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11th House Astrology Meaning

The 11th house in astrology rules your hopes, wishes, and dreams. It governs friendship, groups, associations, hopes, income, aspirations, or gains. This is the house of community and society.

The 11th house is naturally associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius and its ruler planet Uranus. Aquarius is the sign of humanitarian pursuits, social circles, and collective ideals. Uranus brings sudden change, innovation, and unconventionality. Together, they symbolize the more radical, innovative, or eccentric aspects of community and social groups.

What Is 11th House Astrology Meaning?

In astrology, the 11th house represents where you most easily attain your life goals and purpose. It shows the groups and friendships that support your growth and aspirations. The 11th house in the natal chart points to where you can make the most progress by joining with others who share your hopes and wishes.

The 11th house is one of the money houses. Along with the 2nd house, it indicates your potential for earning and income. But unlike the 2nd house which rules your personal assets and finances, the 11th house governs gains that come through groups, friends, and social connections.

More broadly, this house symbolizes the principles and ideals that bring people together in community. It reveals your relationship to the greater whole, showing how aware you are of our shared humanity.

What Does The 11th House Rule?

What Does The 11th House Rule
What Does The 11th House Rule

The key word for the 11th house is “networking.” This house rules friendships, groups, associations, organizations, hopes, wishes, and income.

Specific 11th house meanings includes

  • Friend groups and social circles
  • Memberships in clubs, organizations, or associations
  • Income, earnings, profit
  • Gains and revenues
  • Long-term goals, ambitions, purpose
  • Humanitarian interests, activism
  • Innovation, technology, inventions

The 11th house shows if your career and social groups support your personal growth. It indicates your friends’ role in helping manifest your aspirations. And it reveals your role within any community or organization.

This house also rules scientific discoveries, inventions, and futuristic visions. As the natural domain of both Uranus and Aquarius, the 11th house advances humanity through new ideas and technology.

Zodiac Signs in the 11th House

Zodiac Signs in the 11th House
Zodiac Signs in the 11th House

The zodiac sign appearing in your natal 11th house influences the nature of your friendships, social groups, and community pursuits.

Aries in the 11th House

With action-oriented Aries influencing your 11th house, you likely have dynamic friendships and join active groups. You may take the lead within organizations or spearhead community initiatives. Your social circles energize your aspirations and purpose.

Aries’ boldness can benefit scientific innovations and inventions. Your enterprising nature helps you profit and gain from networking. Group brainstorms produce ambitious ideas for achieving dreams. Just avoid letting Aries’ competitiveness create conflicts in friendships.

Taurus in the 11th House

With grounded Taurus here, you likely seek stability within groups and income. Your social circles may have artistic, financial, or business interests. They provide you loyalty and support for achieving long-term goals.

Taurus lends practicality to any networking. Your ability to plan and organize leads community endeavors. Sharing resources and expertise within groups generates steady revenues and gains. Taurus also applies an inventive eye to improve technology and systems.

Gemini in the 11th House

Gemini energizes this house with curiosity, ideas, and conversation. You have intellectual friendships and join organizations to learn. Groups provide a stimulating outlet for your interests and allow you to exchange ideas.

Networking comes easily with adaptable Gemini. You finesse connections between people and spread innovative ideas. Your ability to interpret complex data and systems aids scientific advances. Just avoid spreading yourself too thin socially or over-committing within multiple groups.

Cancer in the 11th House

Kindhearted Cancer seeks emotional bonds within friendships and community involvement. You draw nurturing, supportive people into your social circles. Joining groups that align with your caretaking interests allows you to contribute.

Cancer’s intuition helps you navigate networking and business opportunities. You build organization and camaraderie within teams. Your imaginative mind also concocts creative concepts for art, writing, and design. Income often stems from artistic talents with Cancer’s influence.

Leo in the 11th House

Creative Leo shines in this house of groups and community. You take pride in contributing your talents, whether organizing events, leading teams, or performing. Leo craves recognition, so earning awards or accolades through networking boosts self-esteem.

Your sociable nature attracts fun-loving friends who share your zeal. Brainstorming sessions produce inspired ideas for achieving dreams. Just avoid letting grandstanding eclipse cooperation, or envy arise around your successes. Generosity and praise strengthen bonds.

Virgo in the 11th House

Precise Virgo analyzes how to perfect systems and processes within groups. You help streamline organizations through clever solutions and efficiency. Friends and colleagues value your editing eye, technical skills, and ability to improve methods.

Virgo’s practicality also aids income-generating efforts. You may prosper through well-planned business ventures undertaken with associates. Your eye for detail spots useful inventions and innovations. Just avoid over-critiquing friends or becoming impatient with people less competent.

Libra in the 11th House

Harmonizing Libra fosters cooperation within community endeavors. You help groups run smoothly through compromise, graciousness, and praise. Your ability to see all sides makes you an asset. Fairness and charm aid your networking efforts as well.

Idealistic Libra sets ambitious yet ethical goals. You attract socially-conscious friends who want to have a positive collective impact. Your partnerships often manifest creative concepts that benefit many people. Libra’s artistic talents also further cultural community causes.

Scorpio in the 11th House

Deep Scorpio bonds intensely with friends and group undertakings. You commit fully to organizations aligned with your passions, bringing magnetic charisma and a willingness to work. Scorpio compels others to raise funds or lobby for important causes.

Your emotional intuition helps assess lucrative opportunities, investments, or ventures to pursue through networking. Scorpio ferrets out information needed to perfect systems and innovations. Generating income requires avoiding any manipulative or secretive tendencies with associates.

Sagittarius in the 11th House

Adventurous Sagittarius attracts friends from varied circles to join your quests. Groups provide you intellectual stimulation, cultural expansion, and opportunities to explore beliefs. Your infectious enthusiasm motivates teams toward meaningful aspirations.

As a natural risk-taker, you help organizations embrace growth or higher ideals. Sagittarius confidence inspires you to act on promising income sources. Generating prosperity requires avoiding reckless decisions without sufficient data or resources. But your marketing talents promote creative concepts.

Capricorn in the 11th House

Practical Capricorn builds structure and discipline into community efforts for ambitious achievements. You define orderly systems for groups and income-generating activities to progress efficiently. Your managerial skill helps executive teams actualize goals.

friends and colleagues appreciate Capricorn’s integrity, wisdom, and guidance. Your networking connections may encompass influential leaders across many sectors. Just avoid coldness or condescension with those less experienced. Patience and encouragement aid progress.

Aquarius in the 11th House

The 11th house’s natural ruler feels right at home here. Unconventional Aquarius joins avant-garde groups to exchange radical ideas. Your social circles have eccentric members and progressive causes. Aquarius thirst for innovation propels scientific discoveries.

As a skilled organizer, you launch grassroots collective efforts or befriend diverse outcasts. Your networking links those on society’s fringes to opportunities. Just avoid fixating so much on the intellectual realm that you neglect emotional bonds. Nurture friends behind the scenes too.

Pisces in the 11th House

Compassionate Pisces seeks emotional communion within groups united by spiritual, creative, or caretaking aims. Your social circles may include healers, counselors, or non-profit collaborators. Selfless giving brings you joy and purpose.

Pisces understands people’s secret dreams and wishes. You intuitively sense which inventions or opportunities to back through business partnerships. Just beware of those who may exploit your kind heart or take advantage through vague financial agreements.

Placements In The 11th House

The planets in your natal 11th house shape your community expression, friendships, and income potential. The aspects they make to other planets in your chart modify these indications.

Sun in the 11th House

The Sun illuminates this house of groups and friendships. You shine while organizing teams, leading community efforts, or volunteering for a cause. Your creative talents earn recognition, awards, or leadership roles within organizations.

The 11th house Sun suggests a humanitarian streak. You support collective progress through innovation or championing equality. Income often stems from creative talents or being an organizational asset. Generous praise and encouragement strengthen bonds and teams.

Moon in the 11th House

The emotional Moon needs to feel nurtured and secure within friendships or groups. You seek heart-centered bonds, belonging, and purpose within your community involvement. Protective of those you care about, you offer comfort and support.

Income fluctations may mirror your changing feelings. Mood impacts your motivation in collective efforts. But intuitive instincts guide your networking and ventures with others. An active imagination also aids innovation. Creating art, writing, or design often brings financial gain.

Mercury in the 11th House

Mentally-engaging Mercury learns through friendships and group activities. You share ideas within organizations, network intelligently, and join mentally-stimulating circles. Scientific or literary pursuits may link you to community.

Mercury’s cleverness aids technical innovation and improves systems. You may excel at technology-related income sources. Just guard against overcommitting in too many groups, or chattering excessively with friends when listening and compromise foster better bonds.

Venus in the 11th House

Pleasure-seeking Venus attracts friends through charm, beauty, or talent. You love belonging to artistic, musical, or cultural groups. Shared artistic pursuits or lavish gatherings cement your most enjoyable bonds. Idealistic values shape collective efforts.

Financially, Venus looks to profit from beauty, arts, or design. You earn through artistic talents or forging partnerships between creative industries and communities. Just avoid overspending on friends or social life. Set budgets for generosity.

Mars in the 11th House

Feisty Mars races into groups and friendships with zeal and directness. You make an impact through sports, activism, or daring organizational ventures. Competitiveness needs an outlet lest it provoke conflicts.

Mars takes bold risks to generate income, so you attract lucrative opportunities through assertive networking. But reckless decisions without sufficient data or resources can backfire. Channel energy into steady group efforts that align with your passions.

Jupiter in the 11th House

Optimistic Jupiter expands your world through new friends and experiences. Generous Jupiter wants to see everybody happy, so you build community spirit through warm hospitality. Idealism drives your group undertakings.

Income increases come unexpectedly through lucky breaks within your networks. But avoid over-committing to too many organizations and friends. Choose the ones that can help you meaningfully pursue dreams for positive change. Then participate to your utmost capability.

Saturn in the 11th House

Disciplined Saturn builds step-by-step toward ambitious group achievements. You set clear objectives, establish orderly systems, and uphold strict standards for excellence. Patience through setbacks pays off.

Hard work and smart investments made with trusted partners slowly builds stable income. Just avoid coldness, criticism, or a superiority complex with teammates. Lead through compassionate guidance, not rigid decrees. Inventiveness comes from unleashing buried talents.

Uranus in the 11th House

Uranus releases radical insights and ideas through your social circles and networks. Friends stretch perspectives while you question the status quo. You spearhead groups as a change agent, make sudden connections, and join rebellious organizations.

Erratic Uranus also disrupts income out of the blue. Revolutionary inventions or joining causes on humanity’s fringes can pay off big. But risky ventures require ample analysis first, or losses arise. Temper zeal for swift progress with steady collaborative effort.

Neptune in the 11th House

Mystical Neptune seeks spiritual communion through compassionate groups who offer service, creative inspiration, or healing. Your social circles may include healers, counselors, performers, or non-profit collaborators.

Heightened intuition guides your income efforts and group alliances toward dreams. But beware victimization through shady agreements with others. Safeguard finances through strict accountability measures. Ground visions for helping humanity through consistent practical effort.

Pluto in the 11th House

Intense Pluto compels profound self-growth through periods of dramatic upheaval in friendships or group dynamics. Sharing power equitably strengthens bonds. Disillusioning betrayals prompt soul-searching and later deeper connections.

Financial extremes arise too. Obsessive efforts yield extreme income gains and losses. Control issues around shared assets require awareness. But probing beneath surface appearances reveals inventions and opportunities others miss. Partner selectively with those holding integrity.

Chiron in the 11th House

The “wounded healer” Chiron may indicate pain from early experiences around community, belonging, or friendships. Support groups aid self-acceptance and overcoming limiting beliefs about your contributions or worth.

Later, wisdom forged from your own resilience helps counsel friends through insecurities too. Income fluctuates dramatically when emotions overwhelm logic. Mastering self-nurturing gives you greater inner stability and financial security over time.

North Node in the 11th House

The destiny point North Node highlights friendships and community endeavors for fulfilling your soul’s purpose. Joining supportive groups who champion humanitarian ideals aids growth. Lend your special talents toward a shared cause.

Income also increases by focusing less on personal gain and more on collective benefit. But give freely without resentment. And open your heart to receive generosity from new networks too. This expands your world, offering unexpected blessings.


Does 11th house rule income?

Yes, the 11th house is one of the money houses. It governs financial gain that comes through groups, friends, associates, or community involvement. Your income potential increases by participating in organizations, building social networks, and joining promising business partnerships or investments.

What happens if you have Venus in the 11th house?

Venus in the 11th house gives charm, beauty and artistic talents that attract enjoyable friendships and opportunities to profit through group endeavors related to arts, music, fashion, or luxury items. Just avoid overspending on friends or social life.

Can 11th house make you famous?

Yes, the 11th house of awards and recognition can indicate fame when positive planets like Venus or Jupiter reside here. Leadership within prominent groups and organizations can also lead to renown. Or sudden fame may come from Uranus or Aquarius influencing technology innovations that go viral.

Is Saturn good in 11th house?

Saturn in the 11th brings disciplined ambition within groups and friendships. You set clear objectives, establish orderly systems, and uphold strict standards for excellence. Patience through setbacks pays off, allowing you to build slowly toward stable income and the trenchant realization of collective dreams.

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