus and drive, risk of exhaustion
  • Explanation: The Tens’ burden resonates with the Fives’ tiring struggles. Realizing ambitious outcomes is rewarding but draining. Rest and resets renew motivation. Delegate when possible.
  • Imagery: The figure shouldering heavy wands mirrors depleted energy following competitive vigor from the Fives. Recharge.

5 of Wands and Page of Wands

  • Meaning: Youthful energy and creativity craves testing and stimulation
  • Explanation: The Page’s spirit blends dynamically with the Five’s lively challenges. An eagerness for growth and competition spurs development but needs structuring and guidance. Nurture positive outlets.
  • Imagery: The Page’s explorations find exciting direction through the Five’s adventures and trials. Learn through action.

5 of Wands and Knight of Wands

  • Meaning: Purposeful action following intense analysis and planning
  • Explanation: The Knight’s energy galvanizes the Fives’ active efforts. Thoughtful strategy precedes forceful action. Impulsiveness leads to missteps. Discipline and focus pays off.
  • Imagery: The Knight’s fiery steed mirrors the dynamic activity of the Fives but with direction. Act judiciously.

5 of Wands and Queen of Wands

  • Meaning: Warm leadership and guidance throughout vigorous endeavours
  • Explanation: The Queen’s vibrancy and compassion steadies the turbulent energies of the Fives. Generous support and insights nurture growth. Her spirit stirs creativity amidst competition.
  • Imagery: The Queen’s cat mirrors harnessing active energies for skilful creation like the Fives’ potential.

5 of Wands and King of Wands

  • Meaning: Strong leadership and authority motivates healthy competition
  • Explanation: The King’s command complements the Fives’ unruly competitions. He channels discord into visionary outcomes through conviction, justice and incentive. Creates order from chaos.
  • Imagery: The King’s stern leadership galvanizes the potential in the Fives’ discord into productive outcomes.


5 of Wands and Ace of Cups

  • Meaning: Powerful new feelings and relationships arise amidst tumult
  • Explanation: The Ace’s gushing cup heralds new emotions and bonds amidst the Fives’ turbulence. Relationships formed during challenging times can become deeply meaningful. Remain open.
  • Imagery: The Ace’s overflowing water contrasts the scattered wands of the Fives. Love enters at unexpected moments.

5 of Wands and Two of Cups

  • Meaning: Forming meaningful partnerships through reconciling differences
  • Explanation: The Two’s close bonds develop through engaging the Fives’ lively debates. Relationships strengthen when differences are addressed honestly and compassionately. Align on shared goals.
  • Imagery: The caduceus symbolizing the Twos’ partnership is fortified by the dynamic fires of the Fives.

5 of Wands and Three of Cups

  • Meaning: Happy gatherings and friendship after challenges faced together
  • Explanation: The Three’s communal joy follows the tests of competition symbolized by the Fives. Shared experiences form tight social bonds. Celebrate progress made.
  • Imagery: The Three’s dancing women counterpart the vibrant energy of the Fives channeled into collegial happiness.

5 of Wands and Four of Cups

  • Meaning: Self-absorption deepens frustration amidst external conflicts
  • Explanation: The Four’s apathy exacerbates the tensions of the Fives. Looking inward without action worsens isolation and discontent. Engage challenges constructively.
  • Imagery: The figure’s turned back highlights disconnect between inner and outer worlds shown by the Fours and Fives.

5 of Wands and Five of Cups

  • Meaning: Regret over past conflicts but hope remains for reconciliation
  • Explanation: The Fives’ discord amplifies the sorrow of the Five of Cups. While forgiveness after hurt is difficult, attempting to understand different perspectives enables mourning then optimism. ### 5 of Wands and Five of Cups
  • Imagery: The cloaked figure amid spilled cups reflects the grief after the arguments of the Fives. But redemption is still possible.

5 of Wands and Six of Cups

  • Meaning: Warm memories help heal present conflicts and turmoil
  • Explanation: The Six’s nostalgia soothes the rawness of the Fives’ strife. Remembering joyful shared times inspires optimism during current trials. Focus on the return of cooperation.
  • Imagery: The Six’s happy children contrasts with the scattered wands of the Fives. Good times will come again.

5 of Wands and Seven of Cups

  • Meaning: Distraction from decisions needed to resolve conflicts
  • Explanation: The Sevens’ wishful fantasies amplify the Fives’ controversies. Daydreaming worsens disputes. Confront issues honestly and directly. Some options must be eliminated.
  • Imagery: The Sevens’ floating clouds contrast the harsh reality of the Fives’ sparring. Make practical choices.

5 of Wands and Eight of Cups

  • Meaning: Walking away from unresolved discord to seek meaning elsewhere
  • Explanation: The Eights’ departure follows the Fives’ tiring turmoil. When repeated conflicts become too draining, moving on to more enriching situations is warranted. Do so with compassion.
  • Imagery: The Eights’ lone walker leaves the drama of the Fives behind for inner soul-searching.

5 of Wands and Nine of Cups

  • Meaning: Achieving harmony and joy after intense periods of volatility
  • Explanation: The Nines’ satisfaction contrasts the clashes of the Fives. Yet disagreements often precede greater understanding. With work, cooperation arises from discord. Celebrate progress made.
  • Imagery: The figure’s contentment in the Nines reassures that unity can follow the Fives’ conflicts.

5 of Wands and Ten of Cups

  • Meaning: Lasting community and family bonds emerge after turbulence
  • Explanation: The Tens’ bliss follows the upheaval of the Fives. Staying dedicated through trials strengthens relationships. Shared struggles build tight communal ties. Joy comes at day’s end.
  • Imagery: The Tens’ loving family contrasts earlier tumult of the Fives. Hardships bind people closer.

5 of Wands and Page of Cups

  • Meaning: Artistic expression productively channels competitive urges
  • Explanation: The Pages’ creativity thrives on the lively energies of the Fives. Competitive instincts find constructive outlet through passionate innovative efforts. Results inspire and unify.
  • Imagery: The Page’s fish reflects dynamically channeling the Fives’ vitality into inspired works.

5 of Wands and Knight of Cups

  • Meaning: Charm and passion smoothed by empathy amidst conflicts
  • Explanation: The Knight’s compassion steadies the volatility of the Fives. Addressing disputes calmly and creatively builds understanding. Listen generously. Solutions often emerge.
  • Imagery: The Knight’s flowing crest contrasts the scattered wands of the Fives. Gentleness tames wildness.

5 of Wands and Queen of Cups

  • Meaning: Compassion and healing soothes volatile emotions and egos
  • Explanation: The Queen’s care calms turbulent feelings arising from the Fives’ clashes. Her wisdom nurtures self-awareness and reconciliation. Recovery occurs through deep listening.
  • Imagery: The Queen’s soothing presence contrasts the scattered wands of the Fives. Emotional harmony returns.

5 of Wands and King of Cups

  • Meaning: Wise guidance calms turbulent emotions and conflicts
  • Explanation: The King’s steady leadership eases volatile moods and disputes aggravated by the Fives. His maturity and balance restore order. Providing reassurance and optimism resolves tensions.
  • Imagery: The King’s disciplined posture contrasts the scattered wands of the Fives. Stability and security return.


5 of Wands and Ace of Swords

  • Meaning: Breakthrough clarity after examining issues from all sides
  • Explanation: The Ace’s sharp mind penetrates the complexity of the Fives’ conflicts. Weighing differing views yields pivotal insights after turmoil. Mental acuity finds workable solutions.
  • Imagery: The Ace’s upheld sword contrasts the scattered wands of the Fives. Objective analysis leads to understanding.

5 of Wands and Two of Swords

  • Meaning: Impasse from excessive attachment to positions and inability to compromise
  • Explanation: The Two’s indecision combats the Fives’ lively disagreements. Blindly clinging to stances prevents resolution. A wider perspective is required. Flexibility brings progress.
  • Imagery: The bound, blindfolded woman of the Twos struggles with the sparring figures of the Fives. Open up to new views.

5 of Wands and Three of Swords

  • Meaning: Painful realizations from seeing truth of heated conflicts
  • Explanation: The Threes’ heartache meets the difficult realizations of the Fives’ turmoil. Hurts from discord and rivalry bring sobering awareness. But from understanding comes maturity and self-knowledge.
  • Imagery: The swords piercing the heart reflect coming to terms with the Fives’ painful battles. Wisdom follows.

5 of Wands and Four of Swords

  • Meaning: Rest and restoration away from constant friction and rivalry
  • Explanation: The Fours’ reprieve follows exhaustion caused by the Fives. Strife is draining. Withdrawing to renew perspective allows tensions to cool and energy to return.
  • Imagery: The knight’s tomb contrasts the vitality and chaos of the Fives. Take time out to refresh.

5 of Wands and Five of Swords

5 of Wands and Five of Swords
5 of Wands and Five of Swords
  • Meaning: Hostility worsened by focusing only on immediate self-interest
  • Explanation: The Fives doubled magnify competitive ego. Without compromise unproductivity and resentment grows. Prioritize shared goals over selfishness. Cultivate empathy.
  • Imagery: Two sets of figures brandishing swords reveals amplified potential for hurtful rivalries.

5 of Wands and Six of Swords

  • Meaning: Leaving behind petty disputes to travel to a more enlightened community.
  • Explanation: The Six’s departure follows the Fives’ weariness from constant friction. Moving toward mentors who have overcome former ignorance inspires growth. Find those further along the path.
  • Imagery: The boat carrying people downriver away from swords symbolizes transcending petty differences through learning.

5 of Wands and Seven of Swords

  • Meaning: Underhanded methods employed amidst ongoing rivalry erodes integrity
  • Explanation: The Sevens’ deception combines badly with the Fives’ competitiveness. Unethical tactics in the heat of contests have serious consequences. Stick to moral principles.
  • Imagery: The stealing swordsman’s furtive exit echoes the risky temptations of the Fives’ charged atmosphere.

5 of Wands and Eight of Swords

  • Meaning: mental prison of anxiety and helplessness from constant turmoil
  • Explanation: The Eights’ paralysis follows the demoralizing strife of the Fives. When discord feels never-ending, motivation evaporates. Supportive community restores hope. Suffering is temporary.
  • Imagery: The woman bound and surrounded by swords depicts battered spirits after the Fives’ exhausting tests. Release negative thoughts.

5 of Wands and Nine of Swords

  • Meaning: Anxiety and guilt follows controversy and painful fallout from disputes
  • Explanation: The Nines’ anguish combines with the Fives’ regrets. Lingering over errors prolongs suffering. Make amends when possible then look ahead positively. Wisdom comes through experience.
  • Imagery: The swords’ shadow over the fearful woman compounds wounds left by the Fives. Do not dwell on missteps.

5 of Wands and Ten of Swords

  • Meaning: End of destructive cycles of behavior through sobering if painful clarity
  • Explanation: The Tens’ defeat follows the demoralizing lessons of the Fives. Yet reaching rock bottom shifts priorities. Old habits fall away opening space for rebirth. Let go and renew.
  • Imagery: The slain figure parallels coming to terms with the damage caused by negative patterns mirrored in the Fives.

5 of Wands and Page of Swords

  • Meaning: Youthful outlook values lively debates as opportunities for growth
  • Explanation: The Page’s optimism balances the Fives’ conflicts. Seen through a lens of learning, even painful disputes strengthen. With guidance, friction produces empathy and skill.
  • Imagery: The Page’s uplifted sword contrasts the grounded wands of the Fives. Take an enlightened perspective on differences.

5 of Wands and Knight of Swords

  • Meaning: Surging ahead with plans and decisions without considering objections
  • Explanation: The Knight’s force intensifies the Fives’ combative energy. Aggressively pursuing goals while ignoring input from others causes trouble. Impulsiveness backfires.
  • Imagery: The Knight’s racing steed amplifies the headstrong energy of the Fives. Recklessness leads to a fall. Move thoughtfully.

5 of Wands and Queen of Swords

  • Meaning: Clear judgment cuts through confusion and complexity of conflict
  • Explanation: The Queen’s incisiveness parts the tangles of the Fives’ strife. With emotional distance, practical solutions become visible. Justice untangles knotted problems. Remain impartial.
  • Imagery: The Queen’s upheld sword differs from the grounded wands of the Fives. Objectivity prevails over subjectivity.

5 of Wands and King of Swords

  • Meaning: Firm leadership resolves disputes through reason and authority
  • Explanation: The King’s strength of mind channels the Fives’ quarrels productively. Imposing order on turmoil may chafe but restores stability. His rational decisiveness cuts to the heart of issues.
  • Imagery: The King’s upright sword contrasts the scattered wands of the Fives. Intellect governs unruly emotions.


5 of Wands and Ace of Pentacles

  • Meaning: New opportunity or prosperity after surviving difficult challenges
  • Explanation: The Ace’s promising coin follows the trying lessons of the Fives. What is earned through adversity and experience is valued more. Hardship builds maturity to handle good fortune.
  • Imagery: The new pentacle contrasts overturned staves of the Fives. Progress comes through perseverance.

5 of Wands and Two of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Adapting resources amidst financial uncertainty brought by competition and volatility
  • Explanation: The Twos’ balancing act responds to the Fives’ instability. When competition causes income fluctuation, resourcefulness and prudence is key. Patiently ride out rough patches.
  • Imagery: The flowing pentacles meet the scattered wands of the Fives. Make do skillfully during uncertainty.

5 of Wands and Three of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Progress through teamwork, technical skill and willingness to improve.
  • Explanation: The Threes’ industry complements the Fives’ energetic collaborations. Constructive feedback amidst rivalry raises standards. Pooling talents and experience leads to excellence. Stay open to learning.
  • Imagery: The builders resonate with the vital communal efforts represented by the Fives. Shared goals bear fruit.

5 of Wands and Four of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Insecurity and defensiveness worsened by competitive pressures and volatility
  • Explanation: The Fours’ possessiveness clashes with the Fives’ instability. When livelihood feels threatened, fear causes stinginess. But opening up ensures support, improving conditions for all.
  • Imagery: The figure clutching coins differs from the vital community of the Fives. Greed limits growth.

5 of Wands and Five of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Difficult times worsened by conflict over limited resources. Necessity of banding together with compassion
  • Explanation: The Fives’ hardship combines with the combative energy of the Fives of Wands. Scarcity fuels infighting. Yet in times of trouble, unity and compassion is the only solution. Lead with the heart.
  • Imagery: The impoverished people resonate with the scattered staves of the Fives. Adversity is best faced collectively.

5 of Wands and Six of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Prosperity from fair distribution of resources after turbulent competition and teamwork
  • Explanation: The Six’s charity follows the lessons of the Fives’ testing collaborations. Rewarding contributions and sharing wealth maintains community. Value everyone’s efforts.
  • Imagery: The beneficent merchant contrasts earlier maneuvering of the Fives. Generosity brings goodwill.

5 of Wands and Seven of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Evaluating progress and making adjustments after dealing with challenges to security
  • Explanation: The Sevens’ assessment follows the Fives’ setbacks and gains. Developing resilience enables bouncing back smarter. Correct course when plans go awry. Learn and improve.
  • Imagery: The appraising farmer resonates after the trials and teachings of the Fives. Make appropriate corrections.

5 of Wands and Eight of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Diligence leads to increasing returns and security after volatility
  • Explanation: The Eights’ dedication stabilizes the fluctuations of the Fives. Consistent skilled effort pays dividends after unreliable income. Practice makes perfect. Minimize distractions.
  • Imagery: The craftsman’s focus contrasts the scattered staves of the Fives. Skilled labor bears returns.

5 of Wands and Nine of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Self-sufficiency and enjoyment of rewards after intense communal effort
  • Explanation: The Nines’ luxury follows communal striving symbolized by the Fives. Contributing to shared goals merits later comfortable autonomy. Hard work earns leisure.
  • Imagery: The graceful woman contrasts earlier struggles of the Fives. Past collaborations enable present peace.

5 of Wands and Ten of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Lasting prosperity and legacy from pulling together through adversity
  • Explanation: The Tens’ affluence follows the Fives’ periods of difficulty. With shared sacrifice, durable wealth arises. Investing in community pays continuing dividends. Leave a legacy.
  • Imagery: The family before the opulent home contrasts earlier trials of the Fives. Teamwork establishes generational security.

5 of Wands and Page of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Playful learning and first ventures gains seasoning through lively engagement
  • Explanation: The Page’s curiosity meets the excitement of the Fives. Youthful learning benefits from testing ideas and skills. Insight arises from real-world trials and team efforts. Stay open to feedback.
  • Imagery: The Page’s studiousness takes on new dimensions through the Fives’ adventures and collaborations. Gain experience.

5 of Wands and Knight of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Meticulous planning ensures steady progress despite challenges
  • Explanation: The Knight’s precision complements the Fives’ energy. Careful analysis and preparation provides firm footing amidst spirited competition. Sweat the details despite turbulence.
  • Imagery: The Knight’s slow heavy horse contrasts the chaos of the Fives. Look before leaping.

5 of Wands and Queen of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Practical support and nurturing guidance help navigate volatile times
  • Explanation: The Queen’s pragmatism steadies the upheaval of the Fives. Her experience and wise counsel sustain and optimize efforts through uncertainty. Value her risk-management.
  • Imagery: The Queen’s grounding presence diverges from the scattered wands of the Fives. Stay anchored despite storms.

5 of Wands and King of Pentacles

  • Meaning: Authoritative leadership manages resources and conflicts competently
  • Explanation: The King’s expertise and diplomacy channels the Fives’ competitive energies productively. His cat-herding skills align unruly groups behind common interests. He commands trust. Imagery: The King’s stately dignity contrasts the chaos of the Fives. His governance restores order.


What does the 5 of Wands tarot card combination mean?

The 5 of Wands represents conflict, tension, competition, and chaos. When combined with other cards, the 5 of Wands brings an energetic, turbulent, and disruptive quality. It reveals areas where struggles are arising and opposing forces are at play – both inner and outer. The combinations provide insight into managing conflict and harnessing competitive energy for growth.

How does the 5 of Wands interact with the Major Arcana cards?

The 5 of Wands shakes up the archetypal forces of the Major Arcana, challenging the status quo and introducing new perspectives. This can be disruptive but also liberating. The Majors like Judgment, Death, and the Tower destroy old patterns to enable transformation. while the Empress, Strength and Temperance help integrate the 5 of Wands’ energy into creative solutions.

What happens when the 5 of Wands interacts with Court Cards like the Queen of Swords?

Court Cards represent personality types. The detached clarity of the Queen of Swords helps cut through the messiness of the 5 of Wands to reach sensible solutions. Her objectivity and wit corresponds well with the lively disputes of the 5. Other Court Cards like the Knight of Wands may worsen conflicts through impulsiveness.

How can the 5 of Wands in combinations help me make decisions?

The combative energy of the 5 of Wands highlights areas of life where you need to weigh options and make difficult choices amidst complex circumstances. Tensions indicate where compromise and creative solutions can further goals. Listening to different voices, yet analyzing judiciously, brings clarity on the best path ahead.

What does the 5 of Wands reversed indicate in combinations?

The reversed 5 of Wands often signals an avoidance of conflict where confrontation and debate is needed. It can represent stagnation from glossing over differences rather than working through them. Combinations with reversed 5 of Wands encourage staying open to lively discussion and not hiding from disputes that need addressing. Face matters head on.

How can I interpret the 5 of Wands and King of Pentacles together?

This combination channels the lively discord of the 5 of Wands into practical solutions through the King of Pentacle’s leadership. He brings order from chaos through his expertise and diplomacy. The King of Pentacles manages resources and moderates conflicts competently, aligning unruly energies behind common interests. His governance and trustworthiness complement the spirited engagement of the 5 of Wands.

What does the 5 of Wands with Strength mean for relationships?

This combination emphasizes harnessing compassion and courage to achieve understanding amidst relationship conflicts symbolized by the 5 of Wands. Through Strength’s patient guidance, the heated energies can be channeled constructively to resolve differences and grow intimacy. Listening with empathy and maintaining inner calm allows bonding.

How can I best manage the turbulent energy when the 5 of Wands appears with the 8 of Cups?

This pairing suggests a need to withdraw from scenarios where discord has become unproductive and draining, as shown by the 8 of Cups‘ departure. The 5 of Wands provides the reason to move on – repeated conflicts have turned overly exhausting. Shift energy to more meaningful situations offering enrichment.

What happens when the disruptive 5 of Wands meets the stability of the 4 of Pentacles?

This combination reveals how insecurity worsened by the chaotic 5 of Wands causes the over-conservatism of the 4 of Pentacles. When livelihoods feel threatened by volatility, fear arises and miserliness results. Opening up to community support eases scarcity mindsets. Share resources.

How can I overcome anxiety when the 5 of Wands combines with the 9 of Swords?

This pairing mirrors how self-judgement following conflict portrayed by the 5 of Wands leads to the regret and anxiety of the 9 of Swords. Refocus positively; trials lead to wisdom. Make amends but don’t dwell on inevitable missteps amidst strife. Then look ahead with optimism.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 5 of Wands brings an energetic, disruptive quality that reveals where struggles and conflicts are arising, both inner and outer. This requires adaptability and nuanced responses.
  • When combined with Major Arcana cards like Death or the Tower, the 5 of Wands can lead to major breakthroughs and transformation after intense periods of upheaval.
  • Court Cards like the Queen of Swords help provide objective analysis and clear judgement when paired with the chaotic 5 of Wands.
  • The 5 of Wands in combinations highlights areas of life requiring difficult decisions and delicately balanced compromise.
  • Reversed, the 5 of Wands cautions against glossing over differences instead of constructively engaging tension.
  • Interpret combinations thoughtfully, being neither overly daunted nor unaware of the 5 of Wands’ destabilizing energies and need for navigation.


The vibrant 5 of Wands brings an electrifying, disruptive surge to any combination. It reveals where action and lively engagement is required, yet also forewarns of overly-heated clashes. Balance, compassion, detachment and wisdom are necessary complements to harness the 5 of Wands productively. Used judiciously, its vitality sparks breakthroughs and progress after periods of constructive strife. The 5 of Wands remains one of the most dynamically revealing and transformational cards of the deck.

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